For Life

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Man that made her feel the same way as Grady "he had left an indelible mark they had made an indelible mark on each other I am his sustenance "had left an indelible mark they had made an indelible mark on each other I am his sustenance he is my salvation When tragedy strikes and Grady and Cassie are thrown together for the first time in eleven years will it be heaven or hell Grady has been intent on winning Cassie back will those old feelings resurface or will the past be too hard to forget I know what I signed I know what we are legally But those divorce papers don t mean shit to me I ve loved you since I was sixteen years old and I ll never love another woman but you as long as I live Cassie has a lot of soul searching to do in this book the past is the past and even though she appreciates that Grady is not the man he was eleven years ago it still hurts to go there but one thing that she cannot ignore is the chemistry that these two still have These two sizzle The looks the touches all captivate you into their story and the sexual tension in this book is off the chartsLE Chamberlin really delivered on character connection in this book it was powerful intense and all consuming It was an honest story and extremely relatable as I am sure many couples go through this all the time With kids in the picture they too have to be taken into consideration and this was done really well These two really were a great family nit despite their divorce and even so when they try to make a go of things a second time And when I feel the wetness against my skin it takes me a minute to realize that Grady s crying His tears are washing me clean absolving me of my sins baptizing me in his love This book will melt you heart it is a sweet romantic read for all s hopeless romantics My only little niggle was that in places it was a bit too wordy and in some parts this made the story drag a little but because I was so wordy and in some parts this made the story drag a little but because I was so I carried on regardless else this would have been a solid four star read for meI cannot wait for the next book which is another characters story I just know that it is going to be one emotional read and I cannot wait to get my hands on itwwwtheromancecovercom I honestly think one of the best highs is finishing an absolutely fabulous book A book you don t want to put down tell everyone about and ltimately makes you fall in love with reading again Trust me For Life is. Part Now despite sharing custody of their two children they’ve barely spoken face to face in nearly eleven yearsShe’s managed to keep both Grady and her emotions at bay for over a decade but when a family tragedy throws the tw. 45 stars LOVED this second chance romance It was sweet sad steamy and relatable The flashbacks of the past were woven into the story perfectly Cannot wait for Renee s book Nothing is too much to bear if we can share it Nothing is too much to feel if we aren t feeling it aloneLife should always be as easy as folding a load of towelsI am his sustenance and he is my salvation For Life by LE Chamberlin35 stars although he s the father of my children "and my first love how well do I really the man " my first love how well do I really know man Mahoney is today This book ticked many boxes for me I love it when the H s are older couples and in this case these two were in their late thirties I also love second chance romance and again this one delivered so there was a lot to love about this bookCassie and Grady were high school sweethearts and when they fell they fell hard The last thing they expected was an nplanned pregnancy when they were so young but these two took it on the chin and they dealt They got married became parents and in fact had another child as well The pressures of providing for his family made Grady make some misguided decisions and while not intending on hurting Cassie they did and this caused them to separate and divorce Grady cleaned p his act and now eleven years later he still pines after her still hasn t given p hope that they can once again reconnect even though she does not speak to him only the odd five minute conversation or email about the kids He certainly has his work Cut Out I Ve out I ve you for twenty one years Cass I m not going anywhere Even when we split p I was still yours I adored Grady he knew he had made his mistakes and had done everything to change the man he was He has grown Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie up a lot and is one amazing father His children adore him as does his family You could tell that he still carried a torch for Cassie she was the one that got away and despite trying to move on he just couldn t he wanted his soul mate backCassie was a strong woman she had to be really she had her kids early and then became a single mother and she had to growp fast too She had a fantastic job she was resilient and extremely self sufficient but she had her cracks too She went to counselling and she too had tried to move on but couldn t Even though she felt she didn t like Grady she still couldn t find Cassie Daley found her soulmate at seventeen Steadfast sexy and bold Grady Mahoney walked into her world one night and claimed her for life But after an nplanned college pregnancy and six years of struggling their marriage fell ,

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The sort of book that will have you 45 I honestly didn t know how to start this review I typed a line I deleted I typed another I deleted Some scenes in this book just pop p in my head and thinking about them gets me teary eyed all over again It s such a moving story about second chances sob Grady and Cassie have a long history They met when they were kids married young had kids couldn t sustain the marriage divorced and 12 years later so goes the story What happens after is the attempt to reconnect the efforts it took to not look back the ways to move forward with now grown children to consider as well and the acknowledgment of This Beautiful Thing They Have Between Them That Passionate Connection beautiful thing they have between them that passionate connection has a lot of emotional baggage from the beginning who s just trying to be the best mom for their kids I have to say she challenged me a bit but this is all personal take I was imposing my own feels on her a few time Some of her decisions frustrated me but like I said that s just me being all mcjudgy Luckily she woman ed A Letter To Pakistan up at the end whew Grady I don t have enough words for Grady He may have messedp the first time but talk about redemption I swear you think of every adjective you can think of but talk about redemption I swear you think of every adjective you can think of your ideal man BBF book boyfriendg he s got it yes I say he does hubby need not know hehe To Casey s credit she helped further build that image of Grady just the way she saw him Seriously I cannot be any captivated by Grady swoon "SO YOU HAVE WELL DEVELOPED CHARACTERS " you have well developed characters the Hh to their children and the people who surround them and a story full of emotions It mirrors real life so much that reading this honestly feels like being given an intimate view into a relationship of a dear friend or one s own for that matter Married or not I don t think anyone can argue the emotions this story will evoke sigh I ve read LE s short stories before and she already impressed me with just few pages I wondered then how much she can do with a full length story and now I wonder no Well done LE well done Can t wait for ARC received and I also own a copyBR with the Canaries If low level but still emotionally charged angst made a baby with hot divorcee sex this book would be their love child I liked it and the writing was excellent but after reading it I m exhausted I m hoping for a full review Maybe. O together Cassie must face both the man she fell in love with and the demons that drove them apart Grady makes it clear that he wants their family back together but can Cassie’s heart afford to take a second chance on first lov. .