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The Girls of October

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What s up my spooky *Little Ghouls It S The *ghouls It s the season and I am in the mood to get scared I have gone horror crazy I ve bought scary books and scary movies and tickets to Fall Activities I am the sucker that people market for when September olls around Anyway I got this bad boy because it seemed scary and was on sale on the Kindle I m also the sucker that people market for when they put things on saleI didn t have many expectations going into this book impulse buy lol so I was eally surprised and ended up enjoying the format of the novel Told through news excerpts interviews film analysis AND OTHER WRITTEN TEXTS THE STORY other written "Texts The Story A Young Girl Beverly "the story a young girl Beverly she tries to battle the evil force that seems to uin her life The editor of these writings included some of Beverly s juvenile short stories and later film analyses of horror films like Halloween and they became my favorite parts of the novel The film analyses were impactful as they conveyed Beverly s mind space during that time in her life and changed how I actually view the source material After Close to the Land: The Way We Lived in North Carolina, 1820-1870 reading this novel Iewatched John Carpenter s Halloween and looked for Beverly s Berlayar di Pamor Badik reading of the film as well as the parallels between her story and Laurie s There is a compelling ambiguity that extends throughout the entire novel Theeader like most of the characters are never entirely sure what is L. Munatius Plancus real and what is imagined is the bogeyman that haunts Beverly s life supernatural or is it just aeflection and punishment for her fascination with the macabre This uestion makes the Münchhausen's Pigtail, or Psychotherapy Reality reading engaging and kept me flipping through the pages to figure out the truthI will say that the ending didn t feel as powerful as other parts of the novel Where the epistolary form succeeds in most parts the ending would be powerful if it was told directly through Beverly s voice That seems hard to do with the form but I think that s the main factor that I could put my finger on that held me back from giving the book a full 5 stareviewOverall I enjoyed the book and it encouraged me to watch some classic scary movies Win win Spooky spoopy Well wri. The Girls of October tells the story of a young woman who develops a strange fascination with John Carpenter’s Halloween believing that somewhere within the 1978 horror classic lays the truth behind an .
Tten and uniuely crafted The Girls of October is a chilling composition I jumped into the novel blindly and to say I became hooked is an understatement I m grateful I didn t start this BEFORE BED BECAUSE I NEVER WOULD HAVE SLEPT THROUGH bed because I never would have slept through night Almost immediately I was online fact checking because I couldn t tell where fiction and nonfiction meshed The details are so finely interlaced that an unaware eader could easily have a The War of the Worlds moment It is formatted as an epistolary a fancy way of saying that if you were Captivated By Bram Stoker by Bram Stoker Dracula or Mary Shelley s Frankenstein then this is going to be eually engrossing The story is likewise told through letters articles scripts etc think literary pseudo documentary Each piece of this supernatural puzzle is assembled flawlessly across a diversity of voices and ange of formats Whether it was a movie script or newspaper article I never felt thrown off because the jargon and writing was spot on While I was impressed by the techniue and the storyline was an eually enthralling The Pink Pearl ride the character of Beverly Dreger made this unforgettable The movie Halloween is a centralizing theme and obsession of Beverly s Though I dimlyemember the details of the film I have never forgotten the pure terror it inspired even 20 years after my first viewing Even today I would Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe refuse to watch it without company or without all the lights on Aftereading The Girls of October I can easily say that the lead Beverly Dreger is as fascinating as Michael Myers ever was and for similar The Violinist and The Son of Redhead: Two Plays by Leonard Melfi reason Beverly s inner motivations and true personality are tantalizingly obscure Like a horror movie villain we onlyeally see her through the fearful
And Wary Eyes Of 
wary eyes of Beverly s only voice arises from the plays and articles she has written and these are presented as evidence and drip of horrific foreboding She is an enigma an absence of character that drives the suspense and fear and left me Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela rereading the novel to puzzle out the details I highlyecommend this book Psychological horror fans will be elated and fans of other genres will enjoy as I did an au. Rcane force that has terrorized her since her childhoodAs an escape from a world that has not always been kind film student Beverly Dreger takes comfort in spooky urban legends horror movies and monster ma. ,

Thor sure to be known for his innovative but carefully written approach Easily a 5 star experience When I first picked up the books I was intrigued I usually ead the traditional stories whether they are in first person of third person There is a story line to it that would lead you to climax at the end of the book But in the books by Josh Hancock they were written like a film documentary At least that is how i pictured it in my head how I pictured it in my head I was eading them You film documentary At least that is how I pictured it in my head as I was eading them You those documentaries on The History Channel CNN etc You have the interviews the voice Octavio's Journey recordings pictures videos and such That is how you will see it in your mind when you areeading these books You have the voice of the characters you will see a vintage video of interviews from the eighties I Philosophy in Social Work recommend these books to anyone who love the independent horror Future filmmakers future authorseaders current authors Anyone who is looking for a different way to write or to give that different perspective to Americana: The Kinks, the Riff, the Road: The Story readers and viewers It is different it is exciting and I guarantee you that you will not be able to put these books down A modern day horror masterpiece Ever fan of horror movies books horror of any kind will love this definitive story of the bogeyman Gutsy novel told entirely through policeeports psychiatric interviews newspaper and tabloid articles adio plays letters horror essays and film scripts It tells the story of a film student s obsession with the John Carpenter film Halloween without giving too much away at a critical point in the story the protagonist writes a 20 page treatise on the film which is included in the book and how this obsession possibly led to a triple murder known as the Woodhurst Murders I had to ead this carefully due to the uniue format but as a horror enthusiast I loved it It s like a love letter to Halloween Friday the 13th Texas Chainsaw Last House on the Left grindhouse films in general and many others Not an easy Organizing Power read if youe not into film scholarship but totally unconventional and original with plenty of gruesome seuences throughout Would love to Bipedal, By Pedal: Confidential Mad Libs read experimental horror like this. Gazines But when a string of bizarre murders draws her closer to the folkloric entity known as “the bogeyman” Beverly must unravel the mystery of her past and confront an ancient evilAn epistolary nove.