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K us across India we get a look at the different caste systems and the way they treat people Both of these girls were middle class students who new English This made them valuable than many others The author doesn t leave the reader in a depressive state He definitely wanted to give the reader hope that this situation can change in the future This is a must read book If nothing else you as a parent should read it to see what you need to protect your children fromCorban Addison is able to give a voice to the victims of human trafficking Without that voice people like me now nothing of it We live in our safe little world After reading this book my world doesn t feel so safe any and it Isn T As Small As It Once Was It S t as small as it once was It s sign of an incredible book that when it finishes you have that butterflies in your stomach feeling of closure redemption and beauty And that s what happens when you read this book I read this as an ARC provided by the publishing companyOther reviewers have mentioned that it s a hard book to read and that s true at first Coming face to face with the gritty realities of the horrendous trade in young girls is difficult But Addison deftly weaves a tale of beauty and redemption throughout It reads like a thriller but has the soul of poetic lyricismThis might be a small spoiler but I believe nowing this fact actually greatly improves the read it ends with goodness It s not a pat ending and all of the twists and turns of the story contribute to an overall effect of depth and reality So the happy ending rather than being cliche or saccharine comes off as a picture of redemption Yes I now I ve used that word a few times but there s no better descriptor for how this book feels RedemptiveThriller fans will be delighted Those who want a story with poetic beauty will be moved The on the ground research makes you feel like you are walking the streets of Mumbai or Paris and the characterization is strongI can t highly recommend this book This book was AMAZING Although A Walk Across the Sun is fictional human trafficking is all too real This could be easily be an unfortunate young girl s story This book really opened my eyes to the hidden world of sexual violence where the most valuable prize is the innocence of a child I would highly recommend it to everyone This is truly a groundbreaking debut novel Author just seemed to get interested in the topic of human trafficking read a bunch of articles about it then tried to put as much as he possibly could of what he had read into the lives of the characters The main character should not have been Thomas I couldn t make myself care about his affair his wife his family issues or even the loss of his child The two girls Ahalya and Sita should have been main characters and he should have been a secondary character at best Everything just seemed so contrived so easily fixed and way too happily ever after for this novel to have any impact Totally unbelievable plot no emotions generated from reading the story and overall a very forgettable bookAre all the people reviewing this book on goodreads being paid or did they read a different book HUH A Walk Across the Sun is a great story of success failure fear and courage There are many elements that makes this novel worth the readIt is very hard to choose the words to praise a novel with such a heavy and delicate subject but what I can say is this novel had what it takes to eep me reading until the last pageA walk Across the Sun Alt 38 Environmental Transformations kept me on edge most of the time I thought what is going to happen next Is she going to make it Will they succeed Sometimes I jumped in excitement or in others closed the book shut from frustration All of that made me want tonow about the faith of two Indian girls who had to make their way through hardship unimaginable by common peopleThe plot was well put and I liked how the story shifts from the girls point of view to Thomas Despite the main theme of the novel the sex trade there is absolutely no explicit graphic description only the shame the sorrow and the raging emotions of the girls or simple descriptions just enough to make the reader understand the situation I was really grateful to this because I would have never finished the novel if there was explicit seancesI liked the depth of the characters The personal life of Thomas and his struggle to save his marriage while he tries to save Ahalya and Sita added to his personality and made him human like characterTo sums it up A walk Across the Sun brings to readers a small glimpse of the life of thousands if not millions of people who are enslaved to the sex trade industry all over the world and the life of those who are trying to set them free. Sure job and accepts a position with the Bombay branch of an international anti trafficking group Thomas is now on a path that not only involves saving himself and his marriage but the lives of two sisters who cannot bear to be apart Spanning the globe A Walk Across the Sun is an unforgettable tale of the transformative power of love even in the face of unimaginable obstacles.

