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As lived by 1 Never have sex with a woman Outside His Own Subspecies Especially A Human Woman Never his own subspecies a human woman 2 Never any time accept a mission concerning a emale when Jonas Wyatt stinks of 2 Never any time accept a mission concerning a emale when Jonas Wyatt stinks of lie 3 Run don t walk skip or stumble Run hell or leather away rom any Wish Upon a Wedding female human or breed when his desireor her appears in any way to have so much as a single sign of Mating HeatHe takes these rules to heart and back but he has good reason too even IF his mating is inevitable He is so convinced that Gypsy isn t his mate that he doesn t see the signs until its too late to run but that s what happens when you mess with a Lions mate especially when that lion is Rules own subconscious I did not think anyone could be manipulating than jonas but Leigh proved me wrong with not just one but three manipulators who aren t even close to Jonas level But they try really hard Rule made a conscious decision to have Gypsy We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk for the sole reason of there not being any Mating heat but he is knocked on his ass and shown the error of his ways and I believe he would have gotten to the mating part without the help of his Lion it just would have taken a little longer and a lotight When you Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other first open the book and start reading you are hit with so much emotion its hard to deal and Iound myself rereading some parts to get it all processed Trauma is a tame word to use when describing what happens but its the only word I have to use It gets slightly better once its all over but nothing could diminish what happened not time not Richard Nixon: The Life family not anything and it carries through the book like an under current that is waiting to sweep you up again and make you burn with every emotion it can drag out of you It was an amazing start to the book and I don t think I would have liked any other beginning Leigh could have written She weaved an intricate story of possible deceit deceit seemingly impossible love and new beginnings The touches of Jonas and Dane that we get only add to the intrigueor the two and I think I love Dane because I always knew he wasn t who he played at being This book was all about not judging a book by its cover This book honestly had me worried but it was misplaced worry and I am honored to have gotten a chance to review it Book Pages and Dripping ink gives RULE BREAKER I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! five Black Roses and a must read stamp of approval 25Theirst thing you should do before reading this book is get your life jacket ready There is a massive lood low drip soaking sopping seeping wetness going on Gypsy has to be wettest woman in the Puppet Master fictional world After hearing her describe her leaking disorderor Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners far too many pages I had to hear her bed mate talking about riding all that wetness over and over I swear the book s pages started to curlrom the moistureRule Breaker the lion honest and true yeh right Okay so Mr Rule has a commitment phobia we get that he brings it up nearly every time he talks So live it and shut it already I got it He promises his virgin mate that he ll never push her he believes no means no Yes he said that promised all heart Janae (Blacktop, felt and all Then while his animal is claiming her he has to take her rear and not tell her what he plans He starts probing around and she s begging crying no NO please Rule no so what does he do tells her it s okay baby and he does it anyway beacuse his animal needs to arse claim her The rest of the book meh Cowardly Lion Finds mate claims her. Wayrom her What ensues is a iery affair that breaks all the rules of mating heat and will eventually endanger his mate with the very rules designed to protect the Breeds or she's possibly been working against them. .
When she was ifteen She lost HER BROTHER SHE MET THE BREEDS brother she met the Breeds Rule noticed her Since then she is trying to orget her pain and her bitterness rom her brother s death and her parents indifference what are they hiding by partying all night 9 years after her little world shattered she definitely does not want to mate to a stubborn BreedSoon Gypsy and Rule will have to work together to discover a traitor and they both have to come to terms with the act that they are compatible to mate and nature will take its courseLots of old and new characters and their stories are tangled with the story of Gypsy and Rule Jonas with the help of Dane the lion hybrid Breed this time is still manipulating but he has the noble cause of saving his daughter Amber is inally saved in this book and her condition is stable Needless to say she will never be as she used to be and now she is than just a human child Rhyzan Brannigan is introduced A 6 oot 6 green eyed badass coyote who will be Jonas Wyatt s assistant director to the Bureau of Breed Affairs Interesting character Dog the mysterious Coyote Breed is also making an appearance Gideon Graeme story is being prepared or the next bookThis book concludes unfinished story lines which made me really relieved Especially little Amber s storyline that has been dragging on so made me really relieved Especially little Amber s storyline that has been dragging on so has inally a resolution Moreover I really enjoyed the main love story of the book with Rule and Gypsy Earc received to read and write an honest reviewI have been a Breed Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., fan since I picked up Megan s Mark someour years ago and I often Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, find myself making up a list of Breed books I want to see written and Rule was definitely on that list He may not have been on the top but he was on itor damn sure now I can cross him off and wait on Dane and Dogs books Rule Breaker is