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The Favorite Daughter eEr the suspense plotting in this book just felt off In Perfect Alibi we pretty much know from the beginning who the villain is And that s a plot choice that can work if the characters are strongnough to pull it off However in this case they just weren t We have journalist Mallory fleeing to her parents home after the murder of a close friend She s positive her Fitness for Geeks eeevilx boyfriend is behind the crime but Mallory Myers makes a big mistake when she agrees to go out with the news anchor at her local TV station After makes a big mistake when she agrees to go out with the news anchor at her local TV station After that mistake she breaks things off with him but he doesn t take kindly to her snubs specially after she dares to present a piece on abuse of women after she suspects him of similar behavior When she comes home to find her best friend and the man s latest girlfriend killed in Mallory s home she GOES HOME TO SPEND TIME WITH HER PARENTS AND home to spend time with her parents and think about what to do next particularly when it appears that no one believes she wasn t the person who killed her friendBut trouble follows her in the form of an attempted arson of her parents home and other attempts to scare her away Who is sending her those threatening text messages Who is trying to kill her and why In the midst of his investigation of the fire at her parents house Mallory meets Logan McDaniel the fire chief of tiny Clover OR He believes her and vows to keep her safe as his investigation pulls him closer Soon it becomes clear that the police aren t paying nough attention to the clues Mallory begins to uncover along with the vidence that She Didn T Set didn t set parents home on fire that it was indeed arsonHow things proceed from there make for a riveting suspenseful nd with a romantic ribbon tying it all together I was very interested when I first heard that Melody Carlson was writing a Love Inspired Suspense since as I ve read many of her books I hadn. One fooled but Mallory knows what he's capable of With no one to trust she flees to her hometown where she finds refuge and help from an unexpected source Fire chief Logan McDaniel is the only one in town willing to. .

In Perfect Alibi Mallory Myers a young Portland journalist flees to her hometown of Clover She is Trying To Escape The Nightmarish to Winter Sunshine escape the nightmarish in her apartment where she found the body of her best friend Kestra Kestra had been murdered there and Mallory fears that she is next Mallory is certain that she knows who the murderer is herx boyfriend Brock Dennison a popular news anchor of a Portland television station When she voices her suspicions Clean read good storyline and likeable characters but disappointed that for a inspirational book it didn t have much proof that anyone relied on God to see them through their troubles This iswas her first romantic intrigue story which I thoroughly Naked Choke enjoyed Kept me wanting to read on and see how itnded Hope she writes another one in this genre Apropos of nothing a few chapters in the male romantic lead breaks into a long winded Christian prayer None of the props or setting are given much thought xcept for the firearms which are all named and apparently chosen based on popularity as opposed to whether they would realistically be used for home defense Formulaic but I suppose that it how you publish over 200 books 25 starsThe author didn t give any reason about y the culprit did what he did and how he *planned it This book is an asy uick read I liked the suspense but then again *it This book is an asy uick read I liked the suspense
then again ve never read type of book before I was not xpecting it to be so sappy The romance is boring and the Healing Souls ending makes no sense Also the characters are constantly giving the same bits of information over and over again and there is no mystery about who s the killer I ve read Melody Carlson before and liked her writing so I was curious to try her first foray into romantic suspense Unfortunately this one just didn t work for me In terms of mechanics it s obvious that we re not dealing with a novice writer Howev. SEEKING REFUGE When her friend is murdered journalist Mallory Myers knows the killer is coming for her next The problem is no one believes her in fact she's considered a suspect Her news anchorx boyfriend has very. T seen a suspense ish book by her Unfortunately I read to 60 and Couldn T Continue Between The t continue Between the that seemed over the top and frankly felt like it was trying to hard and Mallory s personality which why was somewhat understandable with verything she s been through she just seemed well fake and slightly annoying to me I wasn t Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, enjoying it at allAccording to other reviews who finished this book the killer is who it s saidhinted to be so there s no suspense in that regard I probably will try Melody Carlson s other LIS but after this one my hopes aren t high This was the perfect book to fill in a couple of hours while thinking about what I wanted to read next This was an interesting uick readMallory Myers is on the run Recently she s been getting threatening text messages And messages left on her car window But it was the brutal murder of her best friend who was killed in Mallory s apartment that was the final strawShe thinks the person responsible is herx boyfriend a very prominent news anchor The problem is that no one believes her and the local law nforcement consider her a person of interest She leaves town in a hurry returning to her small home town only to find her mother and law nforcement She leaves town in a hurry returning to her small home town only to find her mother and law nforcement away on vacation Within hours someone starts a fire in the woods behind her family homeFire Chief Logan McDaniel investigates and determines that the fire was started on purpose And the threatening texts continue Mallory knows she has to trust some one and Logan is than ready to hear her storyBut is she telling the whole truth Since the x boyfriend is working at the news studio which is being broadcast he has the perfect alibi Or does he Delightful little romantic suspense Very light weight No graphic intimate moments Some violence again not graphicI would recommend this for anyone who njoys romantic suspense. Believe Mallory As the murderer toys with her setting fires and terrorizing her Logan and Mallory become closer He vows to protect her and find a way to break the killer's airtight alibi if it's the last thing he doe.

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