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A Walk Across the SunAt the end great books give us a "feeling of closure beauty and redemption corbin addison "of closure beauty and redemption Corbin Addison triumphed by doing that with his first novel a thriller about a difficult to read subject human trafficking The novel vacillates between the stories of Ahalya and Sita sisters who are left orphaned and homeless by a tsunami on the coast of India and Thomas Clark a lawyer in Washington DC facing a personal and professional crisis As Thomas makes fateful decisions to bring meaning to his life he heads off to Mumbai to work for an organization that prosecutes human traffickers When he learns about Sita And Ahalya He Makes It Ahalya he makes it personal mission to rescue themAddison s characters are strong and believable and his strong writing brings to life the streets of Mumbai and Paris The second half of the book as the girls deal with the harsh realities of life in the sex trade and Thomas search for the girls intensifies is intense and poeticI could not put this book down and recommend it highly I Do Not Know do not Academic Skills know this book is getting such rave reviews and an endorsement from John Grisham It was so one dimensional lacked any emotional build up to what should have been major scenes tsunamiidnap human trafficing Thomas was a moron who should have been a secondary character and not the main event It wasn t his story but the author turned what could have been an appealing call to action in support of anti human trafficing into a second rate essay on one man s desire to be a hero Written like a law brief for a journal article who what where when and how No need to tell me who sat in the front seat and who sat in the back how the girl looked out the window and saw people getting in and out of the car and how Thomas turned left and then right and then left again on every city street in Paris Unbelievable and way too predictable Ugh This book should have worked but it didn t for me I was interested in the subject matter people trafficking but the way the story was told seemed so cold and documentary like that I couldn t get emotionally involved I honestly expected to read at the end that this was a real story this had actually happened but although it does happen and that s tragic this story was made up Whether it s because the author is a lawyer and used to writing in a different style I don t Before the Door Closes know but the prose felt too structured too neat somehow The story itself well the bit with the two girls I liked the bit with the so called hero I didn t For me the two threads didn t gel It seemed too convenient that he had an Indian wife I started to think things were cliched and predictable and my enjoyment waned Inow the author was trying not to sensationalize things but maybe it needed a bit drama and action and umphhhThe tragedy for me is that had it been true I d have read it in a different way and might have appreciated it but as a novel no sorry I didn t like it BUT the information in the book about the sex trade and trafficking and use of children is horrifying I new much of it but he did do a good job in bringing it to people s attention 25 Stars A walk across the Sun by Corban Addision was a disappointing read on many levels for me The book has got great reviews and I now that I am in the minority on this one but while the subject is one that is so sad and very real in today s world I have to judge this book on how the story came across in reading it and how it made me feel This Novel explores the difficult subject of Child Sex trafficking and tells the story of the two Ghai sisters whose childhood s ends abruptly one day when a Tsunami rips through their Indian Village Destitute and alone their only hope is to find refuge at a convert several miles away They hitch a lift and are abducted by human sex traffickersThe opening couple of chapters of this novel literally drops the reader right into the story with a Tsunami and an abduction of a child in a park and and I felt I had pages missing from my book as the author failed to build up a sense of time or place and the characters just seemed to appear with little or no introduction and were poorly developed and I never felt I got to now Ahalya or Sita and therefore could not form any attachment to the them as peopleI also felt the writing was cold and lacked emotion and while the novel had a very important message to convey I just wasn t convinced by the storytellingI did find the following uote from the book so important and true Traffickers will STOP wen Men STOP buying Women I disliked the Characters of Thomas Clarke and Priya and they just seemed too contrived and I think they took up too much of the storyAs for the ending An ok read for me but not a book I will be recommending Br. Ahalya Ghai and her younger sister Sita are as close as sisters can be But their loving and secure childhood ends abruptly one day when a tsunami rips through their village on India's Coromandel coast Their home is swept away and Ahalya and Sita are the sole survivors of their family Destitute their only hope is to find refuge at a convent in Chennai many miles