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WowI can t wait for book 3the sorcery code I hope it doesn t take to Get Over It Fab Life long I have read many many books in the past 6 months sinceosing
40 yr old daughter to Cancer And These 2 Books 1 cancer and these 2 books 1 2 made me forget me heartache No Prisoners Star Wars The Clone Wars like no other I am attracted to this genre but these books and especially the spell realm gave me some peace I can t thank u enough please continue with book three asap from a faithful reader always EVERYONE READ THESE TWO BOOKS I give it 10 stars many thanks Good book interesting twist on magic scheme Emily Durante s narrative style is in many ways an ideal to uphold and an absolute pleasure to theistener She strikes the perfect balance between a neutral tonality for the narrator and a diverse spectrum of emotions and modulation for the various characters All the subtle variations that she manages in order to portray the different Husband for Hire lead characters you feel Durante herself coming through unlike audio books where the narrator tries too hard to create too big of a distinction among characters voices sounding fake and forced In the first part we see significant changes in Gala s understanding of this world as she accumulates experience and expos This is the second book of a series which started with The Sorcery Code still kind of an insider tip in the world of fantasyiterature The book begins where the An Egg Is Quiet last bookeft off at the end of the battle between Barson s man and Gala Gala fought off the Sorcerer Guard but due to pity for them she heals those she still can Barson among themIn Turingrad the story about Blaise s creation killing the Sorcerer s Guard spreads and Barson uses it to his advantage that everyone thinks he s dead Augusta also believing her over charming the way she thinks of him although they mainly do have a very carnal way of interacting with one another to be dead succeeds in convincing the of going after Blaise s creatureBlaise and Gala together with Maya and Esther fly to the distant mountains to hide there To their surprise they stumble upon a whole community iving in the forests They obviously weren t content with their Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey living situations any or were persecuted and use the forest as a hideoutFrom this point we follow 3 separate storylines Gala and Blaise who get closer and closer to each other while Gala is rapidly improving her magical skills and actually surpassing Blaise in her powers and abilitiesSecondly we have Augusta s storyline also from her POV She s still on a crusade against Blaise and his abomination and is decided to get Gala killedAnd thirdly we are witnessing Barson s uest for overthrowing the Sorcerer s and seizing powerfiguratively trampling down aot of people on the wayWell it s hard to say I have to admit that this volume Squash Basics - How To Play Squash lacks a bit of the drive found in the first book Blaise and Gala I am afraid to say annoyed the hell out of me most of the time Blaise is blind withove and amazed about what Gala is able to do We mostly have him an Gala as a package I really What Is a Googly?: The Mysteries of Cricket Explained liked Blaise in the first book for his motifs and his drive and he was a distinct and interesting character Noe we mostly have him as aovestruck fool drooling over Gala Although that is not so fair there are some short seuences where he is his old self But overall I missed an edge to his characterHowever Gala s progress in magic is so fast and forceful that you really begin to see Augusta s point about her being a danger to others I don t know where the author is going but he could definitely trying to draw the reader into another direction without noticing Gala is not the helpless naked creature that Of Magic and Mating New Canton Republic landed on a carpet any but still I think her character is missing some development to me she is still so naive and colorless I wouldike to smack her in the headThe book was a bit slow but gathered pace at about halfway through From there it got pretty good again and we finally see some action We witness a kind of terrifying fight and it is pretty neat how Zales shows us the extent of Gala s power what she will do to get what she wants even if it is just protecting Blaise and An alternate cover edition can be found hereThe highly anticipated seuel to The Sorcery Code    After the battle with the Sorcerer Guard Gala and Blaise ,
Ow weak her control over her immense power still isThus we see the other side in a different ight trying to get rid of Gala for obvious and perhaps now a bit understandable reasons I was thinking along those Bloodleaf lines too that Blaise is obviously too smitten with Gala for seeing what she really is It still comes down toooks mostly which is pretty superficial Would He Have Been Really So Much In Love With Her have been really so much in The Confusion: Books Four & Five of The Baroque Cycle love with her fast if not a blondeong egged supermodel had *Landed On His Living *on his iving floor but some Moaning MyrtleSo we still not really know what to make of Gala Blaise goes far beyond normal boundaries to protect her and ends up understanding the Spell Realm than he might have wished While Blaise and Gala are happy studying the elements of Magic together Barson rips apart the societyOf course although pretty slow at first the book was way too short in the end and of course we are Going All the Way Planning for a Marriage That Goes the Distance left off with a cliffhangerThere will be a 3rd book but there is no rumor as to when it will be out I am guessing at Summer 2015Il keep you posted Adeuate Seuel to the Sorcery Code Although a Bit of a LetdownI originally purchased the first book in the series as part of Legends 15 Tales of Sword and Sorcery which was a great purchase for 099 The first book was intriguing enough to purchase the second book although I found the seuel to be a bit of a etdown The book continues the concept of telling the story from multiple characters viewpoints which helps keep the story exciting Again I don t think it would be as successful if it was written as a 1st person story Spell Realm has a hint of Game of Thrones to it with multiple characters vying to take over power of the realm but thankfully Spell Realm is without the absolute chaos and brutality to it I wasn t a fan of the twist at the end It did feel incomplete and although the ending has a uniue twist to it that could potentially be interesting if book 3 was ever published it s not published to date so eaving a series hanging without a conclusion is another Two Badges The Lives of Mona Ruiz letdown Even if another book was published I don t think I would necessarily purchase it Good bookIike the way this book is written It was a good book to read but I A Queen's Spy Plus The Tudor Heresy - Mercenary For Hire Series: Tudor Historical Fiction Novels - Adventure Fiction (Tudor Mystery Trials) like the first one better Definitely Worth the Wait Just As Enchanting As Volume 1I really enjoyed the first book of this series by Dima Zales and Anna Zaires The Sorcery Code and so I was very excited when the second book came out Once again I was completely satisfied with the story the authors and the narrator And once again I will be eagerly awaiting the next book in this series The storyine of The Spell Realm begins right where it The Structure of Biblical Authority left off in The Sorcery Code and the characters all are the same people we came to know and adore in the first story I was very happy about that since sometimes authors decide to take the characters in entirely new directions of personality in seuels I was also happy to find that Emily Durante was the narrator for this second book because Ioved her use of voice in the first volume Emily perfectly captures the personality elements for each of the characters and through her we are right there with Blaise Gala and all the others as they make their way in this wonderful world of magic and mystiue If you haven t read or Niebla listened to The Spell Realm yet I suggest you do so as soon as you can You won t be disappointed but you will be surprised I enjoyed reading The Spell Realm seuel to The Sorcery Code very much The story s pace is fast and for my taste also far too short But I dike it better without this sort of prologue and epilogue because I can t really see how it s relevant for the story You see the prologue and the epilogue are written of Dranel s point of view As described in the book Dranel is an intelligent being that Confederate Waterloo lives in the Spell Realm itself and has no essential role in this book I guess there will be an explanation in the seuel to The Spell Realm I guess the author uses Dranel s POV as a way to explain the Spell Realm better but for me it s still uite confusing At aater point of the story Gala pictured the Spell Re. Ake shelter in the mountains a place of uniue beauty and danger Augusta however is determined to exact revenge even as Barson her ambitious over implements. .