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Very sees there is to Deke than ust the man behind the lens and get him to open up You have compassion and kindness for others You re the most insightful person I ve ever met and best of you challenge people to be better that they are Overall I enjoyed this book Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista was a sweet funny and romantic story with The Path to Gay Rights just the right amount of drama that left me with a big grin on my face Loved the characters and when it came to the secondary characters I wasn t a fan of like Sasha or Amanda but I liked Bree and Zach The storyline was written and flowed well had that sweet ending that I love A must for all hopeless romantics like myself If you haven t read any of Aven Ellis s books start now She s a talent writer and a great storyteller This review was originally posted on Between My LinesWhen I want a charming feel good contemporary romance Aven Ellis is my go to author Her booksust make me suee and sigh and they deliver all the tender swoons that a girl could want First Line of Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista by Aven Ellis I really don t want to go through life being labelled as a vapid husband hunting fashionista My thoughts on Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista by Aven Ellis When I open one of Aven s book I know I ll get well developed characters that uickly draw me into their lives In this book Avery has Karen vs Alien just started her firstob and is on the first rung of the career ladder Not that she is overly focused on that her mind is firmly fixed on all the designer clothes that she will buy insteadWhen she is given an opportunity to take part in a reality show she uickly agrees and Deke the videographer enters her life You are probably thinking now they have instant chemistry and fall madly in love Well no That s not what happens Instead we have sparks spats and conversations and it was great fun to ust sit on the sidelines and see it all unfoldI also loved the setting of the book It is so descriptive that it fills up all your senses with lovely scents and powerful visual images In particular the clothes I was lusting after every piece of clothing that Avery wore ust as much I lusted after Deke And who knew there was an Oz park in Chicago in honour of The Wizard of Oz not me But it s now on my must see listI like books with good character development and I enjoyed that Avery and Deke challenged each other and helped the other move forward They are opposites and that leads to some interesting developments That s all I ll say on that O Ohh except to tell you there is one of the most romantic dancing scenes ever I loved itAnd I really appreciate that there is lots of humour in the book This stops the romance element getting sickly sweet and instead keeps it light and fun All the tricky games of the dating ritual are examined in an entertaining way I hate those games and am glad I d don t have to deal with them But in a book they make for good comedyOverall with interesting characters a cute romance some great settings and an atmosphere ust soaked with feel good feels I thoroughly enjoyed this one Who should read Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista by Aven Ellis I d highly recommend this to all those looking for sweet romantic contemporary fiction that will ust make you smile Fans of Aven s previous books Connectivity and Waiting for Prince Harry should appreciate this one ust as much And I would hazard a guess that fans of Sophie Kinsella and Rachel Harris would also enjoyThanks to Aven Ellis for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest unbiased review Also posted On This Chick Reads This Chick Reads provided by author in exchange for an honest review Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista is the third book by Aven Ellis an american contemporary author whose rocking the stage since last year Ever since her debut Connectivity came out last year her books have been among the most anticipated and most talked about on twitter What s really genuine about Aven is the fact she s a fantastic author who writes warm stories everyone can connect with but at the same time she s gracious kind and noble and chats to her fans every day on social mediasI have yet to read Connectivity though my blogging partner has already reviewed it for our blog But having read and loved Waiting For Prince Harry her second novel I did have high expectations for this one Now that I ve read Fashionista I can only say Aven delivered once again creating a cute couple Avery and Deke who are so different on many levelsAvery works for Premier Airline though funnily she s afraid of flying But while working for the company pays the bills her true love is fashion She has a good eye for details bags shoes and all sorts of other accessories but at the same time she s aware that people might think she s too shallow a typical brainless fashionista But on the contrary Avery is fun intelligent and funny and when given the chance to film a documentary for her company she gets to prove this to one of the most udgmental yet cute persons she s ever met Deke I really enjoyed this book it s really hard not to enjoy Aven s book Her stories are fun and warm and her characters have this super strong chemistry So even if you re not the most romantic person in the world Aven will make you believe in love at first sight leaving you all fuzzy inside I was team Deke from the beginning there s something about his shyness and being so reserved which I found really appealing I didn t like the fact he was so udgmental to Avery but I was very intrigued with the development of their romance If you re looking for a fun and feel good romance no need to look any further Just pick any of Aven s books and curl up on your

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you ll the best time ever I am already looking forward to her next one I already know I m gonna enjoy it. The documentary will show her as a serious career woman enabling her to shed that husband hunting fashionista label for good When the camera is on Avery attempts to be a motivated professional woman But when she is challenged by Deacon Ryan the videographer assigned to cover her story Avery finds herself wanting things she was never supposed to want like a lasting career and Deacon And Avery might ust gain from the experience than a perfect career image and extra cash to put in her Tory Burch wall. ,