the kind of emotionally traumatic book that leaves you sitting wrecked on the loor mumbling about sadistic authors who are also angels with white pearly wings and hearts made of cotton candy There was always a sense of emotional overload in every scene of this book whether it be rom arousal anger ear scene of this book whether it be rom arousal anger ear disgust regret sadness or happiness at the end Leigh had the distinct ability to pull it all out of her characters and then making you eel it like an over powered punch to the gut A lot of authors lack this ability or can t sustain it Dead Giveaway for long but Leigh s got the secret to it locked down and uses it to her advantage Gypsy Mcuade s a new characteror us long standing breeds Andrew Lost In the Kitchen fans and sheits right in I promise I won t lie and tell you I thought good thoughts about her when I Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism first read the synopsisor this book because I didn t I honestly didn t want to read this book because I swore she was going to make me hate this book but she surprised me Leigh surprised me the whole damn book surprised me Gypsy is a strong intelligent independent lonely woman but her job demands certain things Nope from her or so she tells herself not in those words but you get my drift She has specifically shaped her life to not let anyone in and too not dredge up oldeelings She has worked hard to bury her past and memories but some things aren t meant to be Rejected Rejected Rejected forgotten and they most certainly aren t meant to hold a person back She is so closed offrom everything and everyone that she doesn t eel much of anything until Rule Breaker makes eye contact Rule Breaker has three rules that he To lead him on a merry chase But she won't be able to outrun the lion or the man in hot pursuit What he suspects is mating heat may not be that at all Just his animal instincts rioting pacing irritated whenever he's ,
35 starsI have read every book in what is one of my Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz favorite series and I lookorward to going back to the Breeds World that the author has createdRule Breaker is the 29th book in the seriesuite an amazing eat to still get readers excited about each book book in the seriesuite an amazing eat to still get readers excited about each book is releasedThe main characters in this story are lion breed Rule Breaker who has been around Oh, the Things They Invented!: All About Great Inventors for a long time in the series He and his brother Lawe who hasound his mate and HEA in the 26th book Lawe s Justice work as Jonas Wyatt s enforcers And Gypsy Rum Mcuade who was traumatized by her abduction and torture by coyotes when she was Yikes, Vikings! (Canadian Flyer Adventures Series fifteen before being rescued by the BreedsRule is determined never to accept a mate and mating heat due to what he as a child when his mother and her mate were horribly tortured and killed Gypsy is now working undercoveror a secret organization named Unknowns whose mission is to protect the Breeds My thoughtsWow there s a lot happening in this story So many characters so many subplots that had my head spinning At times I lost the plot who was who and what were they actually doingWhilst Rule Gypsy talk about wacky and weird I lost the plot who was who and what were they actually doingWhilst Rule Gypsy talk about wacky and weird Rum and her sister Kandy Sweet are ighting each other offhe is adamant she s not his matebecause his glands are telling him soyes his brother tells him she isbut no Rule says no way Gypsy is doing the not going there thing with Rule whilst Searching for Robert Johnson feeling a little twinge of betrayal by not admitting her role in the Breeds worldand boy does she know how to lieeven when poor Rule can smell her deceit Yes these Breeds have an awesome sense of smell In between we have Dane Jona s South African half brother and Dog the unknown coyote up to some shenanigans involving the Unknownsstill have no clue what they role is in there Most of the story centers on Amber Jona s daughter who was injected with some powerful and dangerous drug and who is trying toind a cure It seems Gideon and Juddcheck out previous bookshave the secret to saving AmberI enjoyed meeting up with previous characters and seeing how their lives are progressingeven though it was a brief glimpse I would have liked a bit about themInstead we have pages and pages and sex and mating heat between Rule Gypsy which I must admit didn t do much Blood on Silk for meit was the same thing over and over and over again I would have preferred some of these pages to be dedicated to interesting and exciting thingslike what is the Unknowns what is Dane plottingI would love if Dane Dog Cassie loved her very brief brief appearance here Gideon s storiesI was happy that Rule Gypsyound their HEAbut I wasn t crazy about some of the aspects of this storyit Buzz: A Graphic Reality Check for Teens Dealing With Drugs and Alcohol felt a bit too long drawn in some wayBut as usual my interest in this amazing Breed World will keep me waiting eagerlyor the next installment I don t ever want this series to end so no talk of that please Breeds 29Feline Breeds 16Featured Couple Rule Breaker Lion GypsyHumanRule and Lawe Breaker are the two brothers lion Breeds high level enforcers who were never apart and who used to make Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing fun of the mated Breeds Nowadays Lawe is happily mated to Diane while Rule is trying everything he can not to be mated Basically he is avoiding the girl that he suspects that she is his potential mateOf course it is reallyun watching him loosing it Because it is certain that Rule will lose it No uestion about itGypsy Mcuade s life changed in one single night. Lion Breed and enforcer Rule Breaker has a ew rules he doesn't break But having sex with a woman outside his own breed even a human woman is not one of them Especially when it's Gypsy the party girl who's determined. ,