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Stly told in the past but you ve read the other Books You Get A you get a into the lives the main characters from the other books It s brief and even though I haven t read any of the other books I enjoyed it This book features the story for the parents of the Kinncaid siblings featured in the other books Kaitlyn is a nurse engaged to a man that starts to show his true colors Kaitlyn meets Jock at a party and the 2 have an instant connection Kaitlyn is in danger and Jock offers help The two uickly Began To Heat Things to heat things and fall for each otherThe romance is really sweet with some hot times The chemistry between Jock and Kaitlyn is really great I do wish some time was spent on the development of their relationship but still enjoyed what was there Liked both characters Kaitlyn didn t really make the best decisions but I still liked her She had some sass Loved how much Jock was there for her The opening scene was great Loved that suspense and waiting to see when everything would boil overReally looking forward to readinglistening to the rest of the series Sounds like it ll have some entertaining suspense I love Jatcee Clark s writing and her Kinncaid books but maybe I was expecting too much from this oneThis is a kind of preuel to all other books since it s Jock and Kaitlyn s bookIt s ambiented in the seventies but I had the feeling that it would be suited if it was the end or beginning of the century Apart from the presence of the cars and the way they re dressed it has a taste of time long passedJock was possesive in a way that is suited to knights and even if Kaitlyn was fun and indipendent she too seemed like a lady than a modern womanThe only reason I gave it 3 stars is because their banter was cute and endearing But the story This is the way to start a series Jock Kincaid sees Kaitlyn across the dance floor and approaches her and leads her into a dance Who would have thought this woman who he followed out of I ve read several of the Kinncaid Brothers books by Jaycee Clark and really enjoyed them Because of that I was excited to read Deadly Beginnings which is a preuel in the Kinncaid Borthers series The story tells how Jock and Kaitlyn met and fell in love Jock and Kaitlyn are the parents of the Kinncaid brothers and obviously started it allAs those before me and my sons after will follow the woman I m blessed with and the family we ll share to life and to death this I ll defendAt the start of the book I thought the story was going to be creepy The villain of the story Kaitlyn s ex fianc is all kind of crazy and I was totally prepared for a thriller type romantic suspense story There s definitely a creepy factor but the stronger story line was the sweet romance that develops between Jock and Kaitlyn I m guessing if the book was longer space could have been given to developing the suspense part With the shorter length the suspense is used to bring the two main characters together and is secondary to the developing romance That s too bad because the villian s POV was the best part of the book for me I can t help it I like a good deranged killerThe book was well written and the steam factor was appropriate for the length of the book as well as the settingHe was lost in her sleek damp heatSo hotSo wetSo fucking rightHer inner muscles sueezed him again and again When her legs and arm tightened around him he lost his hold on his bodyHe knew he should slow down He didn t want to hurt her She yelled again and kept gripping himJock groaned his back arching as he thrust so deep he didn t know where she stopped and he began It s hard not to like reading how much of a charmer Jock was and how protective he was of KaitlynIt might not be the time to tell her for a while but Kaitie was his He wasn t about to her go He sure as hell wasn t going to let some bastard scare her let alone leave another bruise on her prefect body Fans of the series will enjoy getting to see how it all started The only complaint I have is that the villain had promise and I would have enjoyed getting a complete thriller type story I definitely plan to go back and read the books in this series I haven t had a chance to read yet A solid 35 STAR READ Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. His dreams and he knows she’s exactly what’s been missing from his otherwise ideal life When a chance meeting throws the two of them together again Jock swears he won’t let her get away this time But even as Jock vows to protect the woman he loves and Kaitlyn struggles to trust Jock and the passion between them the deranged doctor is bent on destroying them both even if it means killing the only thing he love. .

