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Where the story is thin but the substance is detailed and well esearched Not only did I get a ichly florid detailed researched Not only did I get a ichly florid

"Detailed Of A Bygone Era "
of a bygone era I also got a good lesson in history This work along with his earlier one are a must ead for any serious student and can of Muslim history in Indi. Anging from Ghalib Mirza Jan e Janan Budh Singh alandar Amir Khan Anjam Mir Kishan Chand Ikhlas Haidar Ali Atash and Mushafi and poetry occupy centre stage in the fabulous stories of The Sun that Rose from the Earth set in the great cities of north India and spanning the glittering age of the Mughals. ,

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Ghalib Mir and Delhi or Dilli of bygone era COME ALIVE IN THIS BOOK BRILLIANT WORK THAT REUIRES alive in this book Brilliant work that The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field reuires lot of patience But the pleasures are manifold Theich tapestry that the author weaves of the time gone by makes the heart yearn for slowness and tehzeeb in this fast paced world Wish and hope th. A young Rajput orphaned by the evolt of 1857 Beni Madho Ruswa travels many years later from Cawnpore
"To Delhi To Get The "
Delhi to get the of Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib Asadullah Khan Ghalib by the great poet himself Young Mir Tai Mir a ising star in the world of poetry meets the first great love of his life Nurus Saad. ,

The Sun that Rose from the EarthAt Shamsur The Author Has Surprised Me With has surprised me with ich and elegant skill prose like writing in these short stories in English I was already a fan of his Urdu skill which he demonstrated in his earlier work in classic Urdu and Persian kuch chaand the sare asmaan It is a work of pure literature. At an exuisite beauty from Isfahan A tumultuous love affair follows accompanied by avishing verse Aspiring poet and wealthy businessman Darbari Mal Vafa pays a visit to Lucknow and learns of the life and work of the poet Shaikh Mushafi through the stories told by his widow Poets historical figures