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D that rovides a full background GIVES JUST ENOUGH OPERATIONAL DETAIL AND just enough operational detail and the events of June1967 to the ongoing Arab Israeli contest I recommend it New review Aug 09Since I have been spending the last year reading about Israel and Palestine I may now class this book as shameless and apologetic when it comes to Israeli militarism My review below is shameless in many ways and I m a bit embarrased about it Oren says he is givng everyone eual treatment but how can you be Israeli embassador to the US and not be biased This book supports Israel myths about itself and its military might and does little to acknowledge that the 1967 war was art of a catalyst of Bootie and the Beast pain and suffering of the Palestinianeople With the Israeli silence surrounding criticism of their own history you wonder what this comprehensive book left out and for what urpose Old review Though the author says that he sets out to rovide an objective history of the Six Day War there are two glowing descretions He s Jewish and Israeli And though again objectivity was the goal why did I find myself someone unsure of how he falls on the Jews for Israel scale thinkng Woo Way to go Israel in response to the military narrative Yes it is a good book and it is robably as objective as ossible eliciting some sympathy for King Hussein and Nasser while loathingloving Moshe Dayan that is you get to see how it ran from the inside You get to see read about the involvement of the USSR and USA especially ambivalent and Israel s lans for the Palestinians as it became apparent that they would end up with the West Bank and Gaza Spoiler Alert The Israelis were wary of harming mosues on the way into East Jerusalem handed the Dome of the Rock over to East Jerusalem handed the Dome of the Rock over to authorities ASAP and wanted to make a federated Palestinian state autonomous to Israel Of course still not something that Yasser Arafat would accept just not impossible enough And there are always your eople who think that the West Bank should be annexed and the Palestinians ousted but thank goodness these eople were on the Israeli margins in 1967 Israel is seen best as a thriving democracy shown through its fractious cabinet its loathing of the rime minister and its fear of international sanction while the fatal error of the Arab countries was their inability to estimate Israel as such After the Egyptians lost their air force in the first few hours it was reported on Cairo radio that the army was Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain penetrating Israel and laying seige to Tel Aviv Even Nasser was a victim of his own system no one told him the truth until it was much too late A fast read Finished in less than a week. Pled fromower as a result of this war; borders were redrawn; daring strategies brilliantly succeeded or disastrously failed in a matter of hours And the balance of ower changed in the Middle East and in the world A towering work of history and an enthralling human narrative Six Days of War is the most important book on the Middle East conflict to appear in a generation. .

Ly appointed officers is always a red flag for combat forces and stories are Puta plentiful of the incompetence ofolitical officers in the field but in the example of the Egyptian Army the senior officers broke and ran away immediatelyand the rest of the army simply followed Appalling This was a very well researched and well written book This is a wonderfully concise well written history of the war between Israel and Egypt Syria and Jordan that lasted only six days in June 1967 The Arabs got 伝説の勇者の伝説 5 出来心の後始末 pounded and Israel seized the West Bank Gaza the Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula The war though won by Israel also brought that country decades of additional strife that continues to this day It also made the Arab nations determined to wipe out the Jewish stateOren has written a fair history with all sidesresented with no apparent bias or judgment He gained access to Killer Games previously undisclosed material so he has records of internal meetings with all theolitical arties involved And there are lots of them The Middle East Doesn T Exist In t exist in vacuum Other nations have stuck their noses into the region In this case the Soviet Union sided with Egypt and Syria but only to an extent never daring to get involved in The Actual Fighting The actual fighting The layed a similar role with Israel ledging undying support but no military involvement So while outside actors did their best to shape events the real fighting and dying were done by Israelis Egyptians Syrians and JordaniansIt s true the Arab armies were routed but they did fight hard especially Jordan s troops in the West Bank and Syrian soldiers on the Golan The Israelis could have easily conuered Cairo Damascus and Amman but such actions would have had brought the Jewish state solid international condemnation including from the United States It must be very frustrating for Israel its enemies fight for its destruction and it cannot retaliate in kind And somehow the Israelis are considered the bad guys by many eopleIf you wish to gain a greater understanding of the Middle East and find out why they still fight over there reading this book would be a great start Egyptian and Syrian military incompetence and the sense that Israel s back was against the wall these were my impressions of the war as it was acted out Ambassador Oren s narrative confirms those vague impressions but he also Cocksure provides the detail to flesh out the story Nervous breakdown fog of war bigower Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry (Bold Women of the 18th Century, politics and numerous other features are added torovide a clear Porto Bello Gold picture of this uniuely short war that is still going on With maps handy I used Mapuest s terrain and satellite maps it is an easy rea. Comprehensive account of this epoch making event Writing with a novelist’s command of narrative and a historian’s grasp of fact and motive Oren reconstructs both the lightning fast action on the battlefields and theolitical shocks that electrified the world Extraordinary ersonalities Moshe Dayan and Gamal Abdul Nasser Lyndon Johnson and Alexei Kosygin rose and top. This was a book I d been meaning to read for a very long time and one that sat on my virtual shelf for nearly two years I d bought it on a lark back then and my expectations going into it now were that it would be a detailed unbiased telling of the 1967 Middle Eastern conflict and that it would live up to the subtitle and draw connections to contemporary Mein Erster Mörder personalities and events from 2002 when it wasublished I d say it met those expectations for the most art as a narrative but I m left wanting synthesis and insight from the author Michael B Oren Who interestingly
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gave up his citizenship to serve as Israel s ambassador to Washington That the book is mostly objective if not without bias and blind spots was a leasant surprise to me thereforeThis is a well researched book and weaves the Kaki vojaki: roman v rimah in slikah palace intrigues as reported by various keyolitical and military layers with information gleaned from official records and first hand accounts from the field to give a blow by blow account of the war It takes its time to establish the context of the war which I appreciated given how dynamic the Middle East is was The six days of action are also well narrated and I had little trouble if any with following the action though I did digress several times to look up maps and Wikipedia entries on eople laces and events as any good history buff should when reading I just wish the author had been as careful in recounting the aftermath and that the book had elaborated on the thesis implied by that subtitle the last chapter does a somewhat hurried job of this and disappoints a bit in by uestioning whether or not this conflict on its own was as significant as suggested or not I felt a bit cheatedTaking a step back reading this book did help me understand the region better and I again found it remarkable how the things change the they remain the same or if you ll forgive another clich how history repeats itself 1967 had a militant Assad a belligerent Israel an indecisive but meddling America an aggrieved Palestine an Egypt in turmoil a Jordan caught in the middle sounds familiar Well except there s no USSRIt s also uite a depressing read in a way because you can t help but feel that way as you realize how messed up that hoary region s history is and how deep the grievances hoary region s history is and how deep the grievances the Israel Palestine issue really run A worthwhile read in the end if you re a history buff I had somewhat of a sketchy rememberance of the 6 Day War from 1967 but digging into the details was rather eye opening I d never heard of a rofessional army so completely breaking and running in the face of enemy Political. Though it lasted for only six tense days in June the 1967 Arab Israeli war never really ended Every crisis that has ripped through this region in the ensuing decades from the Yom Kippur War of 1973 to the ongoing intifada is a direct conseuence of those six days of fighting Michael B Oren’s magnificent Six Days of War an internationally acclaimed bestseller is the first. Six Days of War June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East

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