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Im so h g h on luc Poetic Machinations: Allegory, Surrealism, and Postmodern Poetic Form i cant think straight daemon will always be my number one but for now let me just go all cougar on luc p kay that sounds a little nasty besidesm only a couple years older than himanyway In the Shadow of Empires i dont think can ever get tired of this world m ncapable of loving this book any less even though plot wise The 101 Dalmatians i think a 3 stars for thisnstallment From Pocahontas to Power Suits: Everything You Need to Know about Women's History in America is already pretty generous the first half oft was a little tedious but things uickly took a turn The Story of the Orchestra in the second halfso much was going on and there was a lot of actions happening loved all the characters some than others Only Say the Word it was a really fun readm really excited for what the next book will have Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge in store you have luc to thank for the rating bcs just C A N T resist him WHAT IN THE ACTUALMy goodness The amount of reveals n this story Man f I had pearls on I d be clutching themPicking up directly after the events of The Darkest Star the first book n the Origin series The Burning Shadow Star the first book n the Origin series The Burning Shadow us deeper Talking Cures and Placebo Effects into Evie Dasher s past She has huge blank spotsn her memories and s beginning to uestion where she came fromAs Evie and Luc continue to grow closer she comes to grips with her feelings for him With her defenses lowered Luc lets his true self shine and which was a treat to readIn the midst of nvestigating her own The Bewitched Wolf identity a greater threat comes seemingly out of nowhereA highlynfectious virus sweeps across the world An Unreasonable Match / An Unconventional Duenna infecting humans killing many and turning othersnto Walking Dead type nightmaresThe government blames the Luxen for the disease and discrimination against them flourishesAfter armed men Voodoo Woman ( New Orleans Mysteries invade her home Evies forced to flee all she has ever known and goes Finn (Anderson Billioniares Book 1) into hiding with Luc and a group of like minded LuxenThis was an excellent continuation to the Origin series It didts job as a seuel by Last Chance Hero introducingnteresting new characters and upping the stakesThis definitely made me want to go back and read the original Lux series as I feel like t would help at this point for me to know about the events that brought the Luxen and humans to where they are nowConsidering the third book n events that brought the Luxen and humans to where they are nowConsidering the third book Antolog�a Patri�tica in series doesn t release until October I think I have just enough time to complete the Lux portionIf you love teen angst witty banter high body counts and shocking revelations you should definitely consider checking this series out. Threat looms reports of a flu like fatal virus that the governmentnsists Political Theory: An Introduction is being spread by Luxen A horrifyingllness that changes whoever Two Adventures of Sherlock Holmes it touches spreading panic across a country already atts breaking point#1 New York Times USA Today and What Is Madness? internationally bestselling author Jennifer L Armentrout returns to the world of the Lux with this steamy shocking secondnstallment of the Origin series that will leave readers reeling. .

The Burning Shadow Origin #2

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Are you looking for the most cliche thing ever Do you enjoy repetitive writing Do you find decent plot lines repulsive and avoid any sort of character development Look no further because this s the book for you wink Considering I really liked the first book this one can t be that bad right Surely I must have at least something good to say about Paladin's Redemption it Maybe even a whole list of pros vs cons Nope Where do I even start Maybe by saying that this books the epitome of teen girl wish fulfillment with nonexistent plot and writing that s so bad that comparing t to a fanfic would be an nsult to fanfiction Seriously I ve read some pretty good fanfics and this didn t come close to Zum Ruhme Reifer Geister: Eine Flaschenpost Mit Brennrezepten Wunderwassern Und Beschwingten Versen Von Babylon Bis Heute (German Edition) it First of allf I see peaches one time I WILL STRANGLE SOMEONE This s even worse then the whole Kitten thing that Daemon had with Kat It s so overused and forced I just can t even Of course I had to check on my tablet exactly how many times Luc called Evie that and Dreamsnake its78 freaking times 78 TIMES Just Dark Water: A Siren Novel in this seuel who knows how many timest happened n the 1st book And why The girl literally has 2 names and you can t use either of themWhat s even worse s that she s all like oohh Luc stop calling t use either of themWhat s even worse Silence is that