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Sabine Kuegler grew up in the jungles of West Papua Indonesia Among An Indigenous Tribe Child Of The an indigenous tribe Child of the is a memoir about her childhood and transition to adolescence which she makes after returning to Europe Kuegler is a good storyteller her experiences are interesting because of their specificity but at the same time they are universal to children everywhere The reader gets to hear about tribal warfare marriage customs games relationships and I laughed out loud many times throughout this book but just as many times was moved by the emotional depth of some of the occurrences Child of the Jungle is an of some of the occurrences Child of the Jungle is an bestseller for good reason I definitely recommend this book 25 Where to start The writing was childish Maybe a lot got lost in translation to English or it might be bad editing The chapters were like little snapshots memories with no cohesiveness It was not a book that I liked returning to I was expecting of this book because it got such good ratings It gave me the impression the author was longing back to her childhood a nostalgic feeling when everything was uncomplicated and this just happened to be in the jungle I think a lot of people who like to be outdoors and had a childhood spending time outside with often improvised games could write a similar story with only different surroundingsWhen she was 17 and was leaving her childhood behind to go to boarding school in Switzerland she had problems adjusting This is very understandable she was alone in a westernized world A very small portion of the book is dealing with her adjustments I think she must have missed her family a lot who were scattered around the world Religion seemed to be edited out of the book Why not call the Good Spirit God and the Evil the Devil Is it to get better sales out of the book Was it really a suicide attempt in one of the last chapters or was it to copy the mutilation practices of the tribal women to block out emotional pain Was this also an editorial decision I don t like the principal of converting people and I get uneasy when I read ab. A #1 bestseller in Europe CHILD OF THE JUNGLE tells the remarkable story of a childhood and adolescence spent caught between two modes of existence jungle life and Western civilization Sabine Kuegler was five years old when her family her German linguist missionary parents and her siblings moved to the territory of the recently discovered hunter and gatherer Fayu tribe of Papua New Guinea The Fayu tribe is best nown for being a Stone Age community untouched by modern times they live an exis. Story of a Girl Caught Between Two Worlds The autobiography of the

daughter of missionaries 
of missionaries a stone age tribe in West Papua gives the sense of both the impact of the mission on the locals and of the locals on the missionariesThe missionaries had given up relatively well to do jobs to work for a missionary organisation Their reasons for doing this are not explored or hinted at They were posted first to Nepal and only later to West Papua Reading about the mission activity reminded me of Bede s A History of the English Church and People there s the age old uestion of why do Church and People there s the age old uestion of why do convert This unlike the hidden story of the missionaries own personal conversions gets some attentionThe peoples of that part of the island were stuck in a pattern of blood feuds and endemic low level warfare Christianity offered them an out although the process of conversion which reuired the missionaries to learn the local language was not a uick let alone a sudden oneHowever at the same time as the parents are working on bringing change to West Papua West Papua and its peoples were changing the childrenHere is the crux of the story and a rather uncommon coming of age story Kuegler and her siblings have an awkward adjustment to the modern world at the end of the book For instance her sister can t stand to eat meat once she leaves the jungle It all tastes too dead to her after having been used meat once she leaves the jungle It all tastes too dead to her after having been used fresh from the river or jungle cuts of what ever had been hunted down and given to them to cook Sabine is sent to an international school one time having slept with a man she s very proud to tell her room mate that they are now married which leads to no end of confusion when she is told that he already has a wife and childrenYou are left with the picture of the parents working to prepare an entire tribe for a wider world yet assuming that their children would automatically inherit the cultural Il metodo dell'ovulazione. Atlante knowledge that they would need to get by beyond the jungle In the absence of which they were little better euipped than the villagers they had left behind in the stone age. Lers changed so did the Fayu people learning from Sabine's family that there was a way out of their cycle of violence and that forgiveness can be sweeter than revenge At the age of 17 Sabine found her life turned upside down when she left for Switzerland to attend boarding school and entered traditional society head on CHILD OF THE JUNGLE is the story of a life lived among the Fayu and the author's attempt to reconcile her feelings about civilization with those about a life shenew and love. ,
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Out leading by example because then you find that your way of life is better "there is judging in that statement Of course the whole evangelicmissionary part was the decision " is judging in that statement Of course the whole evangelicmissionary part was the decision the author s parents But the author is also searching for some justification about her parent s way of life Do we really have to believe the tribe only new warfare and fear That There Was No Love Or Forgiveness In Their Own Ways was no love or forgiveness in their own ways the Kuegler family came That the children of the tribe didn t play because they only were afraid I don t buy thatBut there also were interesting things in the book the way of life of the tribe for example The author doesn t judge her parents or siblings or complains about anything I do admire that about her Jungle Child is the auto biography by Sabine Kuegler who grew up among the Fayu an indigenous tribe in West Papua studied by her parentsHer life among the Fayu was also made into a film based on this book focussing on her childhood and youth Sabine Kuegler s two other books following Jungle Child dealt with her life after leaving the jungle at age 17Ruf des Dschungels Call of the Jungle is the story of her return to West Papua in 2005 and of revisiting her childhood friends In addition to that visit she also became aware of atrocities and human rights violations committed against the Papuans by the Indonesian government after occupying West Papua She then helped in making the case of the indigenous people of Papua public who are facing death for their independence protest and endangerment by clearing of the jungle for industrial projectsHer third book entitled J gerin und Gejagte Huntress and Hunted is the sometimes heart rending description of her trying to deal with Western society after living in a world which has not prepared her to survive in an environment based on emotional hardness competition and functioning instead of living Lapsing into depression she was short of committing suicide but learned sometimes the hard way to adapt and get by There is a double interest in Sabine Kuegler s Child of the Jungle The True. Tence characterized by fear violence and atavistic ritual including cannibalism in some regions but Sabine's family saw another side to them as well Once the Kueglers were accepted by a clan chief they found themselves becoming a part of a tightly nit and fiercely loyal community and living the primal existence of the Fayu one marked by the natural cycles of day and night malaria and other diseases and daily encounters with wildlife from swims with crocodiles to dinners of worms As the Kueg. ,