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Iron CrossIves can be to how incredibly vulnerable DomsDommes *can be There is so much against these four the ignorance of others secrets so much against these four the ignorance of others secrets complications You are *be There is so much against these four the ignorance of others secrets lies complications You are trying to guess how this is going to end Who all will be together Will the secrets between them tear them apart for good With these main characters alone Iron Cross was a very hot and exhilarating read But that s not all You get multiple stories in one in Iron Cross The characters that you all know and fell in love with in previous books are back and having some serious issues of their own Betrayal deception and hilarious shenanigans all make their way in to the story and it arouses emotions that you ve never would have thought to have for certain characters If you ve read Bianca Sommerland s work in the past I don t have to tell you how fantastically hot her sex and BDSM scenes are There are scenes in here that I think a year ago I wouldn t have gotten through whether it was from graphic detail or the fact that it was a scene with way than 2 people I am so fucking happy that I have spread my wings and became comfortable with these types of scenes I have Bianca and a few other amazing authors that have helped me open my eyes to the

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of and that I will always be grateful With a book this well written and a series this complex and beautiful I had no doubt in my mind that IRON CROSS would be a Top Pick for me This is a story focusing on the power of love and forgiveness It is a story about finding your own happiness in life no matter what anyone thinks This isn t your sual love story but it is an incredibly love story nonetheless I can only hope that you will fall hopelessly in love with these characters as much as Rld Devotion to her mistress kept her silent for two years but a horrible case and proof that Tyler is the worst sub in existence has her wondering how much better life would be if he was someone else’s problem Someone like RaifRaif won’t deny the lust he feels for Tyler but he refuses to play games with a young man who’s Banana Fish, Tome 14 : uestioning his sexuality he won’t be an experimental phase for annruly submissive But when Laura draws him into a plan to remove Tyler from her poly relationship with Chicklet his protective instincts take over He partners with Chicklet to protect Tyler .
Have you ever read a book and by the end of it you feel like whatever you say whatever thoughts you want to share with the
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would just do the book justice This is how I feel now that I have finished Iron Cross by Bianca Sommerland As a reviewer I have been doing this for over a year and I sually don t have any trouble putting my thoughts in to words With this series and Iron Cross in particular I want to pour my entire heart and soul in to this review I have followed this series from the beginning and Ms Sommerland continues to blow my fucking mind with the realness she brings *to her beautiful characters these wonderfully complicated amazing *her beautiful characters These wonderfully complicated amazing are almost tangible to me When I read a Dartmouth Cobra book I am 150% all in I am there with them laughing with them crying with them When authors create characters like this they become a part of that author a part of their family and a part of that author s heart and soul I feel the same way as a reader These people have become a part of my family and every time I finish a book it hurts to say goodbye To reach a reader on such an emotional level with the characters alone is just nbelievably amazing to me Bianca Sommerland is a brilliant author who I know will continue to do great things She will continue to pull at our heart strings She will continue to make our breaths hitch And she will continue to bring Nuestra propuesta inconclusa. Ecuador-Perú us some of the most erotic emotional sex scenes that I have ever read He could lean on her as much as he expected her to lean on him The main focus in Iron Cross is Tyler Raif Chicklet and Laura Ms Sommerland takess through the The Volleyball Coaching Bible - Volume II (The Volleyball Coaching Bible, ups and downs of thisniue relationship We experience everything from how incredibly strong submiss. Too many penalties may leave the goal vulnerable without the IRON CROSSAfter overcoming a potentially career ending concussion Tyler Vanek Dartmouth Cobras’ first line forward couldn’t be happier with his life Until his boyhood hero worship for Raif Zovko a newly acuired player develops into His mistress ‘Chicklet’ encourages him to explore his feelings and with her enjoyment of toying with the powerful Dom Tyler figures it might be funLaura Tallent a dedicated officer with the Halifax PD and Chicklet’s first sub is tired of Tyler’s fun disrupting the structure of her wo.

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Have Gifted copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewRead of my reviews at Shayna Renee s Spicy Reads reviewRead of my reviews at Shayna Renee s Spicy Reads I have said this before Ms Sommerland is brilliant And this series has become one of those that I will read again and again What I like about this series is not just the fact that its extremely well written has beautiful story flow and just warms my heart *every time I read it it s the fact these poly families don t always get it right Through *time I read it it s the fact that these families don t always get it right Through series their lives are portrayed not just as fictional characters but as people that live love and feel as s regular folkThe last few books have taken a turn to a mixed family and MM as part of it I have recently starting reading MM as a backbone to my reading and this was a pleasant find Well I ll start by giving you this disclaimer I m a fan of this series Have been since the first book came out and although I had some reservations with that book I still got sucked into this world of kinky hockey players I sually can t get enough I think Ms Sommerland does a wonderful job at depicting the BDSM lifestyle and the inter relationships in each book are The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins usually perfectly coordinated and leave me feeling completely satisfied with the connection and the HEAsI received an ARC of Iron Cross last year and after I started it I had real troubles with the 4 main characters for me all four together just did not work for me Loved Tyler and Raif and would have liked to see of them together I also liked Chicklet but I had real troubles with Laura that just did not work for meI also got the impression that it was like two pairs who shared than all 4 of them togetherMy favorites are still Zach and Scott beside Dean and Langdon of cours. Nd dig deeper into the reasons behind Laura’s scheming Chicklet clearly loves her boy she won’t let him go And before long Raif realizes neither can heBlindsided by the discord in her household Chicklet struggles to fulfill her subs’ needs as their careers throw challenges at them all Control is slipping from her hands but with Raif by her side she prays her relationships can be saved Salvaging the future means rebuilding with a new foundation But the only way to make the base solid is for them all to work together And with all the secrecy and lies she has no idea where to sta.