away A driver. Illiant writing Moving compelling story I cried I raged i hoped i hurt failing the ability I hoped I hurt Failing the ability give a rating of anything over 5 stars this book makes me want to reduce the rating of every book I ve ever read and given 5 stars to so that I can make sure it is understood that THIS book is truly a 5 star worthy bookI love how Addison took such a head on yet sensitive approach with such a horrific topic He wrote with just enough detail to make the reader feel rage yet not so much detail to make the reader want to wretchalthough on my own time thinking about the book and the tragedy my stomach certainly churned and my skin crawled Periodically within the story other women or girls would appear and I would find myself unrealistically Waiting For One Of Them To Whisper An Escape Plan for one of them to whisper an escape plan Sita or Ahalya offer assistance to get out provide a coverthey never didand honestly if they did it probably would have made this story much less believable But what I did realistically expect was that these girlswomen would offer comfort at the very leastsome did a heartbreaking but wise and cultural sort of comfortthe ind that gave little hope yet courage Sumeera a woman of the brothel both girls were taken to attempted to comfort Ahalya by saying I once was like you I was taken from my home and brought here by strange men Life in the adda is hard but you must accept it There is no use fighting your They Left Great Marks on Me karma Accept the discipline of God and perhaps you will be reborn in a better place She also says at another point what you have experienced is difficult The shame is natural All feel it the first time But you will survive You will learn to accept it Ahalya herself comes to the conclusion that To survive in such a world she would to sever her heart from her body At great length prior to reading this book I have pondered even researched the concepts ofarma detachment and acceptance within the Indian culture I find it very sad and tragic that Ahalya and Sita believed that this horror story they were living was their Karma but I find the concept of detachment very helpfulin detaching her heart from her body she would be able to find peace in her heart over the shame and not allow herself to surrender to despair Ahalya shows such hope in this statement The lotus was a finicky flower and there was no guarantee that it would grow But Ahalya was determined to try She wanted to have a gift to offer Sita when they found one another again something that would Deans and Truants keep alive the spirit of their family Woven among Ahayla and Sita s stories is Thomas the lawyer who landed in Bombay to work with an agency against the sex trade becomes deeply drawn into finding Sita bringing her back to Ahayla and trying to win back his marriage at the same time The entire book is captivating from the beginning I read hungrily through it all to find out what was going to happen nextyet about of the way through the book the story became even captivating I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat antsy following the action page after page without the ability to put it down for a break for any purposeI want to giveudos to the author for the ending of this storyAddison accomplished an ending that left me feeling full closure and without cheese maybe a little fluff but I enjoyed this particular fluff Those of us not familiar with the sex trade me being one of those usually think of it as happening someplace else The reality is that it happens all over the world including right here in the United States Children are sold for drugs prostitution Talking About Trees kidnapped right off of the street Before you go any further in this review you need tonow that this is not a feel good topic It is repulsive and hard to readWe start off the story with two innocent girls whose life is decimated due to a tsunami They try to get to their school where the sisters will take care of them Things go wrong and they find themselves where no young person should ever be in the sex trade Thomas Clarke is a lawyer who has lost so much already He witnesses a idnapping of a young girl in a park and this sets him on his mission to work against these traffickers This story moves along smoothly carrying the reader from one heartbreak to another It is a very emotional book to read It lets you see inside the head and heart of these people who sell children for sex I think it was best said when one of the characters said to the young girl he had with him You are not here because I enjoy the sale of sex You are here because men enjoy the purchase of it page 329I thought about that remark If we could get rid of all of the people who were willing to pay for this service then we would not have the sex trade As the author too. Agrees to take them But the moment they get into that car their fate is sealed The two sisters confused alone totally reliant on each other are sold Worse they are separated On the other side of the world Washington lawyer Thomas Clarke is struggling to cope after the death of his baby daughter and the collapse of his marriage to Priya He takes a sabbatical from his high pres. ,