The Pregnancy Plot Brothers in Arms Retribution #2 (KINDLE)

The Pregnancy Plot by Carol Ericson Nina Moore moves to an island to restore a bed and breakfast house left to her by her stepdad She is pregnant by Nina s ex fiance is missing and she s pregnant with his child Someone is stalking her in Los Angeles so she moves back to Break Island in Washington where she stalking her in Los Angeles so she moves back to Break Island in Washington where she up Her parents had a BB there and she has decided it would be a great place to raise her child The People There Would Nuture there would nuture and her #little family and she could run the BBEnter in Jace the #family and she could run the BBEnter in Jace the Ops agent from the same agency as her ex fiance He s there to protect Nina and her unborn baby from another secret agency Jace doesn t want to babysit as he calls it but as soon as he meets Nina he s smitten I didn t like that there wasn t a lot of chemistry between the two of them but there was enough to eep both of them interested in the other As soon as Jace enters Nina s world things start happening Her boat sinks her crazy step sister and her latest loser boyfriend are everywhere Lou the step sister is mad because HER father willed the BB to Nina the step child and not to his own daughter Lou wants the money from it Then Nina s ex fiance s long lost brother appears and things happen Bodies turn up a monster storm confines everyone to the Island for the durationThere was plenty of action to 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, keep me turning the pages would just have liked a bit heart thudding romance between Jace and Nina All in all a good read and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for some cloak and dagger suspense Big Bag o Fluff 13Iind of want to go back and re rate all my other books so that when I give this book one star it will really mean something I m a sucker for books where they fix up an old house and fall in love so this one seemed promising And the beginning is uite atmospheric. An undercover agent has one assignment protect a pregnant woman who may Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı know a lot than she's tellingNina Moore has no idea her life and the life of her unborn child is in danger She onlynows she's grateful for the handsome handyman helping. Which also seemed promising islands imminent storm etc But the hero saws a couple of boards and that s it for fixing up the But the hero saws a couple of boards and that s it for fixing up the and the next thing you Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines know you renee deep in genetically engineered mutant babies And I don t even now what to say about the weird Shakespeare references The bad guys are Tempest led by shadowy super villain Caliban and the good guys are part of Prospero which was all just so annoying and unbelievable I can t believe I m complaining about verisimilitude In A Book Like a book like Maybes 1 cowboy single father cook 1 cowboy PI cook 1 former Marine bodyguard 1 cop 1 sealDonations 1 cowboy 1 cowboy cop 1 martial arts instructor bounty hunter 1 undercover cop 1 PI 1 cop with PTSD 1 cop 1 secret agent Book Two of Brothers in Arms Retribution this is the first book I m reading by Carol Ericson ad I can t wait to read books written by her The Cast of Characters itself has me thrilled This was an impulse buy after the blurb and the cover captivated me at a second hand book saleAs the nurse hands over her unborn baby s first picture who at eighteen weeks is not really distinguishable Nina Moore wonders if she would even find her baby s father in time Simon Skinner had dropped off from the face of the earth after she broke off their engagement some four months ago and she had the sneaking suspicion that he was following her stealthily She wants to leave LA for the bed and breakfast run by her late stepfather in Puget Sound Washington in order to feel safeWhat cements her decision to move to the fictitious Break Island is a broken down car and when she clearly saw someone following her Jason Bennett manages to reach the island on his boss Jack Coburn s orders A Prospero agent he s there to protect that crazy pregnant lady and to get information on Skinner if possible. Her restore her bed and breakfast But Jase Bennett isn't the average jack of all trades he's a special ops agent assigned to protect Nina from Tempest the organisation responsible for Nina's ex fiancé's death Getting close to the vulnerable

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The Pregnancy Plot Brothers in Arms Retribution #2