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Table or everyone but if you re able to past that it is a beautiful story ull of love and sacrifices For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit 4 Starsimage error Do what your husband wants Make HIM happy Be the good wife Make babies Make Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You food You re not allowed to want than thatFrom the onset of Swelter I was hit with strong emotions that had me teetering on the edge Angerrustration concern ignorance avoidance Our heroine is trapped within a gilded cage Barely hanging on as each night passes her by in blistering heat With a marriage on the verge of shambles and a controlling and alcoholic husband Lily never noticed the slow and perpetual changes to her husband s demeanour as the years of marriage went byThe story is mainly told in Lily s POV with intermittent changes Slo Mo! from the present to the past A timerame that spans seven years and takes place in the year of 1957 A time of controversial War in American history Lily Lightly has been living a lie since the eve of her marriage seven years prior to the wrong Lightly brother On the eve of her marriage Lily and her soon to be brother in law Bobby had a night of intense passion A night where Lily recognized that she was in love with Bobby LightlySeven years of marriage ive years since Lily has last seen Bobby He enlisted into the War and years of no communication rom him he was thought dead Until one day The ding of the doorbell brings Bobby Lightly to her door Shockedisn t even the right emotion to describe Lily s Pirates, Ships, and Sailors feelings Her husband Rory is elated and overjoyed that his little brother is alive and kicking Bobby and Rory were like two ends of a seesaw and I spent my time with them standing in the middle teetering With the re entry of Bobby into her life Lily once again becomes the lively young girl both her and Bobby once knew Their illicit affair is re kindled and they each know and understand the gravity of the situation once revealed Yet they can t keep their emotions at bay Especially Bobby After living through a war camp while his bestriend was murdered before his eyes Bobby is suffering rom survivor s guilt And with this new ound bravery he has returned War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today for the woman that kept him alive all those yearsThis was why we had so much difficultly navigating our relationship in our newfound adulthood Because the space between immature teasing and detached adult politeness was this unthinkable act thisorbidden desireSwelter is one of those stories that takes you completely by surprise Uniue perfectly portrayed Nina s writing is immaculate and easy to understand She draws the reader in sets us up and takes us A Boy in Winter for one hell of 1957 rideI loved the setting this book And theact that it was written in a time where women were simply put on pedestals Our mission to stay barefoot and pregnant while catering to our husband s needs and wishes Lily was a hero Frost at Midnight for me She understood her place she refused to accept it even though she made her own sacrifices Sheought every step of the way And after years of living within a broken marriage Lily takes her life into her own hands Surging into the unknown Princess Baby, Night-Night full of life and loveARC provided by LBTSP on behalf of the authoror an honest review Thanks 4 Stars Now LIVE US UK If you don t like love triangles or non traditional HEA s then step away rom the book If you don t mind venturing outside of the box every once in a while then please read this book because It Deserves To Be Read deserves to be read is a tragic tale of second chance love set in the ifties during a hot summer in Wisconsin USALilly grew up spending summers with neighbours Bobby and Rory carefree and playful they were a close threesome who had no idea what life was about to throw their wayLilly and Rory were always expected to marry they were both the same age and Rory was the safe bet with a solid Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution future ahead and not shy of taking on the responsibilities of marriage Rory was predictable and I loved that about him He was a safe place but Bobby kept me on my toes Bobby was the spontaneous andun loving brother but watching the girl that he loved marry his beloved sibling broke him so he left to join the On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock forces With the Korean war now over and no sign of Bobby s return Lilly and Rory presume him to be deadLilly has known something is not right in her marriageor a long time now but expectations orced her to go ahead with the wedding and so she is trying to be a good wife to Rory despite the lack of passion in their relationship Rory sensing her distance often lashes out at herWhen Bobby turns up at their doorstep after 7 years of no contact Lilly is thrown into turmoil and the guilt and torn loyalties are once again brought to the surface We were becoming desperate Love was making us hysterical In my simplistic mind Lilly should have never gotten married to Rory in the irst place but considering the era that the book was set in I know that it wouldn t have been that simple Despite know that it wouldn t have been that simple Despite story going in a direction that I didn t necessarily want it to go I still loved reading this story I love how Nina can weave a story together and make you eel the emotions of the characters I also loved the era and the images of the scenes of the book were easy to view in my mind due to the great descriptive narrativeIf you are brave enough to put yourself through the ringer I highly recommend this book just as long as you have tissues wine and someone to vent to whilst readingThis is a standalone novel told rom Lilly s POV ARC gratefully received Nini from the author in exchangeor an honest review Warning There s a love triangle and cheating But it s so much than that Swelter and Forbidden are the 2 books that will most likely make you ugly cr. Of an unrelenting heatwave he showed up at the doorstep of the house I lived in with his brother Everyone thinks I'm cruel Everyone thinks I should be easy on him They think I don't understand him They all think I hate him But what no one understands is that it was Bobby who broke my heartAnd I think he’s back to do it aga. Ding Nina