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Ve plot are not the same This book in some way reminds me of Brett Easton Ellis Less Than Zero which was written in the 80 s the setting for this novel It may be significant that I hated that novel also with its drug addled rich kids accepting no responsibility This novel is rife with of the same trite overworked material I may be jaded andor incorrect but I believe not a great deal of good literature is being produced Many people howeverand publishing companies believe this is indeed good literature aka James Patterson t good literature is being produced Many people howeverand publishing companies believe this is indeed good literature #aka James Patterson t I can imagine some teacher reading this and # James Patterson t I can imagine some teacher reading this and gosh this is good I ll have my freshman read it Why not my neighbors 16 year old was assigned the Hunger Games I would hate to be a teenager today in school What are the chances of their reading classic literature Unfortunately the generation teaching now and its successors were assigned great classics such as the Twilight Saga and Harry Potter The Starboard Sea will be at home here When I finish certain books I m sad that they re over but feel fulfilled by the chance to have read them Amber Dermont s debut novel The Starboard Sea is one of those books I couldn t stop myself from wanting to race through the ntire book but tried in vain to slow down as the nd approached because I wanted to prolong the story and see what came next for the characters It s 1987 just before the stock market crash Jason Prosper is a rich high school senior fro Poor Rich Kids Rich kids who d gotten caught been given a second chance only to be caught again then finally This Forsaken Earth expelled We weren t bad people but having failed that initial test of innocence and honour we no longer felt burdened to be good Sailing metaphors abound in this coming of age tale as wexplore the murky depths below the glittering surface of the affluent world of the New England wealthy The Summer Palace: A Captive Prince Short Story (Captive Prince Short Stories Book 2) elites revealing the moral bankruptcy of their status and money obsessed societyInsulated from censure by their rich and powerful parents over privileged kids play delinuent at their East Coast prep school academy where the 17 year old narrator finds that juvenile misdemeanors can have far lasting conseuences than he imagined Amber Dermont was my creative writing professor in college so when I heard about this book I naturally had to go out and buy a copy immediately It s a good book The story has a lot oflements that reminded me of The Secret History and Looking for Alaska in that it takes place at an xpensive prep school and deals with bullying drugs ntitled rich kids who get away with anything and a female love interest who s so clearly damaged she would have Alaska Young backing away in apprehensionThere are flaws in the book and it wasn t my favorite but that s all I m going to say because I know that Dr Dermont is on Goodreads and I m still kind of afraid of her I m afraid I don t have a lot of positive things to say about this one First a disclaimer I listened to the audio version of this one in "the car and while I love audio books as a rule Campfire every now and then Incounter one read by a "car and while I love audio books as a rule very now and then I ncounter one read by a or TV actor who really should NOT be Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars employed as an audio reader Just because they are a known name and I m sure perfectly competent at their primary profession that does not always translate to capturing the right tone in an audio book orspecially competence at voicing multiple characters This one was SO bad the voices for the majority of the characters so clich d and cartoonish I almost stopped listening to this book after the first CD It bothered me a little less as time went on but may have had a little influence on my impressionsSadly there were plenty of other issues that cannot be blamed on the audio format The book contains some interesting themes but in my opinion at least suffers from weak developmentwriting of themes As well as predictability of plot and the need for a review of show don t tell the novel is weakened by an uneven narrator who leaps between one xtreme characteristic to the other hurtling from A to E with no B C or D no hint of transition in his thoughtsactions That said I did find both Aiden and Chester and Cal although he only appears in flashbacks interesting and sympathetic Another aspect of the writer s style that drove me a little crazy at several points the author shied away from important and perhaps challenging to write scenes and conversations between the characters Then she simply mentioned in En Freund Cal Als Cal sich während ihres rsten Jahrs an der Kensington Prep das Leben nimmt gerät Jasons Welt aus den Fugen Ist womöglich Crazy Love er selbst verantwortlich für Cals Verzweiflungstat Oder das dunkle Geheimnis das die beiden Jungen teilten Vollkommen aus der Bahn geworfen wechseltr an die Bellingham Academy in teures freizügiges Internat an der Atlantikküste Hier begegnet r Aidan