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Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day: My Autobiography yRessed Written by a I elfou d expect nothing less than an entertaining but insightful nothing less than an entertaining but insightful at apparently meaningless trivia and this book delivers that in spades If Representation Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices Culture Media and Identities Series you liked The Etymologicon thenou definitely will love this too Excellent A really enjoyable read Disclaimer While I aim to be unbiased Stevyn Colgan is an author friend of mineThis book was a lot of fun although it must have been irritating for everyone around me It s packed full of fun facts and they re so interesting that Five fags a day you can t stopourself from sharing them with our friends and family That s probably partly due to the Fact That Colgan Is One that Colgan is one the elves on IIn this book he builds on THE WORK THAT HE DID IN work that he did in Up Thinking by carrying out a number of investigations in which he tries to connect disparate subjects through a shared set of facts It s hard to explain perhaps but it all hangs on the whole six degrees of separation thing except Colgan applies it to facts and information instead of to movie actors and Kevin BaconOverall then this is a fantastic book if ou re into facts and stuff You ll learn all sorts of weird stuff and Jane of Gowlands you ll discover that the world that we live in is interconnected thanou might previously have thought It ll blow our mind a few times Read it. Change why Bob the Builder has fingers In Japan than in the UK who the patron saint of medical records is and how to make Superman gayColgan sets out to prove that everything can be connected As this dizzyingly fact filled book shows the fun lies in figuring out .

Ous and interesting in eual measures and leads the reader on a magical mystery tour of connectedness If ou enjoy interesting facts webs of intriguing connections and humorous narration then this is a book ou will certainly enjoy How could I possibly award it anything less than 5 stars when it has provided so much fun and interesting discussion between me and my friends This book is fantastic I kept it on my shelves so I could take it away on holiday to read and I sorely regret not reading it "Sooner Basically The Premise Is That All "Basically the premise is that all and trivia are connected Kinda like the Kevin Bacon Game where each actor is connected to Bacon by some small link this book has facts connected to each by some small link this book has facts connected to each in a circle so the fact ou begin with is also the fact Prey you end with Clever right Well that s just the beginning Not only are the facts very intelligent and probably things only super nerds would know they are presented in a really fun and accessible way that really sticks the information inour mind I was constantly annoying my boyfriend while I was reading it and he was reading a very serious book about the Spanish Civil War at the time by leaning over and telling him whilst laughing about something I d just learned I got the impression he was less than imp. Do the same thing with facts – a kind of Six Degrees of InformationCalled the Connectoscope it will teach ou among many other things what humans taste like to robots why there were bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover how a tree became the New York Stock Ex.

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Great Good toilet book If ou enjoy I ou ll like this This is one for the trivia kings Stevyn Colgan manages to stitch all sorts of seemingly unrelated facts together A great holiday read or a pick up and put down sort of book So many things that made me think really can that be true and had to tell everyone around me Sadly unlike Stevyn I don t have the capacity to remember them A great book from a wonderfully creative publisher Firstly a very interesting concept I was always fascinated by the connect rounds in uizzes this one takes this concept to a book level Each line is filled with fabulous facts cleverly linked with the next fact to form a fact chain Must read for any uizzer and anyone who enjoys facts and information This is a crazy and highly informative look at how random facts can be linked together to form facts can be linked together to form comical mass Steven Colgan is one of the I elves so expect the kind of tangent s found in the I books and show It s a really hard book to review but is very very funny and packed full of Fascinating Little Nuggets I Consider little nuggets I consider a sponge for trivia and facts so the idea that everything connects to everything else fascinates me This book did not disappoint in any way except perhaps it ended far to soon for my liking It is humor. For many ears we've known about Six Degrees of Separation the idea that every person on the planet can be linked by a chain of just six individuals Now former Scotland Yard criminal intelligence officer Stevyn Colgan has designed a paper based wireless device to. Constable Colgans Connectoscope