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Brightest and Best Amish Turns of Time #3Ions they are facing and the complications that affect them Every character in this book is so real and plausible except for two brothers who are pretty minor well one of them is a step above minor but the less important brother has a plot line which I felt was distracting and not that important to the overall storyotherwise not that important to the overall storyotherwise would have gotten a five star rating for sure This felt like it was based on actual events about real People And The Author and the author note at the end explains that it is a combination and compression of many actual events and situations which were not completely resolved until the Supreme Court ruling in 1972 However nowing that these characters are in fact very much fictional and made up from the author s mind somehow makes me love them even especially the English school teacher Margaret who completely embodies the attitudes of a truly dedicated teacher and sacrifices much to do the right thing This is one of those stories which will stick with you for a long time this is the best series by Olivia that I ve ever read BACK OF THE BOOK BLURBcopied from comThe collapse of a schoolhouse puts pressure on Amish families and their long held educational values Ella Hilty anticipates marry If you have not read the other books in this series I think you will be like me and read the other books in this series I think you will be like me and lost at sea I have never read this author before and I am uite sorry that I didn t now enough to trust that I wouldn t need to read the first books in this series It has been said that this is a less heavy read than the othersthat does not bode well for me and my tastesThis was a very interesting historical novel set in 1918 that dealt with the separation of church and state To call this a romance would be a bit of a mistake There really was none That must have been done in the past novels What this was about was how the state decided that the Amish children be integrated or consolidated into a school that would teach the Amish children about the English the than the church wants them to now and to force them to go to school well past the eight grade which is the norm for the AmishThere are several secondary and tertiary story lines going on throughout this book I felt that this was a good book for nowledge and learning about what the Amish went through to gain respect for their religion However the novel felt overly long to me with a lot of repetition and I had to struggle to stay interested in itARC supplied by publisher. Aw lines in the sand Margaret puts romance at risk one final time All eyes turn to Ella to make a sacrifice and accept a challenge that can bring unity to the Amish and understanding to the English.

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The school teacher has called a meeting about the dilapidated conditions of their school house when the unthinkable happened one of the walls collapsed The superintendent and school board have decided to not rebuild the school but bus the children from outlying areas to the school located in town The Amish people are distressed that their children are not exempt from the rules and regulations handed down from the board Not only will their children be exposed to the English world with no control but they must also attend school until the age of 16 They Are A Peaceable Community a peaceable community look for ways to work through their differences When no resolution is look for ways to work through their differences When no resolution is they do what they think is best for their childrenI was drawn to the character of Margaret Simpson She is a teacher at the consolidated school and seeks to understand the differences between the Amish and the English community She is a true peacemaker but sees trouble as the result of her actions of trying to do the right thing I really enjoyed this storyI was drawn in immediately to the plot line and the characters It was like watching a good movie in that it was hard to stop or put down I would recommend it to anyone who loves Amish stories or a good historical story I received this story from the publisher for a honest opinion without bias or outside influence as stated above LOVED this story The relevance to everything today in patience understanding acceptancein being different 1918 Amish communities in Ohio need to deal with the separation of church and state concerning the educational rights And females both Amish and Englisch need to decide of they are hearing the right calling if theu truly believe what they believe and if they are willing to sacrifice for itThis novel deals with important issues and some of them are important nowadays too I also recognize the warmness of the authoress s voice and strong female centric presence While I agree with the importance of the topic unfortunately I was not able to relate to this novel Personally Probably Because I probably because I most interested in different parts of the human psyche This was a wonderful touching completely fascinating story I don t now why I have taken such a long break in my reading of books written by Olivia Newport I absolutely love her writing style and this story is so compelling Mrs Newport nows how to get the feelings of the characters across and help you see through their eyes the situat. Ng clash of values Ella seeks the solid ground that seems to have slipped away Margaret Simpson an English schoolteacher wonders if she is losing her last chance at love As the local authorities dr. Love Amish books stories are a lot alike but I never Lose interest They re all good This was a very interesting story about the Amish fighting for the right to educate their children according to their religious beliefs Based on historical facts the novel culls many incidents into one continuous story line I never really thought about the battles the Amish have fought to maintain the integrity of their children s education Olivia Newport created a wonderful story with great historical background I like how the premise of this entire series is that the author takes pivotal moments in Amish history and then creates a story to showcase those moments This book was about The Struggle Amish People Had struggle Amish people had local government authorities who decided that all children Amish or not needed to be educated a particular wayI ve read stories that have discussed this dilemma previously but I had an epiphany during this one I owe the ability I had to home educate my son to those struggles that the Amish had Really they were fighting for a right to educate their children as they saw fit just as home educating families choose to do So thank you to the Amish people who chose to put the needs of their children before the desires of the governmentBack to the story itself I liked how there were 4 characters whose point of view we got to see When we re allowed to see multiple viewpoints if it s written well as this was we get a broader picture of what s going on I think that added so much to the story I really felt solidarity with what Ella Gideon James and Margaret were trying to accomplish and though the Ending Wasn T What wasn t what had anticipated would happen I do feel like the choice made was in character for the person who made it Olivia Newport and Shiloh Run Press has released the third installment who made it Olivia Newport and Shiloh Run Press has released the third installment the Amish Turns of Time series The setting for this story is Geauga County Ohio in 1918 When this book arrived I thought it had a beautiful cover and the description about the story looked good I opened the book and was immediately swept awayMs Newport introduces us to a community that is divided The war is winding down in Europe and this uiet community is getting ready to face a war at home between the Amish and the English government This is a story about the separation of church and state The Amish have sent their children to a public school for years but has had input in what was taught to their children Unfortunately Ms Coates. The collapse of a schoolhouse puts pressure on Amish families and their long held educational values Ella Hilty anticipates marrying Gideon Wittner and becoming a mother to his children In a whirli.