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L I m not a gay man or I m not a druid so I don t really get it to them druid so I don t really get it to them say shut up you re dumb But really look at the larger context here I am neither a gay man or a druid but I felt the deeper meaning and message of this piece and think man or a druid but I felt the deeper meaning and message of this piece and think will as well That is if they actually take the time There is some graphic imagery in here of a sexual nature but I never felt it was gratuitous or detrimental to the feel and understanding of the story So if you get a bit sueamish about that sort of thing this may not be a great book for you as it is an integral part of the story Also though I could see the end coming before it did I felt it was a fresh take on this type of story and enjoyed it thoroughly So Brava Jon Macy you have created in my mind at least a masterpiece I will support anything else you make. Aten their fragile new relationship Punk music pickup trucks and psychedelic earth magic add an urban spin To This Captivating Ueer Celtic this captivating ueer Celtic wor.

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Fearful HunterTattooed druid in training meets lonely punk Werewolf Yes Please I Read This Whole Yes please I read this whole in one sitting Sexy fantasy that totally sucks you in Dreamy and beautifully drawn Beautiful artwork Detailed story Some extras from various artists at the end Recommended Filled with adult content but an interesting story nonetheless I enjoyed the spiritual vs primal vs natural theme going on in this The art was ok not my favorite but not the worst either Jon Macy is a master of *Fantasy And Romantic Eroticism *and romantic eroticism work here is lush and surreal tender and hot and deeply imaginative while remaining intensely personal Having previously read only the first two chapters I m really glad to have finally been able to read the entire FH story in one big beautifully *produced volume The extra comics from guest artists in th. * volume The extra comics from guest artists in th. a shy young druid lives in a ferocious world of sacred sexuality and erotic elder gods When he falls for Byron a simple wolf who only mates for. E back are testament to the respect and affection that Jon and his *Work Inspire From His * inspire from his Rene Capone s uber charming contribution work inspire from his peers Rene Capone s uber charming contribution particular Fans of ueer erotic comics fantasy and good comics in general Dig In So first off I did Kickstart this book so I may be a little biased because I really wanted it to be good Having said that it outright surpassed every expectation I had it was well written well drawn and I really couldn t put it down It managed to blend sexyness magic and rebellion into a tale that I feel anyone who belongs to an outlying group in society can relate to The main message is to not let anyone tell you who to love or how to experience the universe and it s told in such a way that you re drawn in to the characters and can feel with them and for them I guess some could argue wel. Life their love threatens the plans of those who desire a forbidden power Do the star crossed lovers stand a chance when lascivious Druid masters thre.