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Ldren have all now found their mate and are settling down and starting families It s due to this he agrees to accompany the woman that took them in and raised them to the Montoya Ranch to help with the delivering of Sam and Bella first child As this reuires traveling through Comanche territory a team of men are needed for protection So along with men Sam sent from the Ranch Tia and her husband Ed and the surprise addition of photographer Josey Kinder the wagon train sets off One thing I ve always through this author does beautifully is her descriptions of the wild west and a realistic view of how tough it was living in those days The group encounter a storm and tornado along the way and when you re out in the middle of the frontier there is no warning or even places to take shelter you felt like you were experiencing it right along with the characters intense and scary Luke and Josey as with most of the Hell s 8 couples couldn t be different That is another thing that has always set this series apart is how she can take two people from different walks of life ethnicity religion tragic pasts and make them work together I enjoyed this story and also getting to experience the birth harrowing as it was of Sam and Bella children My only hope as I finished this book and its a big one is that the author would do one book bringing all the Hell s Eight back together or at least giving us an update on all 8 couples We got a glimpse of a few through this book but I would love a wrap up book It s been an incredible journey since first meeting Caine Allen and the men that make up Hell s Eight Received 4 stars RT Book ReviewsMiniseries Hell s Eight book 8 Luke s Cut Is The Eighth is the eighth in the Hell s Eight series and it is a great addition to the erotic historical romance series Luke Bellen is the last one who is still single and wonders if he is meant to settle down He s seen big changes at Hell s Eight ranch and can t put his finger on it but he s looking for something What he can t figure is why the pretty photographer has caught his eye Josie Kinder Is Here To Photograph Her Kinder is here to photograph her s wedding and is so contrary to Luke that every move she makes somehow aggravates him She senses it too and wonders what she could have done to get under his skin Things go from prickly to hot and sensuous when they are both trekking across Texas in Comanche territory and Luke sees there is to the woman and he likes itI like the pairing of Luke with Josie because they were both were what the other needed They may be opposites in many ways but they both Have An Artistic Side an artistic side them and they both appreciated it in the other He also saw a lusty passionate in her that was dying to get out and he had no problem bringing it out in her It might have been rocky in the beginning but she grew on him and he found out that she was stronger than he originally predicted She s an easterner and not use to the western ways and the harshness of life in the wilds of Texas Somehow she showed gumption when faced with the bandits a tornado and the Indians What she just needed is a bit of soul searching to see what she wanted in life and if she could have it all Thankfully Luke showed her it can be easy if you trust another with your heart It has been a pleasure reading this series and learning so much in the process Sarah McCarty s writing shows the reality of the west in the 1800 s and the conditions for women all in a historical romance story It was good to see the other characters from previous stories and see the big changes happening especially for Sam and Bella My only regret in this story is that there wasn t an epilogue I felt like it left me hanging there in the end It would have been nice to see a glimpse in the future and how the Hell s Eight men are doing with life and their lovesReview copy provided for a voluntary review. Layful banter is a powerful current of lust pure but not so simple If only Luke weren't so damned proper he'd see that the years between them don't matter a whit not when a single touch can set them both ablaze Josie's hell bent on having it all and that includes eeping Luke in the pictureunless the vengeful bandits on their trail find them first. I liked the book but the chacters seemed off Josey s upbringing didn t match her personality She is timid and tries not to be noticed but she isn t hurt when Sam s family rejects her present At the point where Luke turned his back on her she runs after him given her up bringing her personality should have prompted her to leave Luke and the family especially when the family reject her gift That part just didn t make sense It almost seems as though a portion of the book was cut out Posted on Les Romantiues Le forum du siteReviewed by FabiolaReview Copy from the PublisherLuke s Cut is the 8th and last volume in the Hell s Eight series by Sarah McCarty It s a very peculiar series with some very dark volumes and other light Strangely or not lol my favorites are the lightest ones Luke s Cut is indeed the lightest volume and I think she concludes it perfectlyThe Hell s Eight series is an addictive one I discovered with Sam and Bella s story in Sam s Creed and I read it totally The author succeeded perfectly in interesting the reader to her story and her universeThe story takes place sometime after the end of Ace s Wild my review is here At the end of this volume I had or less thought of another heroine for Luke and I said in my review I hope I m not mistaken Because if it s not her I think ll be really disappointed Well Luke s heroine is totally different and yet I m not disappointed LOL I say the author is very talented I don t jokeSo we yet I m not disappointed LOL When I say the author is very talented I don t jokeSo we a new female character Josie Kinder for whom the hero has had a very strong attraction for sometimes now to which he doesn t want to yield Luke Bellen saw all his friends Get Married In The Course Of The married in the course of the and he feels it s time for him to think about what he likes doing go on adventures And why not find someone for himself But before that he has a last mission for the Hell s Eight protecting a convoy made of Tia the woman all the hell s Eight consider as a mother And of course Josie will be part of this convoyOver the days our heroes have and difficulty resisting to their attraction however the love scenes arrive very late in the story First because Josie is illegitimate and she grew up with the idea she shouldn t let her desires and dreams talk Also even if she has strong feelings for Luke she dreams of freedom and doesn t want someone to thwart this project So she must make choicesLuke as for him takes really uickly the decision to eep her but he prefers to give her space all the while never hesitating to relentlessly woo her to show her he wants herLuke and Josie make a beautiful couple with the same aspirations but they don t realise it straightaway Their attraction is palpable in the book and the evolution of the love story is very beautifulAs for the broached themes the author tells us about photography while using technical vocabulary showing she s done good researches Sarah McCarty also tells us about the beginning of C section one of the biggest progress regarding birthingTo conclude Luke s Cut is a volume to read Fans will perhaps find it too light but for me it was great like this Luke Bellen is the last bachelor of the infamous and dangerous Hell s Eight and seeing all the happily married couples around him has made him feel restless Unlike his friends he doesn t feel ready for settling down on the ranch but that doesn t mean he doesn t feel a little lonely when he sees the closeness the other couples have Josey Kinder has spent most her life for apologising for existing and doing her best to become invisible however heading into the rough and beautiful terrain of the West calls to the wilder side of herself that she eeps hidden Luke also seems to be chasing the mouse out of her as he seems to simultaneously provokes and cares for her However as they travel together through dangerous territory Josey realised it isn. He's the last bachelor standing among the men of Hell's Eight and he'll settle for nothing less than passionUnencumbered by wife or family Luke Bellen is the obvious member of Hell's Eight to lead a treacherous trek across Comanche territory But Luke suspects he will never now another minute's peace when photographer Josie Kinder joins the wagon.

