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From Mistress to Wifey uBrandon Sanderson never ceases to surprise me even though this book is a 100 pages novella it still has amazing world building characters amazingnpredictable plot These three things is what

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love in add writing which I normally pair with the world building how he d 45 I m Not Crazy Just a Touch Insane StarsBuddy read with Athena Armina Gavin Kat Stark Evengy Rhea and Desisnka Starting on Tuesday Nov 25Legion Skin Deep Group ThreadYou know that imaginary friend you had as a child what if you grew Disney Infinity: Character Encyclopedia up and you had 47 of them and each one was an expert in their field perspective field of study Meet Stephen Leeds who isn t so much crazy as insane He has a very active imagination and in it live a collection of aspects that help him in his daily life I m not crazy I m compartmentalized Unfortunately my aspects well they tend to be a littlenhinged Last year I read Legion and loved this idea of a genius who was so smart he almost drove himself crazy The solution have ongoing hallucinations that interact with him and each other to solve mysteries Seems the jury is still out on if that makes him Schizophrenic Delusional or some new kind of insane but I don t care because I think it is fantastic even if it makes trying to date hell Trying to explain to your date that a few other people tagged along and she can t see them is difficult Like that guy she said In that movie along and she can t see them is difficult Like that guy she said In that movie Like that Only he was crazy and I m not Oh yeah Ivy said What a great way to put her at ease Explain in depth how not crazy you are Aren t you supposed to be a therapist I snapped back at her Less sarcasm would be delightful That was a tall order for Ivy Sarcasm was kind of her native tongue though she was fluent in stern disappointment and light condescension as well She was also a good friend Well imaginary friend But Steve is great at what he does and is the go to guy for solving strange and Dance With The Devil unusual happenings Like finding a missing body with information coded onto its DNAThe inner workings of Stephen s mind and hallucinations are explored a little fully in this story as all forty seven help in some way to solve this case I was totally drawn into the idea of the science behindsing human DNA to store information and what some of the ramifications of that could be Given enough time and technological advances every human could be their own person computer how awesome is that I like the mystery but the big draw for me in this series is Steve and all of his aspects I love Smitten uirky characters and Stephen Leeds is the epitome ofirkiness The conversations he has with all of his aspects and the interactions the aspects have with each other are so imaginative Each aspect has a distinctive voice and personality It is an amazing idea and I can t get enough of it You would maybe think that because all of these. From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson Stephen Leeds is back in a new double length novella that Library Journal says has the pulse of a thriller and the hook of a fascinating hero balancing on the edge of psychosisIt's not his own genius that Stephen Leeds gets hired for Clients want to tap into the imaginary experts that populate his mind and it's ge.
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Aspects or hallucinations are Stephen s creation that he might have some level of control over them but that doesn t seem to be the case They seem to have their own lives outside of Steve some with imaginary families imaginary physiological issues and relationships with each other that even Steve seems clueless to Sometimes they even have philosophical discussion about being imaginary Being an imaginary person makes it difficult to feel any real sense of accomplishment Just imagine your sense of accomplishment I said You re imaginary so imaginary accomplishment should work for you But if I m imaginary and I imagine something it s doubly A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel unreal Likesing a copy machine to copy something that s just been copied Actually Tobias said strolling p theoretically the imaginary sense of accomplishment would have to be imagined by the primary imaginer so it wouldn t be an iteration as you the primary imaginer so it wouldn t be an iteration as you My favorite breakout character in this book is totally JC the ber paranoid ex Navy seal in charge of Steve s security He is one of the few hallucinations that doesn t believe he is imaginary and his explanation of his existence is phenomenal He is one of the aspects that seems to do whatever he wants and rarely follows the rules that Steve has in place for his hallucinations Thank heavens Tobias replied You hadn t suggested we shoot someone in over an hour JC I was beginning to think something was wrong No listen JC said We can shoot Pinhead McWedgy over there and it will teach everyone in this room an