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T our streets I was really moved by all of these stories because all of the individuals put themselves in situations most people don t xperience My dad was one of the officers written in this book and t xperience My dad was one of the officers written in this book and his xperience is a lot different from just hearing about it I look up to all of these people for being so selfless and doing their job regardless of the negativity and hate that is thrown towards them This books gives you an insight into what it is like to go through that is thrown towards them This books gives you an insight into what it is like to go through shooting and how it affects a person physically and mentally It is a story about war and it is truly powerful and intens. F Bravery an award that is rarely bestowedAll the locations are listed so the reader can access Internet maps go to the street view and see the actual places where the shootings occurredThis is "A One Of Kind Read That Will Chill You Make "one of kind read that will chill you make cry and at the same time give you a new sense of respect for peace officers because of what they go through and the values they mbra.

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I found this book to be EXTREMELY INTERESTING AND
intense to find 
TO FIND and intense To find in depth what police officers go through day to day has been uite the ye opener There are so many shootings in the media these days it can be asy to look at the police and get a bad taste in your mouth However unlike any book I have read before The Red Dot Club showed what it is truly like to be up against the worst of the worst and in situations that seem impossible to live through Definitely a must read for any police officer or civilian living in todays society This is a true "Accounting Of Officer Involved Shootings "of officer involved shootings This read will take you on a real life journey as peace officers are getting shot and desperately fight for their lives These are not made up stories but you will live the vents as they actually happened These stories are told by those officers who were shot in a millisecond by millisecond and bullet by bullet seuence You will xperience fear anger sadness and happiness Ring which the officerdeputy was shot The author tells his personal story of such an incident and then tells the Stories Of Others It Is of others It is real page turner and here you will read about the true heroes and have firsthand accounting of what it is like to survive deadly ncounters Not for the faint of heart WOWThe stories are riveting This is something about which most of us have no xperience Very inspiring Thanks
for sharing a 
sharing A helpful book to read if you are a police officer The Red Dot Club is a collection of stories about ordinary heroes who put their lives in danger in order to protec. N the triumph in the human spirit as you go through a profound motional roller coaster ride that is xtremely compellingIf you've ver wondered what it is really like to be in a gunfight this is a must read book Many of these storytellers have received the Medal of Valor from their respective departments for their actions One storyteller received the Congressional Badge
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The Red Dot Club