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T only her heart she is risking but as bandits continue to pursue them maybe her life as wellThree years Three years I have been waiting for this book in what I assume to be the final book in the Hell s Eight series where we finally see the last lonely bachelor taking down by love Was it worth the wait Those long lonely three years Honestly I am not sure I liked this book and as someone who doesn t like to leave things unfinished I am glad we now have a full and complete set of paired up Hell s Eight men However if I take that sense of tidiness and order away and look at the book in isolationit was a good read but probably not worth waiting three years forLuke s Cut also felt strangely un Sarah McCarty like I am used to her red hot erotic historical westerns which is what I was expecting in this book But this book definitely dialled down on the sexiness scale she didn t even have her customary anal sex anyone who has read any amount of McCarty will now what I mean I am pretty sure it happens in EVERY book she has written and I missed it Not necessarily the anal sex thing but I loved how erotic these book were written and I missed it Not necessarily the anal sex thing but I loved how erotic these book were in comparison Luke s Cut felt a little Luke warm haha did you see what I did thereSexiness aside I did like the romance between Luke and Josey there was some good back and forth between them and I enjoyed seeing Luke help bring Josey out of her shell I also liked that Josey wasn t just a damsel in distress type despite having no survival skills she some how managed to hold her own and eep Luke on his toes Which is exactly what Luke needed unlike the others in Hell s Eight Luke doesn t want to settle down he hasn t uenched his thirst for adventure yet and luckily neither doesn t want to settle down he hasn t uenched his thirst for adventure yet and luckily neither Josey another reason why they are perfect for one anotherLuke s Cut although not my favourite book in the series was a nice end to the Hell s Eight series I am eeping my fingers crossed though and hoping that McCarty will start a new spin off series for the Montoya Ranch That way I can still see my Hell s Eight honey bunnies AND see some of the sexy Montoya men ARC provided by publisherReviewed by Suzanne Don t want to miss any of our posts Subscribe to our blog by email ARC received for reviewIt was good but not as good as the first two booksLuke the last single man of the Hell s Eight finally meets his darling Josie It was slow in parts and hot in others Loved seeing some of the gang again especially Sam Bella Now I Helpmate know this is the last member of Hell s Eight but there was a story line started in this book that didn t reach it s conclusiondoes that mean there s another book As this one started out Luke was a bit melancholy it seems like he was being left behind with all of his Hell s Eight mates finding their women It didn t help that the a friend was getting married to a women he hoped would be his I think Lukenew this woman wasn t for him but he wanted what his friends hadI wasn t sure about Josie at first but as the book went on I really liked her Loved how she Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy kept Luke on his toes and he threw Josie off When Josie could relax she had fun with Luke during some crazy events realizing that she could depend on Luke Luke seemed to really like Josie and her unusual ways to look at thingsI loved that when push came to shove Josie chose the right thing and did so in a way that Luke was sure she was also choosing him Ok ok ok Was just informed this book is out now today OMG Yea Going to the store to find it tomorrow ASAP stat This wasn t as bad and as smexed up as some of the the others in the series to me and had a bit substance and better editing than in the past A final return to the Western Frontier with the last man of the Hell s Eight to finally find his woman Luke Bellen is feeling a bit nostalgic Both for times past and a little envy that all of the men he went through hell with as chi. Train Whip smart Josie has a voluptuous figure a sunny disposition and anack for getting into dangerous scrapes in pursuit of the perfect shot Luke thinks Josie's too young too sweet to be despoiled by the rough life and hard bitten land he lovesBut independent Josie won't let any man however commanding decide what's best for her Beneath their .

Lukes Cut Hells Eight #8