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Nemesis much like Nympho and Satyriasis we see the same old Chris who has a sex addition and no shame I was going to give this book 2 stars until we came to the ending That changed everything WOW I never saw that coming Definitely read the entire series starting with NymphoSarahttpwwwboundlessbookreviewscomhttpswwwfacebookcomBBReviews REVIEWED FOR SARAH KIRSTY S BOOK REVIEWSI went into this book without reading the first two books in the series I enjoyed reading this book and I love JC s writing style The story flowed beautifully This book had my complete attention from the beginning and I was on the edge of my seat at one point I ddnt t want the book to end I thought both main characters were brilliant and they meshed together really well I am a huge fan of hot sex scenes and the ones in this book were off the charts and gave me tingles A fabulous read and I am looking forward to reading the previous two in the series 5 stars This was my first taste of JC Black It seems a bit counter productive of starting a series part way through but thankfully it was very easy to follow on from where readers left off in book 2The writing in Nemesis was very smooth each scene bridged well with the dialogue letting it down just slightly The sex scenes came across as a bit gratuitous but thankfully I m a bit of a fiend for an overabundance of hot scenes in a book and JC Black can write a good thigh Clenching Sex Scene I sex scene I Nemesis but I feel I probably could have benefited reading the previous books Like I Saud it s very well written the characters are engaging and constructed well imperfections and all but their interaction needed a bit substance for me I won t give away how it ends but holy shellTHAT ending Definitely did not predict that 3 12 stars I was given a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review This book takes place a short time after the end This book takes place a short time after the end Satyriasis Once again Chris is up to his old antics of chasing women until Isabella They meet in school and she may just be the one to tame Chris and his wild ways The first half of this book I would have given 3 stars Then around the. 18 I love you Three little words which made Chris Caldwell run as hard and as fast as he could from any woman Love had nothing to do with his desires; he had plenty of women wanting to share his bed for a night of wild abandon Until Isabella She Nemesis The Nympho Series Book 3

J.C. Black ☆ 5 review

With the way things ended There were times that i was confused and had to re read pages to understand what was happening I was also put off on the cheating but once again i didnt really now the dynamic of the entire series to understand the characters as a whole I was given a copy for an honest review This review was on behalf of Elaine and Tamis JB3s Blackbirds I was gifted a copy for an honest reviewBook three was a whole new level Chris developed a conscience and fell in love Not that he stayed faithful but he at least felt guilty for it lolThe illegal trafficking is at the forefront in book guilty for it lolThe illegal trafficking is at the forefront in book The story line was enjoyable and ept me curious as to ARC provided by Obsessed by Books for an honest review I really like this series its a great read I enjoyed reading I really like this series its a great read I enjoyed reading and how it is written I like JC Black s writing and how the characters are created Nemesis is a continuation of The Nympho Series We follow Chris while he continues to chase women for sex and his how they put up with his antics Chris leads and exciting and dangerous life Until he meets his match Isabella They meet in school and could she be the one to tame ChrisWow this series eeps getting hotter and hotter Love Chris he is sexy and dominant male who likes danger Love the story and it didn t disappoint one bit I was excited to read this and review it Jc Black just freaking blew my mind with this book Nemesis is the third book in The Nympho Series and I must say it took him long enough to get me to finish reading took him long enough to get me to finish reading I am so freaking glad he did though this book was really good After reading Nympho and Satyriasis I honestly deep down did not like Chris one bit in this series Mr Black redeemed Chris in my eyes during this adventurous third book I was so shocked by the ending that I was seriously cursing Jc Black I felt so many emotions about how the story unfolded but I am so happy now after days of letting myself come to terms with it all Jc Black truly blew me away Many may not finish reading the series because they detest Chris as much as I did but let me tell you without giving anything away book 3 is a complete game changer Well done Jc Black. Even marriage Something he has never desired in his life But as Chris goes to bring in yet another shipment for the drug lords his family is betrayed Will he make it home to his beautiful woman or will the Feds finally take him down in a fiery bla. Half way point things starting changing I hate to say that the first half the book didn t hold my attention Yes there was lots of sex but it felt very much like a porno where there was little else happening except sex and meaningless dialogue BUT At around 50% in things starting picking up I feel like Chris starting maturing There was action than just in the bedroom And the ending I was shocked Definitely didn t see it coming I ve read all 3 books in this series and I could definitely see a huge progression in JC s writing from book 1 to book 3 As a third book in a series you expect a book to either have your undivided attention or you re just glad for it to be done Nemesis was the former you were on the edge of your seat wonder what was former you were on the edge of your seat wonder what was to happen from the last book and JC did an awesome job of weaving the character s personalities together in this book Everyone meshed well and the story came to a pleasant end Congratulations on finishing the series JC I loved this series It s funny interesting at times annoying at others but overall a good read Story flows perfectly and reading one book after the other made my experience even enjoyable Not all characters are likeable to tell the truth but they are well developed and are integral part of the plot Even side characters contributed towards understanding the main characters and the story as a whole There were some twists and turns along the way that will eep readers interested and not to forget all those steamy scenes which one should expect from a series called Nympho If you are a fan of unusual stories this one is for youPS I got complimentary copy of the series for which I d like to thank the author I have not read JC Black before so i thank the author I have not read JC Black before so i ot sure what i was getting into since i like to do my reviews blindI was a little put off at first with all of the sex and the way the characters acted toward one another maybe i would have understood if i had read the first 2 books in the series but was told this could be read as a stand alone I trucked through till the and and i was glad i did because the main character did redeem himself but I was totally trown off guard. Urned his world upside down with her sexy body and sultry smile Chris originally thought to just make her the next of his conuests Instead she turned him upside down and in love for the first time She made him want the trappings of love and maybe.
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