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Olm syndrome or capture bonding is a Now Pitching, Bob Feller: A Baseball Memoir psychologicalhenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have Variance (Raise Your Weapon, positive feelings toward their captors sometimes to theoint of defending and identifying with them These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness Got it 5 1 due being a cliffhanger 4I dislike cliffhangers with a satisfying ending this would have been a full 5 Spoilers ahead This is a book about the dark side of sadomasochism I m not talking about what you commonly get there a tale of atrocities heaped upon each other usually emotionless as hell some competition in who can recount the most horrific torture of em all No This book is about the hapless Mermaid person having aaraphilia the sadist who can t change his ways person having a araphilia the sadist who can t change his ways SUFFERS because of it as much as his victim I get Jason all the way and back I am absolutely sorry Jason all the way and back I am absolutely sorry him and Khan did a magnificent job in bringing us up close to a sexual sadist who can t channel his needs into BDSM because that will simply not be enough to satisfy him And by God he suffers he falls in love with his victim and instantly gets divided between his sexual self Ty and the rest of himself Jason He wants to rescue his beloved and at the same time he still wants to hurt himThe story itself is truly horrific unlike for example such similar themed stories as Waiting in the Throes which is in comparison as unreal as a comic strip or manga with its emotionless depiction of further wider higher of torture and its cardboard characters Angel on the other hand delves deeply into the realistic emotions of real eople not shying away from showing us all the shades there are instead of just black and white The two deaths described in spare elegant and cutting rose are a hundred times gruesome and making this story so much grittier in their matter of factness than anything else I recently read attempting to do a realistic takeHERE in THIS story you get to see the difference between BDSM and sadomasochism This difference is why I so often breathe fire and see red over eople touting the acronym of BDSM when of rights they should stick to sadomasochism instead. Erything in his After Effects Expressions power including fabricating stories to make it seem like everything is fine even when things are not even close to being ‘fine’ His tendency to keep Mason in a happy and ‘safe’ frame of mind is a losing game and when Ty ends up killing the son of a mob boss by mistake Mason too will have toay for it. Angel Angel #1G both responses just didn t fit the scene to me The other area where I felt it slipped a little was the rapid change in both characters attitude a bit too fast and easy for me articularly Angel Unfortunately the hotel scenes is where most of these Arts and Culture: An Introduction to the Humanities, Volume I problems are for me As I said the essential bones of this story has a lot going for it but I think the dialogue inarticular needs a bit of tweaking before I can rate it higher I also think by adding a bit background would be of benefit to the story Angel s family articularly his brother Damian s role could be Explored Earlier Or In Greater Depth Than earlier or in greater depth than was as it would help explain their reactions info about what happened in the years rior to Ty which would explain about Angel s living conditions and his response to Ty and finally a bit info on Angel s days at the hotel when Ty wasn t around would also be good One other thing I did notice the author always wrote him self rather than himself I don t know why this is the case but admit it was one of those things that grated on me while reading 4 Stars This story had so much otential to be a 5 star read for me but I feel a bit disappointed hereI Love AaronAngel his brother Damien Matt and even the Villain TyJason All my friends know that I have this sick and wicked taste for bad guys It does have a friends know that I have this sick and wicked taste for bad guys It does have a story line and charactersWhat is holding my 5th star is the fact that it all happened too fastThe book covers Angel s life from the moment he was kidnapped at 17 and kept confined in a Private Club as a sex slave until he is 24 and out of itIn the Club Aaron met TyJason a sadist tormented by his own demons who named Aaron as Angel and become obsessed with himAngel hated Ty and fantasized about killing him in his sleep and dreamed of the day he would be out of this nightmare For two years Ty had tortured him in every ossible way Then one day the sadistic is hit by conscience and Angel hit by cupid As I said it happened too fast I want to know about them together as a couple I wanted to feel the relationship flourish between them I needed than whatever Syndrome Angel was suffering from IDON TGETITHow the hell this syndrome works I lost count how many times I stopped while reading to try to understand it And so I Google it Stockh. He says he is Or is this a ruse to further torment himBook One Ty and ‘Angel’ are having a rough time of it Even though they love each other it’s obvious Ty has a connection with his ast life of being a contract killer and it’s hard for him to let go of the violence In order to make Mason Angel feel safe Ty tries ev.


A COMPLETE REWRITE FROM THE ORIGINAL This should ve been ublished under a new name because it bears no resemblance to the original version referenced in the good reviews on here This is a complete iece of crap IMHO There s no sex all fade to black BS The characters are two dimensional at best I couldn t give two shites about any of them There is no capture bonding in this at allEnds on a cliffhanger but who cares Maybe book 2 has the juicy bits in it still but I won t be taking the bait It s like wanting a four course meal and getting a limp mushy single iece of lettuce Instead ALERT POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHOY ALERT POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHOY MAN COOTIESI won t lie I originally read this thinking it was going to be a straightforward BDSM dude on dude rapefiestaInstead what I got were freakin twists and turns sychological mindgames were freakin twists and turns sychological mindgames a twisted situation that in my opinion became worseSuffice it to say Ty just isn t my cup of tea The bastard should ve been dropped like a bad habit but one never knows what is in one s heart until it comes out and sits in the living room like a white elephant demanding treatsSo let s just set the elephant aside for now and state this Angel is well written and certainly nicely aced I came to empathize with Angel s The Family-Centered Library Handbook plight the situation he was in and the choices he later had to make As a reader character narrative and thoughtrocesses are important about whether or not I m gonna like em and Angel is a retty interestin guy for a captured slaveAdmittedly though I was rooting for him to make the OTHER choice than what he ultimately did Still a good read altogether highly suggestible if yer into this kinda stuff D5 star A fast shipping would buy from vendor again 3 This novel has a theme that for some unknown reason appeals to me and when I saw the opportunity for a free copy I was lucky enough to receive it thanks CymaI actually have mixed feelings about this novel the basic storyline or the bones of the book is very good but the execution of it was a bit hit and miss for me There were two areas that I felt didn t always ring true First is the dialogue for the most art it was believable but there were times where I felt Angel s response was either not angry enough given the situation or at other times was overly acceptin. A twenty two year old gets captured because of a mistake on the The Magic Flute part of his boyfriend In captivity he meets a man named Mikhail who does nothing but torture him And yet as timeasses and the captiveprisoner game goes on a Stockholm syndrome type relationship begins to form But is Mikhail as ‘bonded’ with his captive as.