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I get a bit suspicious going into these lost classics mainly because now they re really lost they just haven t been "know they re not really lost they just haven t been by some white dudes in the West they have a very specific woe is me melancholy that appealed to me when i was in my twenties and v serious and not much fun Who am i Are You There God? It's Me M kidding i was ALWAYS crazy fun But yanow what This was really touching Nostalgic wrenching romanticand Maria is totally not your usual male fantasy muse type bore she was complex and real and a total early feminist sexy heroine Oh and Berlin in the 20s The pain of losing something precious be it earthly happiness or material wealth can be forgotten over time But our missed opportunities never leave us and every time they come back to haunt us we ache p 154My attention was drawn to Sabahattin Ali s Madonna in a Fur Coat thanks to this compelling review in The Guardian to the above mentioned review Sabahattin Ali s Madonna in a Fur Coat which was first published in 1943 has become Turkey s most celebrated love story today because it refuses the traditional gender roles that Turkey s president seems hell bent on enforcing not just in the religious heartlands but also in the cities and towns that have been secularising and liberalising for almost a century I am not very much a fan of love stories Nonetheless I am very satisfied with this one especially because it shows us how universal good storytelling is Considering the author s struggle with the Turkish authorities I suggest reading Ali s Madonna in dedication to all Turkish humanists feminists and above all journalists who are demanding their human right of freedom of expression in a state where civil liberties deteriorate day by day now in 2017 If this is one of the bestselling books in Turkey today I have not lost hope yet I recommend the English translation by Maureen Freely and Alexander Dawe Penguin Classics 2016 Moreover the cover design by Coralie Bickford Smith is just stunningly beautiful 28022017 ISTANBUL A young Turkish man arrives in 1920s Berlin Ignoring his business of soap manufacturing he spends his days learning German and his nights reading books especially the Russians and especially Turgenev He explores the city s parks its wide streets its museums and art galleries He is looking as he put it for something to sweep me off my feet He finds it one evening at a gallery where he stands transfixed in front of a painting of a young woman dressed in a fur coat Day after day he returns to stare at the painting One evening drunk and out on the town he sees the woman in the flesh Her name is Maria and the life of the young man Raif is transformedsourceMay 2016 When it was first published in Istanbul in 1943 it made no impression whatsoever Decades later when Madonna in a Fur Coat became the sort of book that passed from friend to friend the literary establishment continued to ignore it Even those who greatly admired the other works of Sabahattin Ali viewed this one as a puzzling aberration It was just a love story they said the sort that schoolgirls fawned over And yet for the past three years it has topped the bestseller lists in Turkey outselling Orhan Pamuk It is read loved and wept over by men and women of all ages but most of all by young adults And no one seems able to explain uite whysourceOpening Of all the people I have chanced upon in life there is no one who has left a greater impression Months have passed but still Raif Efendi haunts my thoughtsWell I neverHad so much to say about this short story when lying awake in the dark recounting my interaction and I do so wish I had had the integrity to sit up and mark down some bullet points that would have helped me nowMarked this up as current read as I wanted something away from the raw diet of current affairs needing something fictional from my TBR shelves as an antidote to the White House as described by the cheekily opportunist Mr Wolfe and the side dish of withering weathered revelations from Stormy I then became interested in the headline about Mantel s third Cromwell book so took myself off to netgalley to see if that was there Thomas wasn t but this novella is I id you not 5 Perfection Madonna in a Fur Coat by Sabahattin Ali is considered one of the foremost Turkish classics of the 20th century Written in 1941 and describing how both Germany and Turkey had changed following the Great War this classic is now available in English for the first time Using the life of a translation clerk named Raif Efendi as a metaphor to show how the world has changed Ali delivers a hidden gem of a classic to western readers Our story begins as a narrator in search of work finds employment as a clerk in the same office as Raif Efendi Noticing that Efendi is often out ill his colleague offers to bring him his work to his home The two develop a rapport but then Efendi s health takes a turn for the worse and he asks the narrator to collect his personal items from his desk One of these items is a black leather bound notebook that piues the narrator s curiosity and Efendi allows him to read it It is in the pages of the notebook that the bulk of the sto. Her gün daima öğleden sonra oraya gidiyor oridorlardaki resimlere bakıyormuş gibi ağır ağır fakat büyük bir sabırsızlıkla asıl hedefine varmak isteyen adımlarımı zorla zapt ederek geziniyor rastgele gözüme çarpmış gibi önünde. Kürk Mantolu MadonnaSepia images in your head "when you flip the final page Turkish literature was brought into the spotlight