iner igenwilligen Außenseiterin die Jason fasziniert und ihm neuen Auftrieb gibt Als die Küst. I mentioned once before that my personal xperience with New England boarding schools is not something I would wish on my worst nemy That was in a review for The Twisted Thread a young adult novel about a murder on one of these campuses I liked it didn t love it This book The Starboard Sea is light years beyond that one I don t think it s promoted as YA and although sophisticated teens might love it the depth and breadth of this one is so far beyond the Pretty Little Liars genre that I would nthusiastically recommend it to my adult friendsDermont writes from the viewpoint of Jason Prosper a student relegated to Bellingham Academy where privileged kids Are Sent After They Can T Cut It For Some sent after they can t cut it for some at one of the better schools Jason s story and those of his new classmates gradually unfold in this perfectly paced tale If The Twisted Thread got at least some of the realities of boarding school right as I stated in that review this one goes far deeper and reveals much than ven Curtis Sittenfield who wrote the best selling novel Prep ver did Dermont handles verything deftly here from the fragile characters and relationships to the stunning metaphors and descriptive language I LOVED this book This book is being sold as adult fiction but it s YA at its lamest an unholy brew of Ordinary People Catcher in the Rye and Twilight minus the occult I knew I was in trouble in the first chapter when the tortured gay rich kid says he likes rock climbing because I always seemed to be draw to jagged places Uh oh The sailing stuff was pretty neat but I uickly became distracted by the nonstop descriptions of people s hair our hero s matted curls our heroine s glorious red locks always being swept up or floating free if you have a Nook do a search on hair and prepare to be awed I gave up on this book when the spunky heroine cuts the tortured hero s hair and proclaims Hair is destiny I didn t bother reading any because I just assumed somebody was going to fall into the water while sailing and somebody lse was going to haul them up by their destiny laden locks It s hard to put into words the abundant compassion that Amber Dermont displays for her characters But it s there apparent from the first paragraph to the final wordThe prep school world of Jason Prosper looks alternately like Cruel Intentions and your standard bildungsroman with a little murder mystery thrown in But the whole is so much than the sum of its parts It s a treatise on class privilege It s a discussion of race particularly in the world of the wealthy It s an honest look at teenage sexuality in all its sordid shame and tender honesty It s an homage to the sea and to sailing Ultimately it s a love story to a kid who s just starting to figure out who he is and what he wants out of life who gets dealt some pretty big blows that no one around him seems willing to recognizeI felt so drawn to the story from the first page and so inexplicably sad throughout the arly part of reading it Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey even before I had any reason to I thought about it constantly when I wasn t reading it and finishing it both lifted a weight off my shoulders and weighed me down withmpathy and forgiveness It sounds weird but I mean that in a good wayAnother thing it gave me was a surprisingly intricate look at the world of teenage boys As the author is a woman I m not sure how accurate it is but it s multifaceted and nicely treated and I d be interested to give this book to one of my brothers to gauge his opinion of it This would be a great book club pick and in fact I went hunting for the reading group guide ven though I don t have anyone to discuss it with Point of order I wasn t able to find one Anyone know if there is oneFor those interested in bittersweet stories about "the ravages of youth or any coming of age this is a really moving read "ravages of youth or any coming of age this is a really moving read is a debut novel and I believe that the author is gifted in that she can write The book abounds with sailing xplanations and references which are interesting and fascinating The setting for the novel is a classic one a boarding school Visions of Catcher in the Rye Dead Poet s Society A Separate Peace come to mind All the good stuff ЯED ended there About 40 pages in the book became a rock growing heavier withvery page My natural inclination was to throw it into the sea as a fitting tribute yet I read on Being able to write and being able to create good characters and a creati. Neuengland Ende der 80er Jahre Jason Prosper wächst in iner Welt auf in der Penthousewohnungen in Manhattan und Sommerhäuser in Maine benso zum Alltag gehören wie der Besuch altehrwürdiger Schulen und Mitgliedschaften in The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs exklusiven Segelclubs Als intelligenter sportlicher Teenager hegt Jasonine gesunde Abneigung gegen die Abgründe des Wohlstands und Moreno entzieht sich den Zwängen seiner Kreise am liebsten indemr jede freie Minute segelnd auf dem Meer verbringt zusammen mit seinem best. ,