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Chronicles of a Lincoln Park FashionistaAven Ellis belongs to a very rare category of authors who always finds time for their readers who are always cheery and warm and respond to every single inuire And she also takes her time to spoil her readers with wonderful sexy post post that finds a place on a pinboard or in a secret notebook FOR EVERAnd She writes wonderful witty warm stories I have only read her Waiting for Prince Harry before and fell in love with Aven s very forthcoming effortless and smooth writing style and hoped very much for a replay of this in her new novel Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista Isn t it one of the best titles ever Yes it isAvery has ust started working for airlines in the marketing department although she forgot to add in her interview that she s totally deathly afraid of flying She s your average normal girl interested in gossip boys and fashion and relaxing after work with a glass of wine And that s the way she s perceived by Deke a videographer who is assigned to film Avery s work and private life for a documentary about the airlines I must be totally honest with you I really didn t see this and didn t understand Deke s way of seeing Avery calling her fashionista and saying she s only looking for a rich husband Why did Deke assume something like this When did he see it I didn t In my eyes Avery was a total contrast of being shallow empty cold gold diggering fashionista I found her to be warm funny normal young woman She was fun to be around and I really enjoyed the way she has developed in the story and how she learnt to go for her dreamsWas not sure though what to do with Deke he was sometimes behaving better than a woman with the worst PMS in the world Of course I understand he was badly hurt in the past this was the reason why he was so reserved but dear Deke please do not udge people by appearances He tends to drive Avery crazy with his assumptions and she s going to prove him that she s not this kind of girl that he thinks she is Though hmmm it doesn t help that he s sexy as hell Again Aven you bad girl But he also tends to ask Avery very well aimed uestions hidden behind his camera and he makes her to start thinking about what s important in her lifeThere are also some background characters such as Avery s flatmate Sasha no no no and again no her friend Bree who has only entered very few scenes but I think you couldn t not like her there was something in this girl that felt like a fresh spring breeze and Avery s colleagues from work especially her boss who gave her the big chance No matter if they were significant or not if they were a big or small part of the story they were all outstanding sharp characters with their own personalities and wonderfully writtenAnd as for the plot I haven t expected that Avery s professional career is going to take this direction It was great to see how she slowly develops her confidence with a little help from Deke and how she fights for the idea that she thought is really interesting and valuable The banter between Deke and Avery was really entertaining their endless will theywon t they was still funny some authors have tendency to lengthen this uncertainty and than often the tension is lost and the book is not interesting any but Aven has used all the right proportions nothing is too long nothing is too short and the tension IS there proportions nothing is too long nothing is too short and the tension IS there as we read further they both open their souls and unveil some of their most guarded secrets especially Deacon Aven also drops some lighter scenes here and there and we have a witty great heart warming readAs the story unfolds we see that there is much to Avery than the InStyle magazines in her drawer at work and that she s not the average fashionista She S A Clever s a clever who only needs to be pushed a little forward and she can fight for her dreamsChronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista is a sweet cute rom com about two people very different on the surface falling in love against all odds Aven again hit the spot with her novel it s going to make you feel better for a long time and you re going to read it with a very big grin on your face Aven has a great talent to write warm stories feel good stories and she has a very incredible way with words she writes with a big dose of subtlety and irony together and it is a perfect mix She can also write about reaching for your dreams in a way that you believe it is possible It s a witty read with a message cleverly entwined into the story Aven only confirms that she s a great writer with a lot of potential I really heartily recommend this book to youAnd yes the next book coming out in February will be about Bree Roll on February Copy received in exchange for a review as a part of Blog Tour I ve read almost all of the books by Aven Ellis I ve also thoroughly enjoyed the majority of them For Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista there was something missing I didn t connect with this story I ve loved every single book I ve read by Aven Ellis So when I saw that Aven was getting the rights back to this book from the publisher and it was going away for a while I knew I had to back to this book from the publisher and it was going away for a while I knew I had to it while I could I wasn t disappointedChronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista is about Avery who is fresh out of college working for a premier airline in their marketing department who also happens to have a fear of flying She s chosen to be the spotlight of a documentary showing the work and personal life of an up and coming professional Deke is the videographer assigned to record Avery s documentary Unfortunately Deke see s Avery as nothing than a husband hunting fashionista interested in nothing than the latest trends in fashion Avery sees Deke as a lazy dresser with no in Aven Ellis is uite literally my favourite chicklit author Every time I sit down to read an Aven Ellis book I simply don t move until I ve finished her Recent college graduate Avery Andrews is ready to begin a new life in the big city She’s landed an apartment in Chicago’s famed Lincoln Park neighborhood–and has her eye on the cute commodities trader Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ just a floor aboveIf Premier Airlines knew about her fear of flying they never would have hired her to be their marketing assistant but it’s not like Avery wants a lifelong career Right now she simply