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African Literature 9 dIfferent animals and how they lived There were great curriculum tie ins in the book with ecosystems biodiversity food chainsecomposers and seasons Best of all I like that these books explain why we need each ecosystem and how humans impact these environments This book was received for free in return for an honest review After recently reading a few of Willa Cather s novels for adults set on parts of the United States prairie I jumped at the opportunity to review this children s book of that ecosystem in which Cather lived as a young "Adult This Book And "This book and series of which

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is a goes into epth to provide easily understood information on the flora fauna weather and lifecycles of the prairie fauna weather and lifecycles of the prairie The art work on every page adds to the enjoyment and the education The book also explains how humans interact with and impact on their environment how important the remaining prairies of the earth are to all humans futureThis is a beautiful insightful educational book Younger children would need to have this book read and explained to them Older children could read it with perhaps some explanation about the concepts of the food chain ecomposers etc RecommendedI received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review. Estores the land    • What life is like on the Great Plains    • How a food chain forms    • How some prairie plants protect the land    • Why we need prairie. Who Needs a Prairie?Beautiful photographs and accessible make this a great book to have the classroom It s well organized and can be used a read aloud or source of information With lovely illustrations book tells about the plants and animals on the prairies of North America through the seasons It escribes food chains the effects of wild fire the Great Plains and "THERE ARE DIAGRAMS AND A MAP AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION "are iagrams and a map and additional information about the plants animals and insects that live in prairies as the book explains the importance of prairies to the ecosystem I think this book is fabulous for elementary and middle school age children and I highly recommend it I received this book free to review from Netgalley A fun and fascinating look for kids and adults alike about how creatures from a tiny slow moving Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery dung beetle to a snake built for speed from a hawk that can spot a mouse from on high to the fastest North American animal interact with one another and with their mid North American prairie and grassland habitatEveryone can learn a lot from this short but intriguing trip to the grasslands where much of our essential food is grown and where a strange variety of animals and plantsepend on one another for their survival Who needs a prairieWho knows I couldn t tell by reading. Karen Patkau takes readers on an amazing voyage of Conjure In African American Society discovery to find out   • How wild and rugged prairies become grasslands    • Why prairie inhabitantsepend on each other.

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This and I m currently 26But in all seriousness It s a ecent picture book about the prairie "ecosystem It s of an introduction or a jumping off point to begin "It s of an introduction or a jumping off point to begin about the prairie If you handed a child this and said here you go this is all you need to know about the prairie my hand would have shot up so fast The book says things but oesn t explain anything Hence why Alien Commanders Bride (Draconians, do we need the prairie Iunno why Check out my book blog Books A to Z for reviews Another great book in this series that helps to explain to children why we need to take care of our Earth Even The Parts That We Don T Necessarily Deal With the parts that we The alphas abused mate don t necessarilyeal with a personal level Information about prairies This book wasn t uite what I expected It has illustrations instead of photos and information is presented in a way tha Who Needs A Prairie is a good introduction to a prairie ecosystem The lifelike pictures pulled kids into the prairie setting and gets them interested into the ifferent plants and animals that live there as well as how the prairie is formed and how the seasons affect everything living there I read this book to a group a kids aged 4 8 Younger how the seasons affect everything living there I read this book to a group a kids aged 4 8 Younger loved the pictures and finding all of the plants and animals in the pictures that were mentioned in the text Older kids liked learning about the And their surroundings    • What wildlife and plants thrive in large open spaces    • How seasons and weather conditions affect life on the prairies    • How fire
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