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Deadly Beginnings Deadly #05UotesTook you long enoughJock threw back his head and laughed Kaitie lass I drove here like a soul escaping hell and thankfully didn t have a here like a soul escaping hell and thankfully didn t have a accident But you re welcomeHe d make it so she didn t have to worry Now that she was back in his life he wasn t ust going to sit back and let her goSo many blessings KaitieIt s all ust beginning isn t it A beginning worth waiting forI really liked this book and after I read it I saw all the other books that came ahead of it I m interested in reading the complete series This book was pretty much how it all started it s the preuel I hadn t read a book like this before it s in order of how I like to read things from where they start but it s technically the last book in the seriesI thought that Deadly Beginnings had a really good storyline Jock meets Kaitlyn at an event and he instantly knows that she is the woman he is going to marry but she s engaged to another man who is certainly not good for her because he didn t treat her Loved itI loved reading about the beginnings of the Kincaid clan I absolutely loved Jock and Katies story After reading all the other stories it was great seeing how it ll started Listed as5 of the Deadly series by Jaycee all the other stories it was great seeing how it ll started Listed as5 of the Deadly series by Jaycee I read the series and loved it I was excited that Ms Clark wrote Jock and Kaitlyn s story It was short ust a novella and not a full length novel but I loved it Jock sees the lovely Kaitlyn at a fund raiser and knows he wants her Unfortunately Kaitlyn is engaged to a doctor who wants to mold Kaitlyn into his ideal Katherine 4 Stars Deadly Beginnings is an adult contemporary romantic suspense thriller by Jaycee Clark and preuel to her Deadly Kinncaid Brothers seriesKinncaid family motto This I ll defend Because nothing is important to a Kinncaid than his family The series revolves around the wealthy and powerful Kinncaid brothers the women they love and the strength of family ties Each story blending the perfect balance of contemporary romance and a chilling highly suspenseful plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat dying to know ust what happens next And Deadly Beginnings is a wonderful addition to the series because before Aiden Ian Brayden Gavin and uinlan there was Jock Kinncaid the charismatic patriarch to the Kinncaid family and Kaitlyn O Reilly the woman who captured his heart foreverOnce again Ms Clark blends sensual romance danger and a psychotically obsessed villain into a well written story that will leave you cheering for the villain s demise My only complaint was that the story was missing some of the spine tingling suspense I ve come to love in all of the other books in the series resolving the conflict with the deranged doctor a bit too uickly for my taste Regardless Deadly Beginnings is passionate story with a satisfying HEA about the one love that started it all Content graphic language mild violence explicit sex and oral Warning view spoilerthis story contains a near rape scene hide spoiler copy provided by publisher through NetGalleyAs soon as he sees her Jock Kinncaid knows she is the one he s going to marry Pity Kaitlyn O Reilly is already engagedKaitlyn certainly not Katherine O Reilly is in over her head She thought she found the perfect man only for him to turn into a perfect nightmare Dr Landon Goldburg III dictates every aspect of her life from what she ll wear to how she ll talk who she ll talk to and she s certain he s also sabotaged her ability to enter med school A doctor s wife place is at home he saysWhen he hits her she knows she has to end things Unfortunately her fiance won t accept her ring back She s his you know And she ll learnI wished it was longer As it was the only thing that was fully developed was the romance while the best part the suspense with its crazy villain took the back seat to the love story between Jock and Kaitlyn Yes the romance was cute and sweet but also rather rushed due to the length of the story I suppose and hence rather unbelievable in the love department there was no problem with the lustAnd I couldn t help but think Kaitlyn simply changed one overbearing man for another Yes Jock was sweet and he asked instead of told but he still wanted it all his way no highway option and although he made her think she actually had a choice she never had. Jaycee Clark is best known for her Deadly books a series of romantic suspense novels featuring the very sexy Kinncaid brothers But before Aiden Ian Brayden Gavin and uinlan there was Jock Kinncaid the charismatic patriarch to the Kinncaid family and Kaitlyn O’Reilly the woman who captured his heart forever Kaitlyn O’Reilly an RN believed she’d found love with the charming and well liked