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Es by two goons who are allegedly there to protect her She d just like a couple of hours to herself she says Could Jake possibly help her lose the two thugsWell of course he can For Twenty Five Bucks A Day Plus twenty five bucks a day plus And when the lovely Florence agrees to the terms one thing nevitably leads to another Florence s very attracted to Jake and once they finally elude her guardians they go out to dinner which Jake naturally adds to the expense account Other nteresting activities accompany the dinner and Florence nsists that she d like to see Jake again the following dayComplications ensue and poor Jake soon finds himself entangled n a mess he never envisioned when he accepted Florence s in a mess he never envisioned when he accepted Florence s simple assignment It s an engaging story with plenty of Willeford s deadpan humor and enough action to propel the story forward at a fairly rapid clip While not uite on a par with some of Willeford s better known books Firesoul it s still a fun read and will appeal especially to those who have read and enjoyed the author s other work. S deeplynvolved with this glamorous and possibly crazy woman he becomes entangled Jonathan Franzen: The Comedy of Rage in a web of deceitntrigue and multiple murders Brilliant sardonic and full of surprises Wild Wives s one wild ride. Wild WivesEnjoyable uick little read Great

Cockfighter keeps popping up on shelf or another of my recommendations here on Goodreads so when I found this classic hard boiled novel n an op shop for 1 I Knew I HAD To Try Charles knew I HAD to try Charles for myselfAnd I wasn t disappointed It s a tiny novella filled with seedy and conflicted characters and a simple yet convoluted plot Perfect pulp materialThree seperate parts are vivid n my mind for different reasons the first being the description and behaviour of Barbara Ann Allen Artscroll Children's Siddur is graphic and shockingn t s content like a slap to the face with a block of ce f you weren t sure that a block of ce Zachary's Virgin if you weren t sure that novel was going to be anything different than a cheap Dashiell Hammett knockoff already then by page 4 you will be 100% convincedWilleford follows this up with some gratuitous and unnecessary violence first you re given a hint as Jake Blake nonchalently attacks a man without prior warning This fast paced novellas an unconventional private eye tale populated with seedy greedy characters Will. Jake Blake Pfaueninsel is a private detective short on cash when he meets a rich and beautiful young woman looking to escape her father’s smotheringnfluence Unfortunately for Jake the smothering nfluence ncl. ,
Eford having written Torah With Ramban's Commentary Translated, Annotated, And Elucidated: Devarim/Deuteronomy (Artscroll) it under a pseudonymn 1956 rehashes the usual private eye falls for a femme fatale formula But he throws n enough curveballs to keep the reader off balance starting with the first scene where a beautiful young lady struts nto the private eye s office Our lovers eventually make their way to no holds bar Las Vegas where the action grows even weirder I d say WILD WIVES s great fun to read on a rainy or snowy day First published n 1956 Wild Wives s a short but very entertaining novel from Charles Willeford the author of Miami Blues and a number of other crime novelsjake blake s a struggling san crime novelsJake Blake s a struggling San PI who lives IN THE SAME CHEAP HOTEL WHERE the same cheap hotel where has his office One slow afternoon Florence Weintraub the nevitable Hot Babe essential to the beginning of practically any classic PI story waltzes Time Capsule into his officensisting that she s desperately Hot Under the Collar in need of his help Even though she s twenty six years old her father allows her absolutely no freedom whatsoever and has her accompanied wherever she go. Udes two thugs hired to protect her and the womans n fact not the daughter of the man she wants to escape but his wife Now Jake has two angry thugs and one jealous husband on his case As Jake become.

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