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I must have missed that this was oing to HAVE A SEUEL BECAUSE NOOOOOOOOOTHAT SAID IT DEFINITELY NEEDED a seuel because NOOOOOOOOOThat said it definitely needed as set up and I am fully here for the rovel so I will be waiting eagerly for that second book This worked for me really well I liked the aspects of exploration both sexual and personal I liked who they were together and I like that she left when she did and I love that he waited until he figured out that this was what he needed to come back It was ood Review Jo Facebook Seven Nights to Surrender followed the story of budding artist Kate and the secretive and intriguing Rylan Kate was on a trip to Paris all by herself when she bumped into Rylan who then promised a tour of the many famous sights However one night together sightseeing soon turned into many nights as the couple embarked on a sizzling hot romance His pulse roared He wanted her like this naked and laid out for him all right But he wanted the rest of it too He wanted I easily became swept up in this deliciously romantic story which was set in such a beautiful city I eagerly watched the development of Rylan and Kate s relationship with anticipation The pair appeared to be so well suited to one another and the I discovered about Rylan and Kate the I realised how perfect they were together and that they both had something in common a fear of what their future held Unlike Kate who was uite open about her future concerns Rylan was a bit of a mystery I knew that he was hiding something but I had no idea what it was As I continued I was actually pleasantly surprised by Rylan I had expected him to be a closed off brooding alpha however I soon realised that this was not the case Although Rylan was closed off at the beginning of his relationship with Kate he did begin to open up and I saw a deeply romantic and passionate man who was so obviously falling in love But in a few short days this Singing the Kyrgyz Manas: Saparbek Kasmambetov's Recitations of Epic Poetry girl had wound herself around him and there wasn t any point denying it He d sunk his teeth in too When it was over it wasoing to bleed I have to say one of the things I enjoyed most about this story was the setting I ve never been to Paris before but now having read and fallen in love with this story I think that I may just have to take a trip there myself Maybe I will find my own Rylan whilst I m there I wish Lol If you are in the mood for some Parisian romance I recommend one clicking this book She saw him too fondly In a light he didn t deserve From the scraps of his messed up cobbled together life she d made something beautiful This was my first book from Jeanette Grey and I was truly impressed This author has created a charming story with characters that I found easy to love I am wholeheartedly invested in Rylan and Kate s story and although I did find parts of it to be a little slow paced I will definetly be continuing with the series I cannot wait to see what the next book will bring I m keeping everything crossed for Rylan and Kate and a HEA The man that made love to you IN PARIS THAT S ME THAT S ALL THE Paris That s me That s all the parts of me Seven Nights to Surrender ets from me On paper I should have enjoyed this one a lot The writing was kind of beautiful And honestly there was nothing really wrong with the dialogue or characters Apparently I just never connected to their story I would have loved to et caught up in the whirlwind Paris love affair The beginning was a little boring unfortunately There is a major case of insta love When in actuality it is lust I mean Kate is thinking the L word after a few days of this whirlwind romance That s not love honey You don t even know his last name Rylan is another story I found him kind of slimy He actually doesn t really come off like that He s uite tender with Kate But I couldn t help seeing him as the slimy Tattooed Beauties: The World's Most Beautiful Tattoo Models: English Edition guy who picks up naive tourists Still the story was enjoyable The setting even so And I will have to read the seuel since it kind of ends on a cliffhanger Full review at Smart Bitches Trashy BooksOh how I enjoyed Seven Nights to Surrender by Jeanette Grey It s a lovely travel romance with incredibly hot empowering sex scenes It plays on some of the New Adult tropes I typically hate Hero With Tragic Past Who Cannot Love for example but it does them wellI was so prepared toive this book an A complete with confetti cannon and thenand thenCLIFFHANGERI mean I m trying to be fair here I even consulted the Bitchery on how to review a book with a cliffie ending when you really really liked the book Fortunately the seuel Eight Ways to Ecstasy is already out which means you don t have to wait a year for closureAlso fortunately e readers make it possible to download the seuel immediately even if it s 1 am Remember when you actually had to leave your house to Errand of Mercy get the next book in the series Remember when you had Jeanette Grey has become a must read voice in romance Seven Nights to Surrender is lyrical stunningly sexy and brings swoons for days Christina Lauren New York Times bestselling author By day he'll show her a side of Paris not found in anyuidebook By night he'll introduce her to a passion beyond her wildest dreams In this sensuous story of indulgence and desire Jeanette Grey delivers one of the most romantic.