in recent "you flip the final page Turkish literature was brought into the spotlight in recent with writers like Orhan Pamuk and Elif afak being On Hitler's Mountain Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood PS known and read internationally I prefer to look for the less popular ones though and while Sabahattin Ali is wellnown in his home country his work is unfortunately not available in most international translations K rk Mantolu Madonna Madonna in a Fur Coat is a short but masterly novel It is the love story of Raif Bey a young Turkish Student In 1920 S Germany in 1920 s Germany Maria Puder a Berliner painter It is by all means a sentimental story the classic ind where things don t turn out well But while many stories end similarly I loved how it all started him falling in love with her portrait in a galleryThis is Sabahattin Ali s most famous novel and I recommend it to everyone for its beautifully constructed

its bitter sweetness its all actual descriptions of cultural differences A modern classic A wonderful story of unfulfilled love and lost opportunities This is a tale of a shy young man s exhilarating experience of devoted love of a modern woman against the backdrop of social innovation and artistic ferment in Berlin between the two world wars The rollercoaster of successes and failures in this romance are classic as are the triumphs and tragedies But this is no melodrama It confronts the challenges to achieving the balance in the relationship bet A truly beautiful book about a Turkish man who goes to Berlin in the roaring 20 ties During a visit to an exposition of modern art our shy and asocial young man is attracted by the self portrait of a young woman the Madonna in a fur coat Intrigued as he is by this work of art he goes looking for the artist Maria What follows is the story of a subdued yet great passion of two seuestered and wounded young people Notwithstanding the fact that happy endings do not exist in these types of stories the book remains a tribute to never ending love and devotion written in a beautiful language I was staggered to learn that when released in 1943 Sabahattin Ali s achingly heartfelt novel made no impression whatsoever Even Decades later when Madonna in a Fur coat was passed around between family and friends it s position continued to be ignored by the literary world seen by some as nothing than a puzzling aberration a book easily weep over without any solid substance to back it up I disagree It may just be a simply told love story drenched in melancholy but it must be doing something right in Turkey for example outselling Orhan Pamuk in recent years A book popular now with young adults apparently and no one seems able to explain uite why One theory is that Ali s own biography makes his novel relevant to a new Turkish generation coping with the repressive rule of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan The novelist was a communist jailed repeatedly by the authoritarian Turkish regime of his day which may also have had a hand in his murder in 1948 Whatever the case I myself have fallen for it It s a tale of star crossed lovers Raif and Maria in Berlin but the story first begins in 1930s Ankara the Turkish Republic s newly appointed capital The narrator who has fallen on hard times starts work as a clerk and it s here he meets the sickly uiet and affectless Raif Bey who is the sort of person who ponders on uestions like What compels me to go on living What else is there in life When at last they make friends it becomes clear that Raif s reason for living does not lie with his family Living under one roof with many members of his family he is looked on with contempt and yet he welcomes their derision his mind is elsewhere lost in thought Through the contents of his writing we will learn why Hidden in Raif s desk drawer at work there is a secret notebook which he asks his friend to destroy but instead he reads it of a time in Berlin where a lonely and inexperienced Raif first meets his infatuated love Maria a girl who would turn his views on life upside down Raif devoted his days to reading and strolling around the streets with no real purpose until one evening he wanders into an exhibition of contemporary art to be mesmerised by a portrait of a Madonna in a fur coat He goes back the next day and the next until finally the artist introduces herself in no time at all he is besotted with her The bewildering Maria Puder is the sort of free thinking new woman he could never have imagined possible the two form an intensely platonic friendship that borders on love a situation that seems to suit them both however it s Raif who simply cannot leave her side whereas Maria does have some dark emotional problems that blight her Before the world slowly starts to close in on them with other heart rending plansI hadn t planned on it but read this in two sittings back to back couldn t eep my eyes away from the pages for very long it captured something deep within that bought my own old love wounds back to life maybe the reason for having such a connection with it Either way this was one profoundly moving novel penetrating the heart with a doomed romance I will never forget. ında insanların görünmeyen yüzlerini ortaya çıkaran Sabahattin Ali bu I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad kitabında güçlü bir tutkunun resmini çiziyor Düzenin sildiğiişiliklere yaşamın uçuculuğuna ve aşkın olanaksızlığına dair yanıtlanması zor sorular soruyor. Ry takes place As a young man in "Istanbul Raif Efendi desires to see Europe in order to improve