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DOTING I have moved rom DOTING to LOVING It is time I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! for CONCLUDING Oh the games people play with themselves and with others and how well Henry Green portrays this through practically the sole use of dialogueollowing the schemings and evasions of ive upper middle class characters searching or a on the often not very sly little extra spice in their lives Being written mainly in dialogue the story rattles along at a Puppet Master fair pace and the characterseel very alive and the story dynamic With a spare half a day you can soon polish this off in instantly and entertainingly although irst page and a half contains the worst of the Dialogue So Don T Let so don t let deter you and you ll come out the other end with a satisfied smile and a need to recommend it to others as I am doing here Enjoy Adulterous misbehavior among upper middle class Londoners in the 1950 s The dialogue is sharp and unny and since it s almost all dialogue that was how I Janae (Blacktop, felt generally about the book even if the predictable see saw of the relationships pushed the thing a little tooar into straight arce or my taste Green is really really talented and I m going to keep reading him because I have the sense that neither this nor Loving which I read last month or whenever is his best book Somewhere in the catalog there has to be something a bit ambitious I aim to ind it Eh A group of British people all want to sleep with each other but it gets COMPLICATED because some of them are MARRIED and some of them are the CHILDREN of their FRIENDS The novel is done almost entirely in dialogue which was interesting or the irst 20 pages and then rapidly bec Like a warm but itchy wool sweater Henry Green s novels make me suirm His characters go around and around in circles misunderstanding each other baiting each other scheming to control each other s behavior and eeling affectionate towards each other Doting is just like life in other words and it s pleasurable but in a sickening kind of way. Ger woman Their relationship sets into motion a series of intertwining affairs between ive close riends less concerned with love than with their attempts to keep the other lovers apart. Erm marriage is hard to swallow at times If they are LOVING each other how can they engage in other affairs DOTING on the excitement of a new coupling constellation How can they hurt each other so the excitement of a new coupling constellation How can they hurt each other so answer is in the strange pendulum movement between LOVING and DOTING The thrill of adoration and sexual attraction wears off in long stable relationships and the magic of Why Diets Make Us Fat first encounters cannot be brought back if you sit inront of each other at the dinner table every single day or 18 or 19 years the couple can t agree on how long they have been togetherDOTING and LOVING is like having the cake and eating it Not possible on a regular basis but desirable As love hurts some characters choose not to engage at all but to keep on the surface all but to keep on the surface things DOTING without LOVING That doesn t work out either as most people when DOTING on each other gravitate towards the need to claim exclusive rights and towards LOVING A person who chooses merely to participate in the relationship puzzle on the surface risks being left alone in the end surrounded by LOVING unhappy couplesIf you just look at that surface of course without digging deeper there is not much difference between DOTING and LOVING to the point that a LOVING dialogue between spouses is almost word or word #reproduced between DOTING lovers one of which is married On a deeper level however there is an ocean #between DOTING lovers one of which is married On a deeper level however there is an ocean those dialogues You can love almost anyone as long as you don t expect to be happy is the CONCLUDING wisdom Somehow it is still worth it Henry Green seems to say as he lets his characters continue their boring Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, frustrating yet LOVING relationships after an interval of highly emotional turmoil in the realm of DOTINGFew people would be honest enough to speak about the problematiceelings involved in LOVING and many people mistake DOTING or LOVING Bliss is when those two words coincide every once in a while That is when deep understanding of yourself and another person is possibleFrom LOVING to. Eton is a middle aged member of the upper middle class living in post World War II London with his wife Stuck in a passionless marriage Arthur becomes infatuated with Annabel a much youn. The irst novel I read by Henry Green was LOVING I had the North feeling that Iell in love Henry Green was LOVING I instantly had the eeling that I ell love his writing and I embarked on a journey to discover all of his nine novels Now reading DOTING his last work and my eighth Henry Green wanting to conclude with CONCLUDING made me mix up the chronology of his novels I realise that the novel LOVING actually initiated my DOTING on Henry Green while I am now capable of saying reading DOTING that I am LOVING his words Eh Well trying to
*make sense of *
sense of strange and intricate web of Dead Giveaway feelings that human beings developor each other Henry Green muses on the difference between DOTING and LOVING and in his last novel DOTING he is CONCLUDING that there actually is a clear distinction What s he at now Mr Middleton asked An anthology of love poetry he s to call Doting Don t you agree it s a marvellous title Well you know doting to me is not loving I don t Andrew Lost In the Kitchen follow she said with a smallrown To my mind love must include adoration of course but if you just dote on a girl you don t necessarily go so Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism far as to love her Loving goes deeper Well she suggested perhaps the same words could mean different things to men and women Possibly he said Perhaps not And Henry Green adds a layer to the depth of love LOVING as opposed to DOTING hurts It is exclusive and comes with rights and duties and arrangements beyond passion adoration and attraction It is sometimes annoying boring andrustrating but the commitment of LOVING makes people endure the negative aspects and continue together despite pain The deeper Nope feeling of absolute belonging is bought at the price ofamiliarity and ownership which kills DOTINGOf all Henry Green s novels this one hurt most to read A strange thing to say considering the Rejected Rejected Rejected fact that other stories describe much dramatic situations set during the war or dealing with death and criminal offences It is true regardless This one hurt most The complete honesty with which he demonstrates the dynamics of a long Written almost completely in dialogue Henry Green'sinal novel is a biting comedy of manners that exposes the deceptive difference between those who love and those who dote Arthur Middl.