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Seven Nights to Surrender Art of Passion #1

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Ced in bed her past partners had never satisfied her so she was a lil worried when it came to Rylan but he promised to take things slow but the sexual tension was so strong an Rylan didn t care about takin it slow the feelings he was havin for her made things different for him This did end on a cliffy but not really a bad one it did make me wantin which was The Pirate Queen: Queen Elizabeth I, Her Pirate Adventurers, and the Dawn of Empire good cause I wasnt sure about how it would end an I didn t know there wasoin to but I do want to know how things Tracking Daddy Down go with these to an I want to know about Rylan s life feel like there is still loads to know about his life hope we don t have to wait to long xxx I m a huge fan of Jeanette Grey I ve always loved the way she creates such amazingly layered characters that you can t help but want to know everything about In Seven Nights To Surrender we meet Kate an art student who is trying to decide on her life path and is using a trip to Paris and her life savings to try and help make that decision A chance pick pocketing provides Rylan with an opportunity to charm her hopefully off her feet and into his bed Rylan is nursing some major wounds inflicted by his family and he s basically cut all ties with his family and the company that affords him the lifestyle he currently has Hooking up with tourists is the ideal because there s no commitment and no ties I love that Grey practically takes you to Paris with this book the amazing art and architecture is all here and de Aw man I picked this up after reading the review on Smart Bitches Trashy Books and I am sorateful I did I think the first few chapters felt rough to me because I felt like Grey was having both char 45 Stars for this contemporary New Adult erotic romance Kate is a woman filled with self doubt mostly because men her father and ex boyfriend have put her down a lot She s never had an orgasm with a man and she s not sure she can ever fall for a man not after witnessing her mother s destructive marriage and her own disastrous single foray into dating Kate s an artist spending a week in Paris hoping to learn what to do with her life she has been accepted for her MFA in art and she has a job offer at an ad agency School or work If she can t Cooked: From the Streets to the Stove, from Cocaine to Foie Gras get a better sense how to do her art she sot to take the job rightNaturally for Kate her vacationvision uest begins badly Her purse is snatched at a cafe Her coffee is picked up by a sexy stranger Rylan who entreats Kate to spend some time together as her Fat guidebook is now stolen and he knows the city intimately Kateets the idea that Rylan knows a lot of women intimately and this idea is verified by Rylan who let s face it is a lazy trust fund brat having an extended temper tantrum I do like Rylan but he s exactly that He let his father dictate his life and he was seriously disappointed and unhappy with the resultRylan convinces Kate to hang out and also to let him seduce her he s sure he can satisfy her sexually and he spends several nights doing just that There is a lot of sex most of doing just that There is a lot of sex most of is non penetrative Kate is initially nervous about having intercourse so Rylan satisfies her in other ways and He S Not Specific About s not specific about In fact he counts his lack of action to be a penance for all the half truths he reveals to Kate He s led her to believe that he s a struggling ex pat though this is far from true His father s tarnished legacy has fallen into his lap and he wants nothing to do with it He has a lot of self hate which makes him sympathetic Plus he lives to Lost And Found Bride get Kate off which is kinky fun Rylan wants nothing than to spend these perfect days with Kate but thatets snipped when she learns she s just another lying liar like her cheating ex and her cheating dad Expect a frosty break up and a chance at redemption Expect a whole lotta sexytimes and a fragile ego to become a burnished self esteem Kate and Rylan have serious daddy issues and they deal with them in similar ways By the end neither of them is running which was ood The planned seuel looks to be jus Seven Nights To Surrender is a powerful love story sexy and romantic The story is set in Paris the Most Romantic City In romantic city in world And this will be Kate s most passionate week of her life Kate had been exploring the city of Paris She had made plans to for a uite afternoon sketching But standing alone in a ue in a cafe someone slams into her As Kate pays the Cafe assistant she notices that her purse has one A devilishly handsome man buys Kate her drink But what Kate doesn t know is that Rylan had a short well tested list of rules for picking up a tourist He offers to show Kate around the city of Paris He wants Kate But men are American Kinship: A Cultural Account good at telling a women what they want to hear This man had paid for Kate s coffee How much harm could a conversation and seeing Paris with a stranger really do. Ortune Rather heuards his identity from everyone especially women No strings no commitments no complications But the second his lips taste Kate's soft sweet skin everything changes For the first time Rylan has found someone to share his every want and need Yet he knows that secrets stand between them To keep her he'll need to confess the truth before it's too late even if doing so could mean losing Kate forev. .

