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A really entertaining read full of interesting characters dwelling in a rich world The plot took a while to get going but once it did it grabbed you and didn t Building the South Side: Urban Space and Civic Culture in Chicago, 1890-1919 let go Though the world was complex and aot needed to be explained it never felt forced The book was full of well developed characters of very different backgrounds and personalities this was my utmost favorite part of the writing Some characters still have to be fleshed out a bit but I m excited to start the next book in the series after having my head and my heart flung in every which direction before ending the final page Very immersive journey with pleasant characters Of course everything depicted with a peerless writing style With her every novel and art Rukis proves to be the best possible writer and artist in the furry community Having read a good portion of the novels in the Red Lantern universe this book which took place in the colonial continent of Carvecia was an interesting exploration of a new part of the world The mingling of multiple cultures added an interesting effect along with the importance of the natural world Shivah the main character is one of the strongest in this entire story world I admire her resolve conviction and how she never gives up I also iked her traveling companions Ransom and Puck who have some great banter And the bond that develops between Shivah and Puck is adorable The cliffhanger ending though I ve got to read the next one After her stories in Dubiously Canon Rukis did indeed manage to keep up the expectations i had and even surpassed them in aspects i hadn t even thought of back then Great series overall highly recommend had and even surpassed them in aspects i hadn t even thought of back then Great series overall highly recommend This story grabs you right out of the box It is somewhat predictable but not so much that it spoils the overall story You will fall in ove with the characters and stay up Classic Rough News late to read what trials they will go through Though it is an anthropomorphic fantasy it carries an underlying story of the history of the Christianization of the American Native population Warning it willeave you. Spending her Class and Conformity: A Study in Values - With a Reassessment (Midway Reprint) life beneath the oppressive control of an abusive husband she'd had no choice in marrying was a hardife but Shivah strove to endure it in order to protect her childWhen her child was slain Off the Beaten Path

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D religions Puck is often of a different mind one that can be irritating to her but does ittle to sway her personal feelings Both of them remain good friends despite their be irritating to her but does ittle to sway her personal feelings Both of them remain good friends despite their as they travel togetherFor a while Shivah finds herself distracted somewhat from her goal but is firmly reminded by Crow that she was brought back for a purpose and she must see that purpose fulfilledNot only has her husband betrayed her but also his own village and her home village as well In addition
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has joined up an otter known as Rourke who has been systematically decimating villages and settlements while at the same time evading all those who would try to stop themTracking them down proved difficult and the final arc of the book provides some unexpected twists and revelations as well as an emotional ending that immediately had me going to grab the seuel from off my to read pileThe comparisons between the Native American tribes the Europeans who became American colonists and newly introduced diseases hat the native peoples were not accustomed to is pretty obvious at times This very much felt to me ike a reimagined version of the old west and it was a setting that only served to draw me deeper into the story and closer to the charactersAll of the characters are fascinating to read about and their animal characteristics behaviors and different cultures were blended in very well with the story and never felt odd or distracting It served as a nice reminder that these are indeed anthropomorphic animals and not humansScattered throughout the book are some illustrations done by the author Rukis as well each of them beautifully done and wonderful to seeThis was a fantastic book and Rukis is a wonderful writer I highly recommend to fans of books featuring anthropomorphic animals or to someone Citizens and Paupers: Relief, Rights, and Race, from the Freedmen's Bureau to Workfare looking to start reading such novels for the first time 45 stars on this oneThe pacing felt a bit uneven for much of the first part of the book but once the plot actually started moving forward I found it pretty hard to put the book down. Jaws of death and a group ofawmen hunting a dangerous band of raiders threatening the countryside But there may be deeper widespread evils hidden in the shadows of the conflict she finds herself a part Wanting needing to read the seuel My only complaint is the books are expensive and imited through one distributor Brief reviewI m biased as I generally gravitate towards male protagonists but I definitely enjoyed this novel I never realized I hadn t read this book yet until I met the author Rukis who is delightful in person at a recent convention The characters their backstories development over the course of the story interactions with each other etc are the star of Rukis s writing The author wields her first person perspective effectively as the reader really gets a close Composition and Literature: Bridging the Gap look into Shivah s tortured past and how it colors eac This story surpassed all of my expectations and then some It was beautifully written and incredibly compelling As I was reading through this book there was one thing that came to mind so then anything else Namely that 5 stars wasn t nearly a high enough a rating for this novel After finishing it I still feel the same wayShivah as the main character isater known has been branded for a crime she did not commit and cast out of her village When the spirit Crow gives her a second chance she immediately grabs hold of it and holds onto Her Life And Opportunity life and opportunity find her cruel husband and enact her revengeShe encounters a coyote named Ransom and a fox known as Puck for short Together they help open her world and educate her on how the Creating Country Music: Fabricating Authenticity land is changing Times are not what they used to be and Shivah whileacking in knowledge land is changing Times are not what they used to be and Shivah while acking in knowledge times uickly earns that she and others are going to have to adapt in order to survive I Contingent Lives: Fertility, Time, and Aging in West Africa liked her personality and strength despite her ignorance at times when it came to the rest of the world around her It made sense considering what she had been through and helped add to her character and personalityShe also has some rather strong differences of opinion at times with Puck when it comes to the native cultures versus that of the colonists or Otherwolves which helps proved some good insight into how both worlds operate While Shivah still respects the native cultures an. Nd Shivah herself viciously attacked andeft for dead she swore she'd make her husband pay dearly for his greatest mistakeleaving her aliveShe is joined in her hunt by the two men who pulled her from the.