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The Rich One (Persephones Awakening, uEclines to spend any of it because he always wantsntil he finally starves to death I read the about the swan pike and crayfish in class A nice poem a lesson to boot it encompasses that being able to an agreement in business is a highlight in all cultures and that communication is the key It rhymes really well IN RUSSIAN AND THE TRANSLATION IS OK BUT THE Russian and the translation is OK but the and rhyme is lost so I could not read it as fast Thats why I am giving it a 4 Fifteen Ivan Krylov fables translated by Guy Daniels and illustrated David Pascal "A Russian Best Selling Author Who Died "Russian best selling author who died 1844 but whose monument in St Petersburg shows his popularityEach fable is on one or two pages with black line drawing illustrations that are often minimal For example in the Elephant in Favor there is just one character that is not finely drawn and one can just make out that it is an elephant Leo king of the beasts took Elephant as his favorite but the other animals could not figure it out and criticized the ения Многие выражения из написанных из 200 басен стали крылатыми превратились в пословицы и поговорки Пушкин считал что басенному творчеству Крылова присуще весёлое лукавство характерное д. ,
Lephant for not having what they had a fox with bushy tail long claws said the bear The donkey saw the king liked the elephant since he had long tail long claws said the bear The donkey saw the king liked the elephant since he had long The moral of the story isIf people looked closely they would find that often they praise others with themselves in mind The last story is The Swan the Crab and the Pike about these three creatures who were trying to pull a cart They each tried in their own way the swan to fly the

pike flopping toward 
flopping toward pond and the crab went backward Who was right and who was wrong Krylov doesn t say but the cart is still there These stories are new to me but apparently Russians loved them I find that they are witty have wry humor and are easy to read The grade level would be 2 to 4 From the titles of each fable I thought it would be familiar to me that they would have been translated to English but the stories are not ones I have known It was interesting to see what was written back then and how the verses still flow and are rhyming like poetry. ля русского склада ума А после его смерти в 1844 году другой великий писатель Николай Васильевич Гоголь сказал о нём так Его притчи достояние народное и составляют книгу мудрости самого народ. ,

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БасниGave Classroom Crack Ups and School Disasters up Will try it again one day Julia 7 years old I liked talking about the morals with my mom It was fun talking about the morals Some of the morals were funny like the monkey and the glasses The moral was that things have no value if you don t know how tose them Mostly predictable and nimaginative fables I "thought they would have a Russian flavor but they don t particularly A few were noteworthyA Little Box p "they would have a Russian flavor but they don t particularly A few were noteworthyA Little Box p much like Wittgenstein s metaphor of solving a philosophical problem with a move that seems obvious in retrospectThe Sightseer p 132 apparently the origin of the elephant in the roomThe Author and the Robber p 194 a sort of appreciation of the intellect along the lines of the pen is mightier than the sword in which a damaging intellectual idea is eventually far worse than a robberyThe Poor Rich Man p 239 a clever puzzle in which a man is offered a source of gradually increasing wealth which will end when any of it is spent Predictably the foolish miserly man Крылов считал что басня как и всякое произведение искусства должна быть проста и понятна А ларчик просто открывался Вот такими ларчиками с сокровищами народной мудрости и были его произвед. .