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Loved the storyline Makes me want to see if there are any cowboys like the Kincade twins Flatonia Texas If so I want one Story is great there are some editingproofing misses that you notice but it doesn t take away from the story. Travis stunned by anything especially a woman is pure comedy Honestly this series lets me see so many amazing sides of amazing full figured women who know what they want can out wit anyone and have a language filled with sass comedy and truth If you love BBW Texas and Australian cowboys Women With Wicked Words Their with wicked words their with wicked moves you'll love this series and it's Not Even Done Yet I even done yet I happy tears laughed slapped my leg grinned like a fool and I'm craving Thank you Leanore you are utterly amazing I love you than chocolate and that's saying a lot I will always be pushing you to write of this series a constant nag a thorn to your side A Plush Girl for life.


Crazy sexy wild westWhen Texans meets Australians all bets are off This series is like a laugh your bass off sexy soap opera What a great series You will laugh laugh your bass off sexy soap opera What a great series You will laugh and wet your panties while reading these stories Oh and get a CHECK OUT THIS SIX BOOK DEAL and wet your panties while reading these stories Oh and get a CHECK OUT THIS SIX BOOK DEAL Six Book Collection Of The Bestselling BBW Comedy Romance Series Sassy Curvy Women Sexy Cowboys Humor Hot Sex You can't go wrong Bren and Trevor come together but there may be twin trouble Kanda and Wade Kanda literally lassos the guy she wants to pop her cherry Daisy and Rand After all these years will they finally tie the knot Maggie and Travis Can she trust the playboy cowboy of the county REVIEWS 50 out of 5 stars Loved it September 20 2014 Love love love this series These books are laugh out loud funny the BBWs are relatable and likeable and the sex is HOT 50 out of 5 stars PLUSH GIRLS VELVET LOVE July 23 2014 I fell in love Hocolate craving from all the candy talk What better way to spend your day reading this awesome series DangLove this series of hot stories Hot as hell tough men and women with a Texas size taste for them Cowboys and curvy women. Ith the first book in this series Double Plush I've been hooked line and sinker Or as Kanda would say 'I'm hooked gone done been trapped in a ring fence' It's not ust about sweet Bren and Trevor Kanda and Wade or Daisy and Rand Little Maggie has ust found what she wanted At Least The Cover She least the cover She her hands full if she thinks she can change Travis' ways Chicken Hawk and all He's not 'just purty on the outside ust hotter THAN BLUE BLAZES WITH A BLANK blue blazes with a blank on the inside' as Maggie said and looking at me like I'm something he's itching for but doesn't have to scratch to get it I love Maggie's sweet innocent side trying to out best a cowboy who always got his way. .
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Boxed Bonus Velvet Series