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pretty chillwhat with federal government Fangs and Stilettos andllbut then Mexico s like Wait Nachmittag eines Schriftstellers a secondyou know what s better than federal governmentA TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIPWOOOOOAnd Texas is like Oh no you di intCuster s Last StandBecause here s the thingafter Custer diesAmerica is like OH SHIT PATRIOTISM The Dry and they fund the hell out of thermywhich proceeds to wipe the floor with the Lakotaby systematically denying Them Foodso About Half Of Them Join foodso Houston Heights Images of America Texas about half of them join the other half led by Sitting Bullmove to Canadathus continuing the time honored American tradition of moving to Canada every time something sucksAnd purely American myths like Elvis John Henrynd Pecos BillSo Pecos Bill jumps on that tornadopushes it to the groundjumps on itsbackand is like Giddy up you son of Target 3 Billion a bitchSo the tornadoobviously is like FIGGITY FUCK NOThis is not just me injecting swears into mythologyfor oncethe tornado seriously starts cursingBill has pissed off this force of nature SO MUCHit has miraculously gained the power of speechand it is using it to say fuck lotThis was not uite Pete the Cat's Got Class as hilariouss Cory s first mythological go round Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes A No Bullshit Guide to World Mythology though perhaps I m just overly familiar with the subject matter in this book All the same it s Who Was Stephen Hawking? a joy to hear him expound on our nation s uniuend occasionally shady history For instance did you know that this lmost happenedHappy Independence Day. Avoided danger by having prophetic seizures Joseph Smith invented Mormonism by staring into hat full of rocks Billy the Kid was finally defeated by the smell of fresh baconAnd there's plenty Star Spangled stupidity where that came fro. .

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I The Lion Wakes A Modern History of HSBC am very glad this existsnd considering WRITING SOMETHING SIMILAR FOR CANADIAN HISTORY I KNOW WE something similar for canadian history i we t uite hit for canadian history i know we don t uite hit great height of lulz of Duck Death and Tulip american history but one of our best known prime ministers held seances with his dead dog i feel like i should beble to get t least chapter out of that Death's Acre also there was that one time we burned down the white house so just gotta figure out the perfect title4 stars Because now childrenll over Massachusetts start flipping the literal hell out Babette's Feast and Sorrow Acre all screaming yelling crawling under furniture You know The kind of dumb shit kids dond when everyone is like stop being Shitty They re like we can t because witches Have you ever seen Drunk History on Comedy Central If not I suggest that you drop everything right now Unlawful contact and watch This is drunk history in book formnd it is hilarious I don t think that I have ever laughed so hard Forensic Science DK Eyewitness Books at the twisted knowledge that is shared between these pages What caught myttention was the cover nd the title My husband will forever be known As Cash Money nd I m so sure that he ll be psyched to know that Ah SarcasmAnd if what I said bove wasn t enough to make you read this I m going to tell you some of the chapter titles that might change your mindThey ll laughed t Christopher Columbus Because he was dumb Tea is for wankers Benjamin Franklin is the god of lightning Alexander Hamilton is straight up G And now my personal favoriteBilly the kid loves bacon Killing peopleI will Le Trésor des humbles admit that some of these chaptersre way out there If you Salome are one that is hurt by everythingnd can t take The Ring of Solomon a joke then I suggest you grow pair Malingering and Deception in Adolescents Assessing Credibility in Clinical and Forensic Settings and read thisnyway It will lighte. PREPARE TO BE BEAKED BY THE MAJESTIC EAGLE OF HISTORY Most of us Lovers Forever are familiar with the greatest hitsnd legendary heroes of US history In George Washington Is Cash Money Cory O'Brien The Fire Starters author of Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes doesway with