[Kindle] (Reprisal The Time Weaver Chronicles #3) by Thomas A. Knight

Hly army guys seek power and distant magicians *hold than this Earth Can ImagineThere Are Some can magineThere are some enjoyable scenes set on earth where magicians learn the *than this earth can The Taming of the Werewolf imagineThere are some thoroughly enjoyable scenes set on earth where magicians learn the of cellphones and cars But for the most part this novel like the seriess strongest when t s managing the epic battles and shifting alliances of magical Galadir Add dragons monsters and healthy doses of power and empathy and you ll get the picture The evil are wounded The strong can be weak And hope s an engaging thread throughout the tale With great battles great characters and a beautifully magined world empowered by a risky but nicely authentic mag. The west Narshuks to the south are dying of a disease unleashed by Grian Wizards to the east struggle against his wraiths to hold on to their stronghold and the libraries WITHIN HOPE COMES FROM AN UNLIKELY SOURCE AS ONE Hope comes from an unlikely source as one hatches a plan that will show Galadir they can fight for themselves But Grian has finally found

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Ic Reprisal completes the story classic style leaves enough characters and situations n play for us to hope the author will write Disclosure The author kindly gave me a free ecopy and I offer my honest review Loved thisLoved this story from the first book t reminded me a little of Stephen donaldson s thomas covenant trilogys with a reluctant hero discovering new powers and a land n peril likeable characters and awful bad guys connected by a dark force wished you could have expanded on that would love to know hopefully you ll cover this n the next series of books about Galadir and I eagerly await your next serie. Hat he's been looking for and as he prepares for his final assault on the east to capture what he seeks all of *Galadir Confronts Him Brought Together By A *confronts him brought together by a force All of the pieces are n place but nobody can be sure f the resistance will be enough to defeat Grian once and for all The battle for Galadir has beg. ,
Reprisal The Time Weaver Chronicles #3