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Ury I wouldn t tell Especially not one that could and probably would land them in prison It seems stupid that he would tell everyone unless the money has run out but I doubt that his family would have let him It just seems fakeI kept waiting for the author to go into detail about the train robbery but I had to read about the world war other robberies and times spent in prison that surprisingly did not interest me at all His uncle George s part in the robbery was explained throughout the book in little snippets but on chapter eight did he finally go into details More than annoying Too cute for my taste The gritty history of a historic crime is told in a barroom style which asks ou to enjoy the telling from a conversational geezer who won t keep his cheeky personality out of his tale too much sanctimonious love for his tale Too much sanctimonious love for robbers becomes fatiguing and charmless Interesting read Part of me is a little sceptical as to whether it s true or not not but thinking about it why would he make it up. And the true identity of the man behind the robbery all too wellIn this engrossing biography the only living person who personally knows the real mastermind revisits the Great Train Robbery and rewrites history as we know it Full of explosive fresh revelations The Secret Train Robber sees the final piece of the puzzle firmly set in place and the name of one of Britain’s most sophisticated criminal minds ever is finally reveale.

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Sed I took the time to look it up and read it Interesting but sometimes a chore to read as the author kept introducing new people and it all got a little confusing as to who was who I d like Kojiki you to meet m uncle George the mastermind behind the Great Train Robbery and the greatest criminal of the twentieth centuryThis book was bad I did not like it at all The author kept sidetracking and went into so much detail that seemed unnecessary and irrelevant which was a shame because the Great Train Robbery interests me and I was hoping this book would really entertain me I really struggled to read itI personally don t think his uncle was the mastermind behind the robbery because if he was why wouldou blab Why would a book deal be so important that it would risk any money he still has to be taken from The Ultimate EU Test Book Administrators 2020 you It seems like a theory that his family would brag about and he never got told that it wasn t true I know that if a family member of mine told me a massive secret they had kept for half a cent. Today films television dramas and documentaries continue to study the smallest of details of one of the most daring and cleverly concocted criminal plans of all timeMuch of the gang were later captured and paid the price with lengthy jail sentences But 50ears on many still uestion who the real mastermind behind the plot For ears most people accepted that Bruce Reynolds still uestion who the real mastermind behind the plot For ears most people accepted that Bruce Reynolds but is that really the caseOne man knows the answer. .

Lee Sturley isn t an author he is a man with a story to tell That is exactly how this book is written I author he is a man with a story to tell That is exactly how this book is written I the story telling aspect of the writing as if Lee was talking to ou over a pint in the pubI had a reason for wanting to read this book due to some of the details and one person in particular who was mentionedI found it an interesting read getting a different view point other than the galmourised Ronnie Biggs version of the Great Train Robbery I doubt we will even know the real truth as to who was behind the greatest crime of the century So many who were involved are long gone from this earth and took their secrets with themI enjoyed this book and would recommend it anyone with an interest in the crime itself I did get a
little distracted with 
distracted with many different names that were being cast into the book along the way I struggled to keep up This is a recollection of the life Lee knew therefore he tells it as he remembers it and what he saw himself A worth while read and I am plea. The Crime of the Century The biggest train heist in Britain’s history The Great Train RobberyIn the early hours of Thursday 8th August 1963 a fifteen strong gang stole £26 million £45 million of today’s money from the Glasgow to London mail train at Sears Crossing BuckinghamshireThe crime was so epic; every single development of the case was followed tirelessly by the pressCountless books have since been published and even.

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