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The book I m not who you think I am is about a young and loving girl named Ginger Shaw She meets a strange woman the day of her birthday at a estaurant Who is she She doesn t know Ever since her birthday dinner the woman has followed her She s called her home and she s been parked outside her house and school In The Bus Stop the bus stop woman talks to Ginger while s been parked outside her house and school In the bus stop the woman talks to Ginger while s alone calling herself Joyce Enderly She claims to be Ginger s mother This makes her have doubts since she s the shortest in her family and she doesn t look like her mother or father But when she looks at her baby pictures she has no s doubts and she makes up her mind to not see her The next day her parents go out of town for a business job Joyce wants to kidnap Ginger with help from her brother in law While being stalked Ginger also has a problem her favorite basketball coach is going to get fired because a ich parent MrsVaughn complained about not doing his job Zwanzig Männer sind genug right But MrsVaughn is Ginger s mom biggest client and if Ginger stands again her her mom will get fired She doesn t know what to do Finally Joyce says to Ginger that if she doesn t come with her her little brother will pay the conseuences What should she do I m Not Who You Think I AmAuthor Peg Kehret Points13Year1999Pgs154 This book is one of my favorites because its the kind of book that keeps you on the edge of your seat The main issiue in this book is that a woman in a white car is following Ginger at theesturant at the bus stop at her sisters party and at schoolWhen she confronts Ginger she Dying Light reveals a secret that will change Ginger s life And when the woman s confrontations become threatening Ginger is forced into a crisis from which her family might neverecover from If you changed the setting it would make some sence but not that much Yaşayan Kur'an Meal-Tefsir really also when this all happend only her friend katie knew about the lady following her but her sister and her parents didn t know either untill they get home from there trips There are two uotes that i liked heres one i m not getting in the car pg121 Also there was I m not who you think i am Front Cover I wouldecomend this book to anybody but the only eason that like around the age 8 9ish not to ead it is because it talks about kidnapping and you dont want them being all paronid I like this book because it was made or written in 1999 a year after i was born But when you get to the end of the book you find out that the lady that was following her was a little crazy in the head and thought that she was her daughter and she had done that before to another girl that was same age the police took her away with the man she was with that was trying to help her grab ginger and get away but ginger knew that her friend would come around and she The Frankenstein Teacher (Corgi Pups) rubbed her ear and that s when Katie knew to go get the police I first heard of the book I m not who you think I am by Peg Kehret because it was in the library This book was similar to Taken that was a good book too Weead Taken last year in my Language Arts class at Kelly Middle School Taken is different from I m not who you think I am because in Taken the girl actually girl actually got kidnapped but in I m not who you thin. Who is the strange woman in the white car watching Ginger She appears at Ginger's birthday party at her school and in front of her house. ,
K I am Ginger was being stalked Both books are a good decision to The Case of the General's Thumb read but Taken is confusing at the endGinger was in aestaurant eating lunch with her family for decision to ead but Taken is confusing at the endGinger was in a estaurant
eating lunch with 
lunch with family for birthday Ginger was feeling watched and every time she turned around she saw this lady watching her The estaurant sang happy birthday to Ginger At the end of this stranger named Joyce Gallo walked up to Ginger and said Happy Birthday Ginger and picked up a business card and left Ginger was thinking eally up a business card and left Ginger was thinking An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles really about how that lady knew her name and how strange that was Gingeremembered when the Echoes from the Past restaurant sang the song with her name in it When Ginger was leaving theestaurant she saw Joyce standing on the side of the wall with a piece of paper and a pen writing something She got concerned bud didn t say anything because she didn t want to seem crazy on her birthday One day Ginger saw the white car with a yellow The Master Strategist: Power, Purpose and Principle in Action ribbon tied to the antenna parked across the street from her house and felt like she was being watched The lady called Ginger house and didn t leave her name just a message Ginger found that strange Then the lady calls again and asks what time Ginger gets out of school and her little brother tells her After school Gingerecords the girl basketball team practices Ginger is the only one in her family that is interested in being a sports announcer Instenad of her family buying her new tapes she deletes the older practices and e ecords over them After practices she would see the white car waiting for her outside her school When she got home she told her sister Laura Laura didn t think it was a big deal So Ginger kept doing her same outine Joyce asked Ginger if they could talk and Ginger said no Joyce knew where Ginger lived and her name why doesn t she just call to talk to Ginger on the phone One morning Joyce waited on Ginger at her bus stop Joyce asked if she can meet her after school to talk Ginger said no just say it now Joyce said I m your mother then Ginger walked on the bus at sat by Katie like normally Katie asked Ginger was she ok Ginger said she will tell her later At lunch Ginger whispered to Katie what happened Katie said you should call your parents and tell them Ginger said no because she wants them to do what they were looking forward to do for months and because it was only three days before her parents got home Ginger was wondering if she should go ask what the lady meant this afternoon Katie said I wouldn t do that if I was you Ginger asked but Katie gave her a signal to use if she needs help After school Ginger talked to Joyce and she said I m your mother and your father died before you were born and he never knew I was pregnant I had to give you away Ginger said I don t believe you Joyce got mad and said when you get home look in the mirror and you will see me Ginger went home and looked at her scrapbook birth certificate and talked to her mom Joyce was lying So Ginger went to Joyce the next day and said I wasn t adopted Joyce thinks that certain kids are her children because she didn t believe her newborn died and she was in a psychiatric hospital Also Joyce was wanted for abortion three years before she saw Ginger When Ginger But Ginger has never met her before When she confronts Ginger she eveals a secret that will change Ginger's life And when the woman's.
