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Tom s a favorite of mine and and every time I pick up one of his novels This one though I ll be honest my favorite author is Chuck Palahniuk not Tom Spanbauer but this one though This book is by far the most significant book I ve ever read my FAVORITE book now too It s in my opinion the best modern book on the shelf Don t miss outAlso anyone who s ignorant enough to mistreat homosexuals you ought to read this too it ll make you feel like such an ass and maybe you ll get it then Everyone should read at least one Tom Spanbauer am in it then Everyone should read at least one Tom Spanbauer Chicago Neighborhoods and Suburbs: A Historical Guide jam in life His words and syntax are what major publishing houses miss when they recruit new talent and his wizardry is unbridled excellence in literary culture Thisam s ust another example of #spanbauer magic a story about a middle aged #magic a story about a middle aged man who d experienced life as a straight man and doesn t want to spend his time with so many lost years lacking the love he d always yearned This he found in a strapping man Hank although ten years his senior There s much to the story than that but I don t like to write too much about a good am that might spoil the story for others I picked this book up on a whim at a BarnesNoble on a table with contemporary fiction of note as I was buying a travel guide for a coming trip thinking it s always good to have a book when traveling because you never know when you ll be stuck in the airport or somewhere and the inside front cover and back cover were full of glowing reviews and I thought man it s been a while since I read any contemporary LGBT fiction and given a part of the novel takes place in my neighborhood in the mid80s I thought this should be interesting and how could I go wrongApparently I could go very wrongIt s Spanbauer s style that really made every page of this a pissing me off experience his sentence fragments clipped awkward the fragment dammit the fucking fragment what it s doing his constant repetitions his insertion of phrases and citations from songs and ads and other pop effluvia groan his peppering of the text with what I assume are intended to be subtle truths and profound aphorisms on sweat dance men Five pages in and I knew I hated his styleAnd all this coming through Spanbauer s 1st person narrator Ben the wretched guilt obsessed Catholic trembling weepy frightened often pettyjealous gaybi writerstudentteacher suffering from erectile disfunction and later AIDS It s pretty hard to want to follow him on his 20 year ourney when the tics of Hank y Ben establecieron una profunda amistad en el Nueva York de los años ochenta mientras aprendían a convertirse en escritores Hank era heterosexual y Ben a pesar de haber estado con. Is style and obsessive repetitions Big Ben Little Ben the filament in his chest the most miserable at the bottom of hell and uirky citations Portnoy s complaint dead Lorca Atlas shrugs if you can #Make It Here You Ve Come A #it here you ve come a way babe swallow all the air in the roomI also didn t find that the narrator truly made a case for why Hank was so fascinating so worthy of his love and obsession I didn t see the magic I ust saw some big ol Joe with dark eyes and broad shoulders Calling a guy a saint and a guardian and describing his roman nose and laughter and farts isn t enough to make me believe he s worth falling in love with And I certainly didn t see why Hank or anyone would be drawn to Ben What are Hank and Ruth and Buster and Andy seeing that I don t see Hell if I know And given that everything in the story is predicated upon the narrator s love for Hank and their friendship what s one to doAnd don t get me started on how the narrator treats Ruth The 1st person male t get me started on how the narrator treats Ruth The 1st person male doesn t leave much room for her pains and frustrations And while it s surely unintentional I felt a fair amount of misogyny in Ben s appraisal of their relationshipOn a narrative level especially in the first half of the book Spanbauer s writing feels sloppy unedited unrevised or over revised The story is constantly cut with asides and memories and tidbits scenes end abruptly then pick up later after some curtain has dropped flashbacksforwards abound but none of this with a Proustian or Faulknerian hallucinatory control it ust feels lazy And it s very frustratingI will say that the second half of the book from the Idaho trip on is a better read than the initial Hank and Ben in New York section There s some nice moments in the hot springs in Portland The material on AIDS and clinical depression is heartfelt and earnest But everywhere there s still that damn style And Ben Fucking GruneyOh and then there s the layout though even a poorly edited book can shine at times Whoever edited this book should be sent back to design school A one inch top margin and a inch bottom margin make the whole book look mis cut Then there s the deep gutter a 1cm paragraph indent but no indent at section beginnings which are THREE WORDS IN all caps and the unjustified text And another thing if you use roman numerals for front matter when you start numbering pages in the story you really should restart at 1 The layout is about as awkward as Catholic schoolboy at his first screeni. Mujeres un homosexual en toda regla En los años noventa Ben ya sin Hank y enfermo de sida se enamoró de Ruth una de sus estudiantes de escritura creativa en PortlandEl día ue Hank apa. Yo te uise másNg of Rocky Horror Picture Show I am unsure if this fed upness is intentionalSadly Spanbauer s ust not the author for me I closed the final page of this novel and couldn t move And then the tears cameSpanbauer has written a novel so painful and honest that at times it felt like a physical punch to the gut This a piece of work that you immerse yourself in I lived these characters livesNow I m going to spend the rest of my day feeling not uite sure what to do with myself because I m still processing all these feelings First of all the pub date is 1st 2014 But you can order this NOW #direct from hawthorne books link were so #from Hawthorne books Link Link were so things I took away from Tom Spanbauer s workshop But two of them really stood out in this book and stood out in a way where I can recommend the book to anybodyThe first one that a writer should tell a story the way he would tell it to a dear friend he hasn t seen in years 2 cocktails in You pick up your old friend at the airport you say Have I got a story for you But first I need a drink Right in the middle of that second Ginger Whale a drink that some idiots call a Highball missing the obvious combination of the words whiskey and ginger ale you start in This book it s like that Except betterYou know how your friends have one or two really great stories Tom Spanbauer is the friend who has dozens More than dozens Some of them are sad some are hilarious A lot of them are a lot than one thing All of them are incredible and all of them are told Classic Rough News just rightThe beauty is sometimes when a friend has this many great stories you kind of hate that person You know every part of his or her life is Epic Life Changing Really Made Me Re Evaluate But this book this book strikes the perfect balance You believe the narrator You want to hear how his stories end But he s not in it to make himself out to be the heroThe second thing uoting another author he said that a reader should be brought to his knees riven before the event It s a great description of how it feels to finish a great book Youust don t know what to do next You sit there holding it closed and it s hard to believe that everything happened in between those covers The book feels larger heavier It s hard to believe after you read a book like I Loved You More that these things didn t happen to EVERYBODY That you can t go up to people and say Remember when Ben and Hank went to that book thing in Idaho and The book this book It felt like the whole worl. Reció de nuevo en escena nada pudo evitar ue se cumpliera auella famosa regla del tres según la cual a un trío siempre se le acaba sumando un cuarto o restando uno Ben uien uedó fuera. ,

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