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Eventually business partners Everything seems Perfect Until One Night until one night the pair is canoodling in the Jacuzzi Colin’s father drops in Is this the end of David and Or can they use the story that "Colin’s Dick Accidentally Falls "dick accidentally falls David’s butt love story for mature audiences.

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Colin and DavidDavid is very close to Aunt Mary so when she dies david thinks life when she dies David thinks that life got "so wrong but it doesn’t take long until "wrong But it doesn’t take long until meets Colin an 18 year old Irish who was his Aunt Mary’s neighbor Life is suddenly right again as the two become fast friends One day David drops by Colin’s. House and gets the shock his life "The Young Man Is Masturbating "young man is Masturbating Gay David Immediately Gets gay David immediately gets hard on but then Colin sees him David and Colin will forever be grateful for that one day when the former catches the latter with his pants down From ust friends they become lovers and.