surgeon she’d met at. One He was her knight in shining armor her HEROOF SHE FELL HIM HE WAS KIND course she fell for him He was was gentle he never a hand over herOf course he was different from her abusive crazy exI don t know I ust didn t feel the love and with that after taste of Jock being uite similar to Landon minus the abuse and craziness with added charm I didn t buy it Deadly Beginnings grabbed me from the first page leaving chills running down your back This is a book of a very serious issue that plague us still today abuse Who would not want a hero like Jock every abused woman in the world today would give an arm or leg to have a man like him coming riding in and take them away to a safe place By the time you get to the end of this story you Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse just go awwwwwwwwwwwwww with a big smile on your face stars in your eyes and you feel at peace with the world This is a preuel of Jaycee Clark s Deadly series based on the Kinncaid Brothers what a wonderful way to start the seriesThe author touches on a very serious issues abuse control and power struggle why taking a very serious issue seriously but puts humor into it In a very touching story Kaitlyn is taking her life back finding the humorous side and learning to move on why dealing with a controlling ex that will not let her goKaitlyn is an RN who fell for the dashing Doctor Landon she thought he was every woman s dreams come true They got engaged he changed overnight becoming demanding and abusive Landon will control her she will become the wife he needs and he will do whatever he needs to to make this happen She will not be the one who got away like the others What did happen to his other fianc s where are they Kaitlyn finds herself in a nightmare of abuse and cannot get out Nowhere to turn no one to help who would believe her anyway Landon is an upstanding doctor everyone loves All it takes is one night one look across a ballroom and she finds her hero Kaitlyn being both stubborn and independent may lose the one chance she has to not only get way from Landon but to start a new life and maybe a new love All it takes is one look across the crowed room for Jock to know he found the women of his dreams Jock is use to getting what he wants when he finds out she is engaged it puts the breaks on or can he She doesn t look happy she only smiles when he dances with her He doesn t like how Landon is treating her but he walks away He can t get her out of his mind nor the way she was treated She deserves so much better on one lonely beach they meet again and he isn t going to let her go this time Whatever it takes she will be hisOh the things we find out about Landon he is evil and no one knows Jock will do whatever it takes to keep his lady safe He will take Landon down and destroy his life if need be He makes a powerful promise to Kaitlyn As those before me and my sons after will follow the woman I m blessed with and the family we ll share to life and to death this I ll defend The one issue I had with this book was Kaitlyn when it came to sex Iust do not see a virgin giving in to sex so easy not when she has been abuse I How Debuggers Work Algorithms Data Structures and Architecture just do not see herumping his bones and taking control like she did Besides this I found the book not only to be believable but a wonderful readI could not have said it better then Kaitlyn Life An Alien Heat just throws you places and if you wait if you listen you can see the blessings We are all blessed if weust look and listen From the first page I was taken in I read up to chapter 2 before I went to bed I had trouble sleeping due to the first pages in this book It was not only chilling but scary I did not want to put this book down It was a wonderful outstanding book that when you are finished you are at peace I have never read a book that at the end of it I felt like the weight of the world had been taken off my shoulders I had the best night sleep in weeks Ms Clark you have me hooked looks like I will be buying this series I The Alchemy of Culture: Intoxicants in Society just have to know what happens to all to Kaitlyn and Jocks sons Enjoy the narration on the audio The narrator did a goodob she fit the tone of the story well Liked the mystery element and the bit of tenseness it added to the overall story This is a preuel to this series but does have some scenes at the end with the characters from the other books So it s mo. Work Landon Goldburg was kind attentive and she thought they had so much in common Now engaged the good doctor has uickly become the man of her nightmares As he grows controlling and violent Kaitlyn wants her freedom Jock Kinncaid can’t stop thinking about the uietly beautiful and engaged redhead he met at a fund raising gala months ago He knows a spitfire lurks beneath the surface of this woman who’s invaded. ,