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Assing a chapter or so later that they happened For xample Aiden and Jason are talking intensely and Jason is understandably hesitant to tell her the full truth about his relationship with Cal and role in his
Death I Was Waiting 
I was waiting it to happen since the author had mentioned Jason s internal conflict over his secrets and wanting to be closehonest with Aiden repeatedly The scene never came instead at a seemingly randomtacked on moment the narrator is like oh and that night apparently after the author nded the scene I had finally told Aiden about Cal and his death A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author etc There is no real mention of her response until almost thend of the novel again in retrospect and zero discussion of how the conversation came about While I can see the need to withhold a few details of their conversation for "a big reveal towards the nd it was "big reveal towards the nd it was frustrating as written That happened than once and it struck me as lazy writing and very ineffective Rules of conduct are flexible for rich kids and never so than at Bellingham a co The Exhaustion Breakthrough ed prep school for misbehaving teens who have been booted out of prestigious academies In her debut novel Amber Dermont revisits the zeitgeist of the Reaganra through the The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good eyes of Jason Prosper a senior who lands at Bellingham in 1987 following the suicide of Cal his best friend and sailing partnerWhen Jason arrives at Bellingham he is full of secrets andmotional baggage involving Cal s death his parents faltering marriage and his own sexuality The school provides an atmosphere amounting to supervised juvenile delinuency where if you could pay you could stay Many of the students devote Supplemental Book energy to sailing sex hazings and substance abuse than to academic pursuitsJason falls in with a gang of kids who seem to practice delinuency almost as an art form or a religion and they do it with the insouciance of the indulged Not for them the grief or conseuences that plague the rest of us At least not on the surface Sometimes that manufactured mischief is a front for an anguish that has no other outlet And when Black Monday hits in October some of them learn they re not as immune to reality as they d imagined themselves to beIn thenigmatic Aidan Jason finds a confidante but she s a damaged and troubled soul Rumors and speculation swirl around campus about her history and her violent tendencies After a hurricane batters the East Coast Jason is left with uestions about Aidan s capacity for harming herselfUltimately this is Jason s story of managing grief and guilt while Hark! The Herald Angels Scream examining some uestions ofthics involving his friends his brother Riegel and his parents generation In a larger sense it spotlights the ways in which privilege supersedes societal strictures and the whispers of one s conscience The Starboard Sea is uite a remarkable debut novel Dermont s dialogue and characters are real Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners enough to be bothntertaining and disturbing Beautiful sailing and stargazing imagery abounds The one weakness I would cite is the way the novel nds Secrets are revealed the school year is over and the story is finished With so many serious considerations introduced throughout the book the nd feels abrupt and leaves hazy the author s intentions for the story s message Highly recommended nonetheless 45 stars My 1 Read for 2013 This book reminds me in many ways of Bridge to Terabithia the book that started my love of reading Don t get me wrong The Starboard Sea is certainly adult oriented and certainly not a children s book but there is something about a coming of age story that brings me back that first book that made such an impact on meThe Starboard Sea is melancholic at times and a brooding story that gives us peek into the lives of rich and privileged kids at a boarding school In small part the book Bidadari yang Mengembara explores what money can allow one to get away with but beyond this the storyxplores how people deal with guilt regret death and ultimately how some learn to heal Although the main characters were finishing their last year of high school I didn t feel I was reading a book about kids for kids To appreciate the motional weight of the book I think you need to have a few life xperiences than a newly minted high school graduateThe book is La strada delle croci euallymotional moving and disturbing Some of the themes will make some readers uncomfortable but I think it is the turbulence within the story that draws you in An xcellent motional read 5 Stars and a top read of 201. E Neuenglands von The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth einem schweren Orkan getroffen wird kommts jedoch rneut zu inem großen Einschnitt in Jasons Leben Vor dem Hintergrund des Börsencrashs von 1987 beschreibt Amber Dermont mit Witz und Einfühlung das Milieu der jungen amerikanischen Ostküstenelite in Pretty Reckless (All Saints High, einer Lebensphase in der jede Orientierung auch die sexuelle oft nur vage ist Vor allem aberrzählt sie die Geschichte von Jason Prosper dessen Suche nach dem rechten Weg durch Fehltritte und Leidenschaften bestimmt wird. In guten Kreisen