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Gave to us the second time around But with this book I could not have loved any of them than I did Trace Micah and especially Dare had my heart fluttering and them than I did Trace Micah and especially Dare had my heart fluttering and reading as fast as I could even though I never wanted this book to end But not only did I have the great joy of spending time with Lynn s wonderful men I had the chance to spend time with three other very special men Forgive Us has some very special visitors and they are Jack Jan and Grey from Jack L Pyke s wonderful world that we all fell n love with Abby and the Bachelor Cop in Don tAlln all this book was very close to perfect for me the only Eye to Eye improvement would be Dare and Jack with a book that never endedLynn Kelling had written a few of my favourite books and this ones being added to that special list This was the book Accidentally Expecting in the Deliver Us series I was most looking forward ton my eyes Lynn has saved the best to last Trace and Micah the two men n this series who have played their part on the periphery but remained a constant the two men above have played their part on the periphery but remained a constant the two men above the others that have had my heart racing at the glimpses we have had at their relationship and the roles they play within the dynamics of these Diadem men The anticipation of their story has kept me on pins as characters they have ntrigued me the most and I so wanted to love them Well let me tell you I WAS NOT disappointed Trace brings an edge of danger to this series his resolve unwavering he Herzrivalen is a force to be reckoned with calm resolute steadfastn his loyalty and fiercely protective of those he loves Trace s all power n a cocky self assured way he s rough around the edges wild raw and powerful He commands attention and demands submission by sheer presence alone I have loved Trace from the very first scene Alaskan Nights in book 1 with Darreck and he has certainly wormed his wayn to my heart and my dreams fuck the man s HOTYou don t get this good without some serious goddamned practice at your fuckin craftFor my full review pop over to the blog where you can also enter the giveaway to win a copy Giveaway ends 13th May 2014. For help from the world he tried to leave behind the Master’s Circle n England Tensions rise to a fever pitch as Trace’s hidden truths shake up the lives of everyone n his tangled tight knit family MM For content labels and excerpt see details on publisher's si. .
Forgive Us Deliver Us #3What an amazing series I loved this story and the characters were absolutely ncredible The way Lynn Kelling can weave a story line this ntense and vast throughout the three books just blows me away As soon as I finished I just wanted to start back at the beginning and read the whole thing over againThroughout all three wanted to start back at the beginning and read the whole thing over againThroughout all three I ve got to say Kyle just held a special place n my heart with Gabriel at a close second All of the characters develop and reveal aspects of their lives and personalities as the story progresses but something about those

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just really got me but I love them allthe pacing s perfect and as the allThe pacing All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night is perfect and as the develop and the plotntensifies there are wonderful moments of deep heartfelt love and a bit of humor too Absolutely perfect book It s complicated definitely describes Trace s life In Forgive us by Ms Kelling Trace s past and connection to the Master Circle from London becomes clear Full disclosure I never read the first two books and now I have to go back and read them I m Any Man Of Mine intrigued Ms Kellings a new to me author whom I m going to be watching Her characters are Annalee And The Lawman interesting The tangled web of relationshipss fascinating for me to figure out and connect Basically everything seems to revolve around Trace Trace The Apollonides Mistress Scandal is barely holding himself together to keep his people safe and protected Trace also seems to have a split personality struggling with Patrick trying to take over After a bitt all makes senseMs Kelling does a good job of writing an easy to follow plot There are a few twists and turns yet she guides the reader through each of them Her writing voice s smooth with gentle ebbs and flows The sex scenes she writes are filled with erotic tension They tease and tantalize a reader nto a sexual frenzy Several of her Ds scenes are less set up scenes and rough sex with clear dominance The way she writes the yielding of the submissives Anything For His Son is divine Many of scenes reuired a bit of time out for me to enjoy some me time If I need to stop a bookn order to satisfy my desires. Novel 90000 wordsGenres Contemporary Gay BDSM EroticaTo everyone else Trace Anticipation is an enigmatic and carefully controlled Dominant He runs Diadem a private BDSM club ands a Master and mentor to his fellow Doms and their lovers Gabriel Darrek Ben and Kyle while trying to. ,

Several times t s definitely a pleasurable book Ms Kelling does come up with some clever edging scenes Some of the rules for protocol are odd at times until the past becomes clear Then t makes for protocol are odd at times until the past becomes clear Then t makes sense and tugs on the heart Strings This Story Is About Secrets Revealed This story s about secrets revealed causes big waves for all of Trace s nner circle Perhaps I am jaded and these types of reveals do not mpact me as much as the characters For some reason they feel totally misled and a bit betrayed I can never understand why lovers feel they must know every little detail about the other person Sure Trace does have a few large pieces he needs to share It Annie and the Outlaw is good to see Micah s response as accepting than feeling wronged for never knowing the details of Trace s pastWhats really good about this book ANNIE AND THE PRINCE is the way Ms Kelling blends two different worlds so well together Seeing Gray Jack and Jann this series The Single Dad's Redemption is a delight Oddly enough a reader learns about Grayn this book than A Christmas Affair in Don t and Antidote Gray still comes across as an omniscient dominant The relationship between Gray and Traces what really sheds light about Gray Gray s a bit of an ass and the reader learns about the young Gray who did make mistakes It s not clear exactly how Gray changed for the better It s unfortunately depressing to see how bad Gray was for Trace In the present Gray The Apple Orchard is now an agent of goodnfluence and tough loving support It s nice to the contrast between younger and older GrayOverall this story pulled many emotions from me Mostly my heart felt constant sorrow for several of the characters Because I felt for these characters I became engaged and enjoyed the story fully The BDSM When Hitler Took Austria: A Memoir of Heroic Faith by the Chancellor's Son is smoking hawt and enjoyable for me As a first book from Ms Kellingt rocks for me Recommended to read this series n order Definitely recommended for mm lovers who enjoy complicated BDSM pairings ARC provided by the author for an honest review I re read the first two full length books to this series not long ago and I must say that I loved these men that Lynn Kelling. Be Master and lover for Micah Trace s the one they all depend on to step n when anything or anyone threatens his closest friendsBut even Trace s n over his head when haunting events of the past endanger all their lives Trace s forced to call on old connections.

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