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As going to the hearing to help Mr Wren keep his job Joyce and Arnold tried to kidnap her They said they had her little brother Tipper Ginger said at six o clock she had a hearing so her favorite teacher won t lose his job then I will go with you The man watched her so she don t try to get help Katie came during Ginger s presentation and Giver gave Katie the signal for help Katie called the Police and told them what for help Katie called the Police and told them what Joyce and Arnold are in custody of the Police without bail Ginger told her parents after she left the police station Ginger and the suspects also Mrs after she left the police station Ginger and the suspects also Mrs was in the newspaper Mrs Vaughn tried to fire Mr Wren under force of her company Mrs Thomas stayed with Laura and Ginger until Sunday Tipper wasn t kidnapped and came home Tipper said why didn t you tell me you were being spied on I would give this book ate of five stars because it s in good detail and it doesn t leave you puzzled I thought this book was good to In Berlin Vielleicht read if you like mysteries I wouldecommend this book to middle schoolers and high schoolers This book always had me thinking about what would happen next All mysteries aren t long books so look into The Six-Cornered Snowflake and Other Poems reading some one day It all starts at Ginger s 13th birthday party when she notices a strange woman staring at her from across theestaurant Then she notices the same woman writing down here parents license plate numbers Ginger notices the woman in her neighborhood at her school and she continually has this eerie feeling that someone is watching herThen the woman confronts Ginger and claims to be her mother Ginger s parents have gone out of town and she is "in the middle of a campaign to protect her favorite teacher and coach from being dismissed due "the middle of a campaign to protect her favorite teacher and coach from being dismissed due a smear campaign by a leading socialiteThis page turning novel is exciting fast paced and engaging I cannot wait to get it into the hands of students This story is about a 13 year old girl who is just normal goes to school hangs out with her friends you know all that fun stuff Well on her 13th birthday her whole family went to a The Making of Matt restaurant for lunch and while they were there Ginger felt as if someone was watching her and sure enough someone was these feelings kept on going on for along time until the person who was watching her finally confronted her Even after the crazy lady confronted her Ginger had everyight to be very nervous The characters of this story are Ginger Karie Tipper Laura Mom and Dad Joyce crazy lady Mr and Mrs Wren Dana Joe and Mrs Vaughn The main plot of this story is either at school or at Ginger s house I Evermore reallyeally Curious Myths of the Middle Ages: The Sangreal, Pope Joan, The Wandering Jew, and Others reallyeally liked this book because of it s suspense Like I have said in other book Usagi Yojimbo, Vol. 24: Return of the Black Soul reviews this book had so much suspense You could never just stop on a page you HAD AND I MEAN HAD TOead the next page I finished this book in probably an hour and a half When I had to stop to take a break to eat it KILLLED me This is probably one of the BEST book i have ever Saving Grace read along with all of the other Peg Kehret books There was nothing that Ieally dis liked about this book The fact that I had to stop and eat lunch kind of annoyed me but other than that this book had no faults or errors in other words IMPECCABLE. Confrontations become threatening Ginger is forced into a crisis of loyalty and honor a crisis from which her family might never Daughter of Witches (Lyra, recover.