she s all like oohh Luc stop calling Peaches dOn t lIkE It hIhHiHeHeH Dr. Koto Vol. 9 it s just my lotion And they have this conversation A MILLION TIMES WE GET IT You totally don t liket when he calls you Peaches because you don t think you re so special Sworn Sword: A Free Preview it s just a lotion you use andt s slightly lovey dovey and embarassing but you secretly love t especially when you have even adorable banter about t hihiih But that s not all Oh no This Lanalphabète qui savait compter is just the beginning Unfortunately thissn t the only thing we had to keep reading about over and over again There s the whole I love you I have to be with you you re the only one for me thing then the I will never let anyone hurt you even Modern French Culinary Art -The Pellaprat of the 20th Century ift means putting everyone else n danger trash and let s not forget the everybody constantly telling Evie how she s such a strong person for accepting everything that happened to her and omgosh how she "IS SO SPECIAL FOR GOING THROUGH " so special for going through that even though she s just a human and this all must be a shock to her blah blah blah The author literally just repeated all of this at least 3 times added a few steamy scenes to make the fans happy and that s t That s the whole book I believe the When Evelyn Dasher crossed paths with Luc she was thrown headfirst Sum It Up: A Thousand and Ninety-Eight Victories, a Couple of Irrelevant Losses, and a Life in Perspective into the world of the Lux only to discover that she was already farnvolved Escaping the Delta: Robert Johnson and the Invention of the Blues in their world than she ever suspectedBecause the Luxen aren’t the only ones with a hidden past There’s a gapn Evie’s memory lost months of her life and a lingering sense that something happened something she can’t remember and nobody s willing to tell her She needs to find out. Uthor tried to nsert a plot line Cabal in there somewhere but she got lost The whole book felt liket was written spontaneously without any planning whatsoever Just you know let s write this and see what happens who cares about consistency or sense am I right There were so many plot holes I will name only 2 because honestly I can t even remember every "stupid thing that occurred here and these 2 will be enough to prove my point Both have spoilers so bewareview " thing that occurred here and these 2 will be enough to prove my point Both have spoilers so bewareview So apparently Andromeda Serum turns humans nto mutants that are even stronger than Origins and was created to assert dominance Basically the Daedalus stronger than Origins and was created to assert dominance Basically the Daedalus t so they can wipe out the Luxen and Origins and regain power BUT they said that Sylvia herself created the serum for them Isn t she a Luxen Why would she want to kill all of her people and give power hungry humans the reigns That doesn t make any sense AT ALL Also who was the genius that thought giving this serum to teens was a great dea Wouldn t t be better to give Young Junius it to trained soldiers who are already a trainedn combat b loyal to you c don t go to school and parties and won t accidentaly kill a bunch of nnocent people2 This one s actually connected to the last point Apparently Evie Nadia after receiving the serum spent 3 months with them training to become their super skilled assassin So basically you can turn a 13 14 year old who never hurt anybody Tales From Greenfuzz 3 into a soldier and make them skilledn hand to hand combat shooting wielding other weapons etc Ambush in 3 months hide spoiler Because I ve already waited forever for this for you I ve done nothing but watch and wait and I am not walking away again If I kiss youf I touch you again I will not be able to go back to the way things are now The next breath he took trembled as much as I was I won t be able to pretend that you aren t my everything If that doesn t make your heart explode Leaves and Stems from Fossil Forests: A Handbook of the Paleobotanical Collections in the Illinois State Museum in a fucking glitter fest then there s nothing I can say to make you pick up this series Except for the fact that Armentrouts fucking magic and that you should really really really read this seriesWarning Graphic evidence of Jen ripping my heart out belowI was blessed with an early copy from the publisher Milk Teeth: Poems in exchange for an honest review 1 the darkest star 4 stars 2 the burning shadow 4 stars 3 the brightest night tbr holy alien babies. The truth about who shes and who she was But every answer she finds only brings up uestionsHer search for the truth brings her ever closer to Luc the Origin at the center of t all He’s powerful arrogant nhumanly beautiful extremely dangerousand possibly Ein Paradies aus Nichts in love with her But even as Evie falls for him she can’t help but wonderf his attraction s to her or to the memory of a girl who no longer existsAnd all the while a new. .