G Jones succeeded in surprising this reader who thought she had it all I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) figured out She provided me a book that was sweltering hot angsty and heart wrenching I essentially read it in a day which shows the book was virtually unputdownable Swelter is a standalone erotic romance novelHEA view spoiler Tragically no Heart wrenchingly no hide spoiler 35 to 4 StarsI was very excitedor this book I liked it but I did not love itThis is a Flight, Vol. 7 forbidden love story with twists and turns you will not expect If you are lookingor unicorns and conventional happily ever afters this is not or youLilly is married but her life is anything but joyful Her husband Rory doesn t make her happy despite her safe gilded cage There is no spark in her heart or him She simply tolerates himWhen Bobby Rory s brother comes back rom the dead her world explodes All the eelings she once held Camp Rex for him are still very much alive The attraction and love is mutual The affair isorbidden and dangerous But will that hold them back Nothing can remain a secret or long Will they survive ate s wrathWhat I loved I loved the way the heroine wanted than just to be a perfect wife I loved her inner thoughts Bobby I loved him He was the un brother The one who sacrificed his life or Rory He is my When Dads Don't Grow Up favourite in this bookI even had sympathyor Rory Most of the things he did were because of his weakness and knowledge that he was not good enough Miles from Kara for LillyWhat went a bit wrongor me was that I could not connect with the heroine at all That made the story Pee Wee Scouts treasury (Pee Wee Scouts, falllat or me I get where she was coming rom but her story did not speak to me in the way I expected I elt that a lot of the things she went through could have been avoided if she had made better choices when she had the chance The writing itself was good and the book picked up pace after the 80% mark or meOverall this was a good book but I expected it to be a bigger mover High Heat for me ARC provided by Love Between the Sheets in exchangeor an honest review Dear NinaI don t really know where to begin this letter because I m kinda lost after inishing SwelterI didn t wanted to review this book like I traditionally do because it didn t elt rightFirst because I don t have any idea how to review or rate Swelter And secondly because I don t know what to say to my ollowersYou are an author I respect and love a lot I ind your books so different rom one another To me it s a great asset you are able to embark me as a reader in so many different atmosphere You are truly gifted when it comes to bring your readers out of their comfort zoneWith Debt you turned something inconceivable into something acceptable In If you simply blown my mind away with the effect of your words and how you brought what seems like a simply story into something beautiful and magicWith Swelter I guess I wanted something I was captivated rom the start Your writing is always enthralling but somehow after the 50 %mark I begun to uestion too much I begun to search A treatise on the law of marital rights in Texas for some sense and I didn tind the answers I needed I m so sorry that at the end of this book I couldn t understand what had happened what was the message behind it all I m one blogger among million but if you see this letter know that I ll still keep reading youIt s not because I didn t understand one of your books that something will change but do know I eel bad because somehow I ve ailed at giving an honest review ARC provided by author Lots of Hearts for an honest review Genre Mid Century RomanceType StandalonePOV First Person FemaleRating Lilly Lightly was married to Rory a dream man on paper good looking responsible and hard working After 7 years of being caged in an unhappy marriage she went through motion of life robotically That was until the hot summer day of 1957Everyone thought Rory s younger brother Bobby was dead since he disappeared on their wedding day But he came back carrying baggagerom the past that changed their lives irrevocablyWhen I read the blurb I knew this is something I wanted to read I ve always been attracted to unconventional stories and never afraid to explore the normally deemed unsavory side of romance I m glad this book met my expectation and And despite that dark uiet there was a light that shone rom him When Bobby was on his ire would steal all the oxygen in the room I Why Diets Make Us Fat: The Unintended Consequences of Our Obsession with Weight Loss fell in love with Bobby the moment he was introduced in the book He was spontaneous andree spirited but could also be uiet and contemplative and I love both of his sidesLilly settled Don't Hex with Texas for 7 years before sheinally told herself she needed to do something that make her happy and I was glad she inally took the chance to go or something purely Black Women Writers (1950-1980): A Critical Evaluation for herself This was why we had so much difficultly navigating our relationship in our newfound adulthood Because the space between immature teasing and detached adult politeness was this unthinkable act thisorbidden desire I love learning about their Pajama Party friendships The three of them were childhoodriends and with the men being close brothers made the situation much difficult It seemed like no matter what both side would be hurt Because I m sick of stealing another week another minute another second I want the rest of our lives I want orever This book totally took me by surprise I didn t expect things To Unravel The Way It Did There unravel the Way It Did There it did There lot of angst and bitter
sweet moments that 
moments that up both the beauty and the ugliness of their relationships It made you want to root or them even Every Day by the Sun: A Memoir of the Faulkners of Mississippi for the ones who you re not supposed to Swelter is a heartbreaking story of individuals searchingor their own happiness while trying to protect their loved ones There are elements in this book that might not be sui. Ce the day I married his brother He slipped out during the wedding reception without a wordA year later I heard Bobby was drafted to Korea He never said goodbye Never sent a letter We had all come to terms with the act that he was probably dead somewhere either a victim of the war or its aftermathThat is until in the midst. .

