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Felt story and I couldn t HELP THINKING ABOUT ALL THE WOMEN thinking about all the women there that could relate to thisThe Further Adventures of Miss Scarlet by Emily L Byrne Usually I m pretty firm in my statements of Harper s stories always being my favorite when I m reading an anthology but this time it was a surprise for me This story tied with Harper s Freedom as my favorite story in this anthology Honestly I think it was Scarlet s character that made this read so much fun for me She is absolutely the antithesis of me which I always find to be incredible alluring in these stories I d be to be incredible alluring in these stories I d be like the MC and so I felt like I could really relate to this story Obviously not so much the being a police officer with a jewelry thief but the way the MC is wary and self conscious and Scarlett is so the opposite Can t wait to find by this authorFreedom by Harper Bliss It s Harper so you already now I loved it This wasn t a typical story in comparison to the others I ve read by Miss Bliss but it was easily one of
my favorites not 
favorites not of this anthology but of her work in general I LOVED how the Mother of the MC s ex girlfriend approached her and how the whole thing went down She was such a confident and well put together woman that I probably wouldn t have been able to say no to her either I also thought it completely hilarious and totally a real life type of embarrassment when she brings up having overheard her say that she would totally do your Mom then calling her out on it I probably would ve read a full length story of this one I was that entertained by the story and the characters The Law of Reciprocity by Laila Blake I thought this was a very sweet story and I really loved how both characters came into contact with each other It was a very serendipitous ind of story which I don t usually like but I loved how the Mistress was talking about always identifying herself as the Hero in romance tales I felt like this gave the story some context and made their ending up together real in my opinionOut for the Count by Cheyenne Blue I loved this story The twists and the way each character was playi. An upper class lady seduces her maid in Laila Blake’s poignant story set in Regency England while a Catholic nun is beguiled by a hooker in Lisabet Sarai’s powerful The First StoneThese women are cops slave owners doctors Dommes and horse thieves and you’ll find them at the.

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Forbidden FruitFor Those Who Just Can t Resist Taking a Taste425 StarsA veritable smorgasbord of forbidden flavors to just waiting to be savored smorgasbord of forbidden flavors to just waiting to be savored the pages lie naughty thrills for everyoneFound this collection to be well edited and imaginative Enjoyed getting another read from authors I already admire as well as discovered a few new ones to watch for in the future Though some of the stories were to my own tastes than others each were well written and varied enough that the anthology was far from the same story with different names and maybe a location changeI would recommend this for erotica fans looking for some lusty ladies to eep them warm tonight I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review EVERY SINGLE STORY EVERY SINGLE ONE IS AMAZING This was a great anthology I honestly enjoyed all of the stories in the collection but because there are so many I will only be touching base on my faves Shout out to ALL of the authors in this anthology you should all be so proud of your work because really it s great work I was so very entertained throughout so thank you all of you Also thanks be to Harper Bliss and Ladylit Publishing for providing me with the ARC of Forbidden Fruit for reviewHands Off by Ava Ann Holland I really enjoyed the different emotions in this story Although it Is Short You Truly short you truly a sense of how the MC feels about her old friend and their past As well as how she feels about their current decision to meet up Really I just loved the daughter I was pleasantly surprised at how fleshed out these characters could be given such a short amount of timeUngodly Ours by Allison Wonderland When I first started reading this story I didn t think I was going to like it Not only because of the religious aspects of it but also the prose and the ind of clunky way it was written What it turned out to be for me was like a journal entry and I found myself really appreciating the different story arch I really loved how what came out of this story was God loving his children and wanting them to be happy in the way they need to be happy It was a very heart. She’s off limits but the attraction burns so bright it’s impossible to resistThis collection of seventeen stories charts the spectrum of unwise lesbian desire gathering tales of women you should resist but can’t In Jean Roberta’s Shelter the bad girl’s back from prison. Ng each other was so much fun for such an erotic read I ve had other works by Cheyenne on my TBR pile for a while and I m thinking I m going to need to to those sooner rather #Than Later This Wasn T Your Typical #later wasn t your typical for ff erotica at least that I ve read but I thought it added great background and added some exciting danger aspects without being actually mortally dangerous Our Woman by Rebecca Lynne FullanI enjoyed this story overall but the ending left me scratching my headHands Off by Ava Ann HollandThis story was HOT I Would Love I would love read about Marianne and Nadja I will be checking out Miss Holland s other stories when I get the chanceShelter by Jean RobertaThis story was goodUngodly Yours by Allison WonderlandI really enjoyed this story I actually interrupted my wife while she was watching some TV show to read her a few things in this story that I found humorous I did get a little lost at times wondering about Nadine and Rebecca s agesThe Rules by Rachel O EsplanadeWOW That was so hot that I had to go smoke a cigarette after reading it I look forward to reading stories by this author if she ever decides to share The Further Adventures of Miss Scarlet by Emily L ByrneThis was a fun story I would love to read about the adventures of Miss ScarletSunset Sunrise by Sacchi GreenGood story I would love to see the artwork created from that encounterThe Clinton County Horse Theif Society by Axa LeeInteresting storyFreedom by Harper BlissBeautiful as always HarperAscending Amelia by Erzabet BishopI loved this story but I don t now what to say about it without coming across as an old perv Bachelorette Party by Beth WyldeWOW I really like the way this story ended Mark sounds like a total assThanks to Irene by Nicole WolfeNot a bad storyAsh by Niki CrowGreat story I would love to read about Susan and AshThe Law of Reciprocity by Laila BlakeExcellent storyShallow End by LC SpoeringThis was a fun storyThe First Stone by Lisabet SaraiOK storyOut For The Count by Cheyenne BlueAnother fun storyI thoroughly enjoyed this anthology I only wish some of the stories were longer. Pool being seduced by older women putting their job on the line for lust or seducing the salt and pepper butchWith stories from writers at the top of their game including Sacchi Green Erzabet Bishop Beth Wylde Harper Bliss and Allison Wonderland this collection is sure to thrill. ,