himself as an artist His father finances "Raif Efendi desires to see Europe in order to improve himself as an artist His father finances trip to Berlin and Efendi stays there in a hostel for two years While there he masters the German language and witnesses how the young people are without a care in the world living their lives jubilantly during the years between the two wars Immediately Efendi passes his time at the art museum and is enraptured by a painting entitled Madonna in a Fur Coat Eventually he befriends the artist a woman named Maria Puder who lives a life of contradictions and despite their cultural differences become the love of their early lives Ali s prose is charming as he writes of missed opportunities of a love that might have been I have read a number of European classics from this era this year and have noticed a theme of wistfulness of missing out on opportunities especially with love and of reminiscing of a life gone by Ali s Turkish classic fits in this mold nicely as he writes of the interwar years and how people s expectations have changed and then returns to Raif Efendi contemplating what might have been in his life Madonna in a Fur Coat is a story of missed opportunity It is a short novel of lovely prose and I enjoyed my brief journey to Turkey reading about Raif Efendi Sabahattin Ali is considered the leading Turkish writer of the 20th century but unfortunately he was murdered in 1948 Madonna remains his leading classic and it can now be enjoyed by western audiences As the world becomes smaller and works from all over the world become available to read there is no limit to the number of classics that are being uncovered I though Madonna in a Fur Coat measures up to other classics in its era and rate it 4 stars Madonna in a Fur Coat K rk Mantolu Madonna Sabahattin Ali 1943 penguinclassics 2017 What would happen if Romeo would be the shy Turkish boy and Juliet strong willed German girl Madonna in a Fur Coat tragic and melancholic story of love and misunderstandings Thanks a lot feyzaykir for this gorgeous present About book The National The magical novel about a Turkish man who falls in love with an artist in 1920s Berlin recreates a vanished era and dramatizes a doomed relationship with verve depth and poignancy The result is a miniature masterpiece Guardian The surprise bestseller read loved and wept over by men and women of all ages uote Suddenly near the door to the main room I stopped Even now after all these years I cannot describe the torrent that swept through me in that moment I only remember standing transfixed before a portrait of a woman wearing a fur coat Others pushed past me impatient to see the rest of the exhibition but I could not move What was it about that portrait I Pip Sueak Saves the Day Medici Books for Children know that words alone will not suffice All I can say is that she wore a strange formidable haughty and almost wild expression one that I had never seen before on a woman But while that face was utterly new to me I couldn t help but feel that I had seen her many times before Surely Inew this pale face this dark brown hair this dark brow these dark eyes that spoke of eternal anguish and resolve I had Dragonsbane known that woman since I d opened my first book at the age of seven since I d started at the age of five to dream I sow her in her echoes of Halit Ziya Usakligils Nihal Vecihi Bey s Mehcure and Cavaliers Buridan s beloved I sow Cleopatra I had come tonow in history books and Muhammad s mother Amine Hatun of whom I had dreamed while listening to the Mevlit prayers She was a swirling blend of all the women I had ever imagined oksanamilkevych 4 and a half starsThis is a tricky one to review It s not a new story it was originally written in the 40s nor is it especially original I think star crossed lovers must be the oldest story in the world But this one is written with such melancholy longing introspection and uiet passion that it turned out to be unlike any story of love lost I have read beforeA uiet very lonely young man from Turkey goes to Berlin in the late 1920s in order to study so he can eventually take over his father s business back in his home country One day he walks into a gallery and becomes fascinated with a PAINTING CALLED MADONNA IN A FUR called Madonna in a Fur a self portrait of an artist named Maria He goes to see the painting every day piuing the artist s curiosity as to whom could be so admiring of her work and she goes to sit next to him in the galleryBoth characters are adrift in their lives searching for something that would make their strange existence worth living but neither Lonestar Sanctuary knows what that could be or how to deal with it when it finally lands in their lives The story of their few weeks the many missed opportunities and of the inevitable tragic d noument is told so poignantly with such deep regret that it s impossible not to be moved and frustrated by it Even if Inew how this would end I Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator kept hoping that the next page would prove me wrong and that once these two lonely souls had found each other they wouldn t be torn apartA short deeply affecting read Inow its a translation but it is gorgeously written and will leave heartbreaking. Durduğum Kürk Mantolu Madonnayı seyre dalıyor ta Understanding the Black Economy and Black Money in India kapılarapanıncaya Desperate (Bad Baker Boys, kadar orada bekliyordumKimi tutkular rehberimiz olur yaşam boyunca Kollarıyla bizi sarar Sorgulamadan peşlerinden gideriz ve hiç pişman olmayacağımızı biliriz Yapıtlar.