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N only imagine how unsettling that must have been for many of these women Having seen TV shows and movies about weird illers with religious inks I can imagine that if I were the prostitute I d be running doomsday scenarios through my head Apparently some of the women were unnerved but most were sanguine or even positive Granted all these stories are being told from Mark s perspective but he seems willing to admit when he s made someone uncomfortable More on that laterEventually he learns that he can drive down to Mexico and get much cheaper sex in Pussyland a district of Tijuana devoted to legal prostitution With each trip across the border he learns how to negotiate french issing or a full night stand or various other wants all for under 100 Returning to the spiritual aspect he Also Describes His Ascension To Tantra Master Meaning He Can describes his ascension to tantra master meaning he can sex for incredibly long amounts of time and reach repeated orgasms without ejaculation This often confuses the ladies who expect to see a full condom after a job well done He says he will share about his sexual methods in the future volumes so sorry to any of you looking for tantric secrets Mark also lets the women now that he worships their inner goddess spends a lot of time offering cunnilingus he has his own term Dining at the Y DATY and focuses intensely on learning how to stimulate vaginal orgasms Some of the women declare it the best sex of their lives and even offer to date him by his accounting but that never seems to pan out At the end of each account he blesses the woman and thanks her for the interaction even if it went poorly There are enough of these nice nods of respect that one Warms Up To The Guy up to the guy bit But then one remembers his regular references to Dorothy a woman he nows in real life and is convinced should be in a relationship with him Outside research shows that she filed multiple restraining orders against him and there was a big fallout in the Agape International Spiritual Center over his impropriety So there s that As with his sneaking around security to arrive at a sex worker s front door unannounced there are cringe worthy references such as Due to a complicated legal situation between Dorothy and me it was actually illegal for me to travel into Mexico I had done so anyway because I new I could get away with it He also regularly references Dorothy in his prayers with the prostitutes Poor DorothyWell that s a whole lot of detail about a strange little book I certainly did learn some things from it but I can t think of anyone I d actually recommend it to If the above intrigues you by all means it s under 4 on Kindle Many thanks to podcast listener Katie Katsikas who bought a copy for me Total sexist garbage from a typical insane Trump supporter uote During the year from October 1996 through November 1997 I dated many attractive women Although I treated them well I got nowhere with any of them sexually I m an intensely passionate man with real feelings and real needs The sexual frustration I experienced made me miserable and adversely impacted the health of my prostate For men like me involuntary celibacy hurts and the pain deepens with the passing of each sexless day The women I dated seemed oblivious to my pain Worse society seems oblivious to men s pain from lack of sex In exasperation I decided to try prostitution The fuck Women are responsible for prostate pain in men unable to wankCome to me buddy and I can help you lose a few balls. He first 9 myths are debunked in this Book One including myths about street prostitutes public health drugs pimps sex slavery human trafficking and so called child prostitution The rest of the 43 myths will be debunked in Books Two through Five The second theme transforms prostitution from the profane to the sacred Emerson is a Christian and claims God has directed him to pay prostitutes and to worship them sexually not as bad girls but as good goddesses The 18 sexually explicit stories in this Book One are true they are sweet surprising romantic poignant beautiful and deeply spiritual Each is a step in his prayerful uest for his own sexual healing and to develop his manly ability to arouse and uplift the Divine Feminine in women lovingly and ecstaticall. .
Understanding about my spiritual journeyThe book tells a great story of how every woman is divine and is worthy of being worshipped Although our current way of relating negatively labels a person based on their plac As Moses would say if he were The Prostitution Delusion I am a strange book by a strange man I originally learned about Mark Laurence Donald Emerson at a spiritual conference in Los Angeles where my podcast co host happened upon a flyer for his website findingmyrepublicangoddesscom It s a dating website in which you jump through a series of increasingly tall Narrow And Flaming Hoops and flaming hoops order to date Mark who goes as Reverend William You ll be screened to make sure you admire Donald Trump have deep spiritual convictions precisely calibrated to Mark s idiosyncratic blend of Christianity and Buddhism agree that women should submit to a strong man grow your hair sufficiently long haven t put on too much weight and so on Should you survive this winnowing process and fill out the many forms and free response uestions your prize is the potential to date Mark He s in his late 60s bald not wealthy but he ll treat you like a goddess and give you the sex of your life It s delightfully absurd and oddly entertaining treat yourself or have Carrie and me read it for you In addition to Mark s non curricular activities he has plenty of odd curricular ones The G Proof is a website and 9 hour long video series devoted to mathematically proving the existence of God Again surprisingly entertaining Want to invest in a spiritual approach to IT and databases Look no further than AngelBase though you might have to check back in March 2020 3 months ago at the time of writing Also remember when Mark ended the 2015 California drought with his rain rituals Always an iron in the fire with MarkBut I digress We re here because Mark also wrote The Prostitution Delusion Book One Debunking 43 Myths That Falsely Condemn Prostitution and Transforming It into Worship of the Goddess The asterisk is there so that he can make the title even longer As formally defined in this book prostitution excludes forcible acts And yes this is only book one in what was supposed to be a five part series