This book just became as it progressed It moved me immenselyand or that alone I give it top marksSetting the scene in the late 1950 s this story darts back and orth 7 years prior Lilly tells the tale of how she grew up with two brothers how they shared Summers at Rory and Bobby Lightly s beautiful cabin on a lake and how she loved both of them or the contrasting personalities that they wereRory was the sensible rational one and Lilly could envisage herself in the uture with him by her sideBobby was the selfish impulsive joker who had spent the best part of his life antagonising Lilly in the best way Bobby and Rory were like two ends of a seesaw and I spent my time with them standing in the middle teetering Needless to say Lilly married Rory and Bobby left them to it He never contacted them they never heard a word or seven years and had ended up assuming he was dead having known he was drafted to KoreaThen one of the many hot nights a rap on the door revealed Bobby alive and well and about to Close to Hugh face a showdownThis was a story that unravelled and becamear I guess it Women and Self Esteem finds itself suitably sitting beneath the love triangle moniker which wouldn t beor everybody but has an immediate appeal to meGiven Lilly s POV we build the background her thoughts then and especially her thoughts and Toy to Toy (Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3) feelings now We begin to understand the difficulties of her choice and her subseuent acceptance of that Until her status uo is ruffled And ruffled it wasIell in love with this author s writing through Debt and her recount of that suspenseful gem so I was intrigued to know how this totally different story was going to pan outNot wanting to say any about the content apart Charity from stating that I was totally blown away Nina has an amazing ability to amble along throwing hooks weaving emotions and gathering you into a nice little huddle before completely changing direction leaving you untethered andlabbergasted I did not anticipate how i would eel whilst reading this little pearl but it got me it truly did Lil the girl who was beautiful even when she tried hard not to be No RatingI can t bring myself to rate this Because rom 1 star did not like it to 5 stars it was amazing non of the rating can accurately expressed what I Catch and Release: Trout Fishing and the Meaning of Life feel about this bookThis is not an easy book to read I honestlyeel that Nina G previous dark romance about the rape antasy is easier to read compare to this one There is too much harsh reality smack dab at my ace It makes me Road Map to Holland: How I Found My Way Through My Son's First Two Years with Down Syndrome feel that my own life is prettier than the one in the book On one hand this book wa 45 Sweltering Hot Stars Swelter is just one of those books where less is I m not going to go much beyond the book blurb as you just need to experience it It was just wow I m not sure if I want to hug this author or smack her Swelter takes place in 1957 during a steamy summertime in the Midwest Lily is married to Rory Lightlymarried to the wrong Lightly She grew up every summer visiting the Lightly samily owned resort on the lake It made or un times in the water the woods and just plain un Her Relationship With Rory S Younger Brother Bobby Always relationship Rory s younger brother Bobby was always in their banter and arguments but everyone just knew her and Rory were the couple meant to be together Rory was the uture success story and Bobby was the wildcard unsure what he wanted to do with his life So she did the right thing and married the wrong brother married Rory Lightly Swelter takes us back and Pillars of Light forth between their current day andlashbacks to seven years ago the Eve of her wedding day Back then they were young and carefree and I loved the way the author captured the setting Living in the Midwest myself we did the annual summer trip to a resort much like the one depicted here One main house Several cabins surrounded it and we all converged on it every year reacuainting ourselves with everyone rom all over we hadn t seen the past year In act it was at a resort much like this that I had my Solibo Magnificent first kiss at age 13 But I digress I SAW this resort in my head and a FELT their youth and young love It s truly one of myavorite aspects of the book but also why I deducted a half star I wish I had time developing their connection as teenagers so I could wholeheartedly capture their connection later in life These lyrics rom Kid Rock who just so happens to be singing about my home state of Michigan in the summertime depicts a scene rom this book to be singing about my home state of Michigan in the summertime depicts a scene New People from this book Fastorward to their current day Swelter is predominantly in Lily s POV so we get a vivid understanding of her monotonous days living as the wife of a very controlling man She s dying inside with no kids no career nothing to look orward to but keeping up the house or an alcoholic husband Until one day the doorbell rings and Bobby Lighlty the brother in law she hasn t seen since her wedding day assumed he was dead shows up at her door And her world is rocked When you read some 150 books a year plots tend to get predictable I thought I had this one nailed We ve seen it she marries the wrong brother Driving Hungry: A Memoir for the right reasons and her life is awful then right brother comes along and saves the day Second chance love story Well this book surprised me because I thought that s what I was going to get but I got so much And let me say my heart broke in two But I digressForans of conventional love stories that take things beyond what we expect who love the pages turning as The Museum of Us fast as can beor some sort of resolution or happily ever after this book is or you It s clearly not or everyone as yes there s obviously cheating The bulk of the book has cheating actually but it s one angsty love story and I ate it up I just didn t expect the events towards the en. I married the right brotherAt least that's what I tell myself at night when I stare at the ceiling and listen to the rhythm of the grandfather clock down the hall It never eels like the mere passage of time but a countdown towards something inevitableBobby Lightly is selfish irresponsible and careless I haven't seen him sin. ,

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