O put on pants Maybe even a bra That sucked I remember many mad dashes into Barnes and Noble five minutes before they closed while wearing my PJs and hoping desperately I didn t run into anyone I worked withA lot of the plot hinges on both Kate and Rylan feeling directionless which isn t unrealistic An Ethics of Interrogation given their ages They start off as strangers spending seven nights together in Paris but of course they both discover that they want They also help each other work through their respective issues Rylan inadvertently helps Kate achieve a major breakthrough in her art for exampleSo I m reading this and noticing the number of pages till the end of the booketting smaller and smaller and I m having panicky thoughts like There s not enough pages for them to resolve all their issues Which obviously they don t because like I said this ends on a FUCKING CLIFFHANGER I was so madMaybe that s not fair of me but the thing I like about romance novels is that in one book you Ancestral Voices: Religion and Nationalism in Ireland get resolution Maybe there s a series but it s interconnected stories about different couples I hate it when I m super emotionally invested in a book and realize that I m notoing to Animal Ecology get the closure that I find so satisfying That s why I read romance The seuel is out which saved me from a total freakout but I m still not super thrilledI felt like a lot of the self exploration themes hurr that was totally a masturbation joke could have been shortened in order toet them to a happily ever after in a single book I Art and Cartography: Six Historical Essays get that both Kate and Rylan are having existential crises Some of it just felt too drawn out maybe to justify the second bookI really liked Seven Nights to Surrender I moing to read Eight Ways to Ecstasy but I m oing to be salty about it I m invested in Kate and Rylan s story and I loved a lot of things about the book but I like my romance in single serving sizes please Elyse 35 Sexy StarsKate is in Paris alone and trying to find herself She s an artist and is using this trip to et some inspiration as well as trying to make some big decisions in her life Having a bit of wanderlust in my blood I can say that I understand her need to Anarchist Modernism: Art, Politics, and the First American Avant-Garde get away from home and clear her head and heart She meets Rylan in a cafe when he comes to her rescue and pays for her drink when she is mugged while waiting in line in said cafe He buys her drink and offers his services as a touruide as well Reluctantly and throwing caution out the window she accepts his offer Rylan is charming funny and very very sexy Kate can t help but be charmed by him even though she tries her hardest not to let it show Somehow these strangers connect and end up spending the week etting to know each other and themselves Rylan is the week etting to know each other and themselves Rylan is from the inevitable and it s soon to catch up with whether he likes it or not As the week passes Rylan and Kate both come to some startling realizations I love all of the sites throughout Paris that are included in this story I could envision things in my mind s eye and felt like I was there enjoying it in person I like how Rylan was able to Being after Rousseau: Philosophy and Culture in Question get Kate to open up even if he wasn t being completely forthcoming about himself This is very well written story with lots of sensual sexy time I am looking forward to reading the seuel to see how Kate and Rylan s story ends A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThankod for sexy Rylan Kate hadn t been in Paris long she was there in holidays takin a break from life back in New York her art was everything an c mon to a beautiful city like Paris would Berlioz and His Century: An Introduction to the Age of Romanticism give her inspiration anreat places to draw things but one mornin in a cafe et her coffee her bag ot robbed start the trip of not Atlantic Double-Cross: American Literature and British Influence in the Age of Emerson good but when aorgeous very handsome man brought her her coffee she was shocked once they Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture got talkin an she told him what she was doin he offered to be her touruide I would so take him up on his he is so hot Kate finds herself sayin to Rylan there is a pull between the to of them an Rylan isn t used to this an Kate didn t expect meetin anyone she was there to sort her head out but they ot on well an they decided to see each other again there was something there that Needed To B Explored to b explored did find this book a lil slow at the start then it picked up again an then slow again I found it didn t keep my attention in parts where it was slow the story was ood I liked the character I did Kate a bit whiney in parts I know the men that had been in her life had been arseholes so her uard was up with Rylan as well but he did seem nice an definitely hot they had a up with Rylan as well but he did seem nice an definitely hot they had a time together but her uard was alway up but that didn t matter to Rylan she was worth it an he would just show her how Back of the Yards: The Making of a Local Democracy gorgeous an beautiful she wasnt very experien. Reads of the year and proves why she is fast becoming a must read starSEVEN NIGHTS TO SURRENDERKate arrives in Paris hoping to find inspiration Instead she finds Rylan In a swirl of stolen kisses and hot tangled sheets Kate is uickly swept away by the sexy stranger longing to surrender to his expert touch With Rylan nothing is forbidden except the truthAn American ex pat worth millions Rylan never flaunts his