important life lesson One about not being a stupid mad scientist This is a short novel and while you probably could read it without reading Legion first I really think that a little bit of the magic would be lost So read Legion it s only 90pages and then jump right into the crazy fun ride this isBrandon Sanderson is my absolute favorite High Fantasy writerBut his modern UFSci Fi s are really growing on me If you are one of my few friends I haven t pushed into reading A BOOK BY BRANDON SANDERSON THEN START HERE OR book by Brandon Sanderson then Start Here or The Emperor S Soul They Aren T Huge Page The Emperor s Soul They aren t huge page but show just how talented Sanderson s imagination is Another good novella by SandersonThis one is longer than the first story which is good because one of my criticism of book 1 was that it was too short This one is Stephen Leeds and his hallucinated hallucinations are back Abandon your sanity ye who enter hereYou can now forget about eating sleeping drinking socializing or whatever meaningless occupations you Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, usually have Don t plan on putting this book downntil you finish it You won t be able to I m not crazy I m compartmentalized Stephen Leeds 47 hallucinations the most sensible guy you ll ever get to meet Occupation solving strange mysteries A genius No He would tell you his aspects do all the work for him They know everythi. Tting a bit crowded in thereNow Stephen and his internal team of aspects have been hired to track down a stolen corpse but it's not the corpse that's important it's what the corpse knows The biotechnology company he worked for believes he encoded top secret information in his DNA before he died and if it falls into the wrong hands that will mean disasterMeanwhile Stephen's. Legion: Skin Deep

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Ng there is to know about everything And if they don t No problem Steve reads about a specific skilltopic and tada New aspect at your service Pretty handy huh Well it does get kind of crowded sometimes Keeping track of forty seven hallucinations is tough enough If I had to imagine their in laws too I just might end p going crazy And it can make going on dates problematic especially when some of your hallucinations tag along Like that guy she said In that movie Sure Like that Only he was crazy and I m not Oh yeah Ivy said What a Great Way To Put Her way to put her ease Explain in depth how not crazy you are So here we have Steve and his very crowded box of cats on a mission to recover a missing corpse and retrieve information from it Said information being stored in the corpse s DNA Now how cool is that Where only a few aspects tagged along in Legion Steve has all of his forty seven hallucinations brainstorming in the White Room to solve this particular mystery each one researching a particular field Did I already say how cool this book was Oh wellAs much as I like the mystery part of the story Steve and his aspects are what make this book such an amazing read The conversations between Steve and the hallucinations the way the hallucinations interact with each other Priceless Each and everyone of the aspects is a very well defined full blown character What I really loved here is that we discover the in depth mechanics of Steve s psychosis delusion or whatever it is he is suffering from but is he actually suffering from a mental disorder At this point I m not even sure any In Legion it appeared Steve had total control over his aspects but it doesn t seem to be the case Some of his hallucinations seem to have a life outside of Steve s mind without him being aware of it view spoilerJC and Ivy hahaha hide spoiler A great book Legion is a great character Is he a genius or a crazy person Is he a hero or is he out for himself and who is in control Steven Leeds or his Aspects One thing he is not is boring The book and plot are extremely well thought out The story finds Steven trying normal things like a blind date they trouble is Steven is never alone and normal is not one of his alities The interaction between his and his aspects is great and their own flaws simply make himthem interesting I like the was the Legion is tested in this book We see limits and flaws on his powers I have always love the way the subconscious mind works and this is a great fictional example of how it works The mystery is great and the development of the character is great In the last book Legion seemed to learn a new skill in this one he seems to take a step forward in interaction with his Aspects but then is thrown a step backwards Showing their is so much to be done with the character I can t wait to see what happens next. Uneasy peace with his own hallucinations is beginning to fray at the edges as he strives to Vérité (Love at Center Court, understand how one of them could possibly havesed Stephen's hand to shoot a real gun during the previous case And some of those hallucinations think they know better than Stephen just how many aspects his mind should make room for How long will he be able to hold himself together.