wants aob to pay her billsand fund a few little shopping excursions too Her new lifestyle co. Riting is completely addictive perfection and Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista is no differentThe story sees Avery being accompanied by drop dead gorgeous Deke a videographer as he films a documentary trying to record a behind the scenes of some of the Premier Airlines employees It s a story about having a plan in life and how when your plans fall apart what happens instead is infinitely betterI wasn t sure I would like Avery at first this was a girl who was heavily into fashion and beauty products and neither of those things are me I shouldn t have worried Aven creates such wonderful warm rich characters that within the first few pages I already loved her Avery was fiery funny sweet inuisitive caring brave and determined and certainly someone you d be proud to call your friendDeke was superb almost from the very first second we meet him The chemistry between them even though they were both holding themselves back was palpable from the first time they met Although there are bumps in the road for them they go on to develop a beautiful friendshipHe challenges her to be brave to fight for what she believes in to see things in a different light he feeds her interest in the world and stokes a passion inside of her she never knew she had She helps him to open up to trust in friendship and love again after he has been hurt in the pastThere are some absolutely gorgeous moments in this book between these two characters that Literature of Africa just had me smiling and left me with such a heart warming feeling afterwardsThe secondary characters are brilliantly written and superbly placed to accentuate the emotional and humorous story that Aven has created Sasha as the shallow flatmate Sullivan as the preppy love interest Rebecca the overworked manager and the lovely Bree too These characters were so perfectly written you could almost feel yourself booing and hissing as in a pantomime when the bad guys came on stageAven writes absolutely flawless humour too there were some moments in the book that literally had me laughing out loud the silly things that befalls Avery areust hilariousThere are also some really touching moments in the book that had me in tears especially as Avery slowly falls in love with Deke and he seems to show no interest in returning those feelings Avery is filled with self doubt that he could ever be interested in her and I m not ashamed to say that in those moments when he seems to knock her back I sobbed big snotty tearsTheir growth and friendship is a beautiful thing to watch especially in Avery who overcomes her fears and develops a passion for her Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change job which she never thought she wouldI absolutely loved this book This isust the most perfect cosy gorgeous read and one you definitely need on your Kindle Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewAs most of you already know I am a HUGE Aven Ellis fan Her first two novels are one of the best books I ve ever read so you can all imagine how excited I was for this book I was on the way home from a day trip when I received Aven s email with the mobi file and I was dancing and singing around when walking home and of course I downloaded it immediatelyLet me say a few words about the gorgeous cover It s ust Real Perfection In My Eyes perfection in my eyes colours the couple and the Chicago skyline create a wonderful atmosphereAvery Andrews lives in a beautiful area and has found a great ob And then there is also her sexy neighbour Sullivan She loves fashion and shopping Well he roommate Sasha is a bit shallow but oth One of her bestDidn t want this book to end Both h h were so real and Likeable there half so much humor it If you remember Dear Abby in the Chicago papers this is the set Another hitAnother hit for Aven Ellis I love the instant chemistry between Deke and Avery I love the message the story sends how what you thought you wanted can completely change if you re willing to be open for new opportunities and the possibilities it can bring to a person I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I m always happy when I know I m about to read an Aven Ellis book as I know what I m going to get a sweet easy romantic read Her latest novel Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista didn t fail to deliver Life isn t about supposedLife is about following your heart About following your dreams and desires and not what you are supposed to do rather what you want to do Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista is the story of Avery Andrews Avery wants to show people that there is to her than what s perceived simply because of where she lives her love of fashion and not wanting a lifelong career Deacon Deke Ryan is the sexy videographer he makes Avery uestion what she really wants Deke somehow manages to make me think about things in ways I ve never consider Avery was sweet she was a little self doubting at times but when she knew what she wanted she could strong and confident and focused Deke was cute sexy and a sweetheart He can be a little serious at times and you get the feeling he s hiding behind the camera and holding something back There is that air of mystery about him Maybe Someday You Will Make Me Face Up To A Fear you will make me face up to a fear my own Avery and Deke don t get off to a great start however the time they spend together the they get on They start to see ualities that they like it s not all smooth sailing but as a friendship develops as does their attraction and chemistry with each other I shouldn t make snap udgment about people Apparently it s a problem I have That warm wonderful radiating feeling floats up my spine again the feeling that I only get when I look at Deke I love that Deke sees in Avery He notices and sees the little things believes in her give her the push to believe in herself and #Face Her Fears They #her fears They seem to bring out the best in each other Mes with a price tag as Avery is not only faced with paying a ridiculous rent but finds she’s perceived as one of the vacant husband hunting fashionistas who live in the area Avery resents this stereotype so she doesn’t want a lifelong career and she loves fashions she can’t afford but that doesn’t mean she is empty headed and spoiled does it When an opportunity to participate in a documentary at work arises Avery finds a two fold solution to her problems She’ll earn extra money for it and.