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F creating a vivid image of the town of Gauthier Louisiana as a uaint small town Leslie who was mentioned in a previous book is recovering small town Leslie who was mentioned in a previous book is recovering the DEATH OF HER HUSBAND AFTER HE of her husband after he from PTSD Which I must say Ms Rochon handled this topic beautifully She falls for Gabriel her daughters wide eyed younger teacher THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SERIES TO READ is one of my favorite series to read envision iving in this small community and having the familial and social relationships that are portrayed in the stories Leslie isn t ready to date again after her husband s death a year earlier until she meets new science teacherassistant principal Gabe I The Logic of Self-Destruction liked Leslie and her girls aot and her conflicts felt very believable especially her reaction to moving on near the end of the book Gabe was generally a stand up guy though I wish the end hadn t dropped his entire motivation around his family My one big thing though was believing a teacher would actively try to flirt withseduce the mother of one of his students That is SUCH a big no no and conflict of This book was soo good I m happy that Leslie found the man who was able to help her through the pain Another great book in the Bayou Dreams series by Farrah Rochon Farrah takes us back to the fictional town of Gauthier Louisiana and we get Shayla s sister in Around the Sacred Fire: Native Religious Activism in the Red Power Era law s story Leslie is busy raising her 2 kids alone after her husband died and doesn t have time forove Gabriel is the science teacherassistant principal who is younger than Leslie but is the only male who sparks her interest There are several cameos from couples in the other book I absolutely oved Leslie and Gabriel s story and I am ready for the next book n the series. Dents and the Louisiana town he calls home But the chemistry sizzling between him and Leslie could ignite a scandal And when the gathering firestorm threatens both their dreams Gabe is ready to take a stand Can he convince Leslie that it's time to move on and make a bright futurewith .

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Forever with You Bayou Dreams #5

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Forever with You is book 5 in Farrah Rochon s Bayou Dreams series in this installment widowed single mother Leslie Kirkland is the president of the Parent Teacher Organization in small town Gauthier and the Science teacherassistant principal IS Gabriel FranklinLeslie finds herself in the middle of a battle between the parents and Gabriel but works to remain unbiased while the two sides work through their differences It doesn t help that Gabriel is a sexy younger man that has ignited a passion Leslie thought died with her that has ignited a passion Leslie thought died with her Gabriel wants a relationship with Leslie and also wants what is best for the town and school Can he work wants what is best for the town and school Can he work have both Readers will need to pick a copy of Forever with You to find outI Holy Crap The World is Ending The Anunnaki Chronicles liked the theme of younger manolder woman and Ms Rochon did a good job displaying Gabriel s passion for his students as well as his attraction toward LeslieLeslie was a tough woman to crack she had several excuses why a relationship betwe My introduction to this author came from a Twitter recommendation and I m glad I took that advice Liked the characters family relationships and sweet heat of the story Il Stand and Deliver: Political Activism, Leadership, and Hip Hop Culture look for books by Farrah Rochon This is a warm friendly short romance set in a bayou town There s a new teacher at the school and he has an inappropriate crush on a member of the School Board aady who is widowed with kids How wrong would that be especially as he needs her support in his interim job as assistant principal The The Wrong Complexion for Protection lady is forever being introduced to nice single men by the good members of the Baptist Church but s In FOREVER WITH YOU Farrah Rochon delivers a tender touching romance that tickles the readers heartst. Newife New A Black Woman's Civil War Memoirs: Reminiscences of My Life in Camp With the 33rd U.S. Colored Troops, Late 1st South Carolina Volunteers love The tranuil bayou town of Gauthier is the perfect place for widowed single mother Leslie Kirkland to raise her two daughters Until she's elected president of the elementary school's Parent Teacher Organization Caught in a clash between the community and progressive sc. Rings from beginning to end Widow Leslie Kirklandeads a busy ife as a mother of two young daughters a full time demanding job and President of the elementary school Parent Teacher Organization While not uite ready to begin dating again she does fantasize about the deliciously sexy Gabriel Franklin Leslie considers him the safest crush in all of history as Gabriel is younger than her and is her daughter s teacher And That Combination Makes Him Off Limits For Dating Gabriel that combination makes him off imits for dating Gabriel Newcomer Gauthier Has Caught newcomer Gauthier has caught eye of many women in the town but the only he is eye of many women in the town but the only he is in the one woman who will not give him the time of day Leslie No I am always interested in older woman younger man romances and that s why I chose this among Farrah Rochon s many books to readIt has a nice storyline although the school business didn t get me excited because I couldn t relate to it Even then I was worried that subplot would end in a cliffhanger when the big crisis came just before the epilogue Thankfully there were no Children of the Sun loose endsI was aittle bored with the conversations between Leslie and Gabe and some of the dialogue was stilted and unrealistic there is nothing else I d rather do in Approaches To Academic Reading And Writing life than embark on this brand new future with you But the emotional bits were not badSome of the sexy time descriptions were not sexy though haha thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth And making out in a car parked close to garbage containers Forever with You is a story that takes place in a town called Gauthier Ms Rochon apparently pens a series called Bayou Dreams that I believe cen Forever With You was a delightful book to read Ms Rochon has continued her streak Ience teacher turned assistant principal Gabriel Franklin Leslie vows not to take sides But it's hard to be objective when a sexy younger man is awakening such an irresistible desire Years ago a teacher saved Gabriel from a one way path to destruction and now he is dedicated to his stu.