Only 9 myths are debunked herein Five years after self publication I m beginning to lose hope that I ll be able to read part two Maybe once that next Game of Thrones book dropsMark goes to great lengths to define prostitution his term of art as opposed to sex work which he feels dodges the emotional power of prostitution a word he s attempting to revitalize and casts an overly wide umbrella It s not enough to just give us his definition Instead he sets up candidate definitions and nocks them down one by one With all the thoroughness and charm of a lawyer Mark finally gets to his definition which comes in two parts The important points are that prostitution is a financial transaction mutually and freely agreed to with the The important points are that prostitution is a financial transaction mutually and freely agreed to with the providing a sex act in exchange for money or another consideration Fair enough He also defines three party prostitution to involve an additional agent who Mark arbitrarily dubs the panderer who acts as a go between or provides services Anyway who s hornyThere are two inds of chapters in this book the myth debunking and the storytelling If this book were all the former it would be the drabbest slog imaginable Mark has made a flowchart of interconnected ovals each numbered as one of 43 arguments that numbered as one of 43 arguments that use against pro. As formally defined in this book “prostitution” excludes forcible acts It is refreshing to read about how prostitution can be good Mark Emerson has done an outstanding job debunking the myths about paid sex and putting a positive human face on both the provider and her client Written in a format that would be perfect as a scholastic textbook The Prostitution Delusion systematically dismantles the myths and pragmatically lays out reality fact by fact This is interspersed with his experiences as a sex client that deviate sharply from the too often wrongly presented social views of prostitution      Jessi Winchester author of From Bordello to Ballot Box and America The Final Chapter Winchester gained international notoriety when she entered the Mrs.

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Stitution In volume one he covers 1 public nuisance in the streets 2 public health hazard 3 alcohol tobacco drugs gambling 4 drug dependence 5 pimps pushing drugs 6 battering and robbing by male pimps and patrons 7 sex slavery 8 child prostitution and 9 trafficking There is no reason or rhyme I can detect to the connections between these ovals nor the path that he travels through them but you won t miss anything he uses the same diagram over 20 times throughout the book highlighting and crossing out ovals as he tells you what he s going to debunk debunks it and then reviews what he just debunked Rather than calling out logical fallacies he gives those his own proprietary term as well mistakes in reasoning MIR For each argument against prostitution Mark offers counter arguments that usually amount to I ve defined prostitution such that this does not apply or This doesn t always have to be the case and I can point to places and times in which it s not so the argument is over generalization and invalid While he makes some good reasonable points I feel it s pretty easy for him to gloss over real problems that regularly ride alongside prostitution in practice He s right that many of these problems are the result of criminalization and society s negative reactions to prostitution On the whole I think he s right that there is a place for safe consensual and well regulated sex work in which no that there is a place for safe consensual and well regulated sex work in which no is taken advantage of I don t think that reality is as easy and clean as he argues thoughThe storytelling portions are actually rather engaging We learn a lot about Mark s own sexuality and how frustrated he was after a relatively sexless marriage and many dates that never culminated in sex The account veers regularly and uncomfortably into incel and pickup artist adjacent territory as he laments his masculine need for sex okay sure I getcha and the frustration that his cash outlays did not net him relationships or sex hrmm He seems to admire those who can pull off pickup artistry the application of various psychological tactics to win over and wear down women into having sex with you and even takes a course himself Enter prostitution Mark argues that it can be far cost effective to just make it a financial transaction and get the sex you want for the money you have Interpolated with the debunking chapters are the stories of thirteen women that he has slept with and allusions to in future volumes At first he finds escorts in the yellow pages then starts getting local referrals but all of that is pretty expensive at around 250 per session He shares in great detail how each interaction goes down from calling and booking to greeting to the living conditions to when the condom goes on awkward attempts at trying to iss usually a big no no and what constitutes completion of the job At each point he is trying to find ways to book the women directly and avoid the panderers to a point THAT IS OFTEN CREEPY WHEN HE is often creepy when he getting around security Eesh Some women he bombs with and others he hits it off with and he learn lessons to apply in the next interaction They usually appreciate the flowers he brings and he describe many women melting when he offers them the money on bowed nees with cash offered between supplicatory palms For Mark sex is not just the release of a physical urge but something intensely spiritual He often wants to start with a naked prayer legs interlocked This is even with women who don t speak English and I ca. Nevada Pageant while working in a legal brothel She later ran for the US House of Representatives and for Nevada Lieutenant Governor Is prostitution really harmful Or can society benefit from prostitution In this the first of five books Mark Emerson presents two complementary themes one theme debunks the arguments against prostitution; the other demonstrates the good that can come from paid sex The book's title The Prostitution Delusion refers to the widely believed idea that prostitution is harmful and evil The first theme asks why Leaving no stone unturned Emerson identifies 43 purported answers representing all the arguments against prostitution see the diagram on page 11 He shows that each fails to answer the uestion and hence is nothing but a myth
The Prostitution Delusion Book One