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E hero is an asshole but damnenough is enough Anna Either Needs To Leave James Or Put Her Foot Down needs to leave James or put her foot down uit making excuses for him Anna either needs to leave James or put her foot down and uit making excuses for him series started off great I was giddy and yes I realize I read them all in a day Couldn t help it I liked all this unnecessary drama The books are completely immature repetitive annoying at times but damn if it didn t keep me interested The back and forth between the two main characters was great at first But now I m getting so very tired of it all 25 Stars I m I the only one that is going to buy this book ust in hopes Anna will drop James I m re reading the series and it pisses me of how weak she is and how much control he has over her Some may ask why keep reading because I want her to fight against that control If she stays with him that control wins The author try to put James in a some what nice light in book 3 but after she made me dislike him with passion in 2 books and half Please Let it be different and not have her stay with that douch. Stand by his side and help him fight his fightsOh and have not have her stay with that douch. Stand by his side and help him fight his fightsOh and have mentioned that I’ve become insanely ealousAnd then there’s Dean a part of my past I thought I’d moved on fromI was so very very very wrongWarning Contains Sexual ScenesRecommended for ages 17This is not a standalone novel Young Annabelle Series Book. ,


I like the Annabelle of the end Clearly becoming MATURE THINGS ARE LOOKING UP FOR BOTH JAMES AND Things are looking up for both James and Oh My God That ending was FREAKIN Awesome sauce I loved it At first I wanted her to go see him fight but then again I was glad she was rekindling her relationship with her family Sarah Tork you did it again I loved it all and cannot wait till the 6th book comes out Well worth the wait Five StarsWas really happy when this was in my kindle read the whole series and was excited to read this one Cannot wait for the 6th book to come out loved this book ust like the rest thank you Sarah for being such a great author well worth the 5 stars cannot wait to read the 6th book Annabelle and James Ok if you re a hardcore Annabelle and James fan then you pretty happy right about now I really liked this book but I wanted to loved this book I wanted to be able to give it 5 stars but sadly I m can only give 4 The pros of this book Annabelle and James they are ust magical together Cons of This Version has been revisedWhether it had to do with her family life her weight her looks or her confidence in general seventeen year old Annabelle Simms believed the remedy to her anxiety was her boyfriend James But being with him would soon turn out to be difficult than she could have ever imaginedBefore James ent. His book unfortunately this book did not have the dynamic duo together enough for me it seemed like majority of this book they spent apart and I wanted to see them together but overall it was still a great read and I recommend this series to anyone looking for a good YA so I m looking forward to book number 6 and hopefully we will get Annabelle And James Fix All I
can say is 
Say Is Hope James fix All I can say is I hope dumps his sad ass and Matthew sweeps her off her feet TeamMatthew omg why is ames such a douchebagswear if i was Anna would kick his ass goodbye long time ago I m a hard core Ana and James fan This installment felt like it was written by someone other than Sarah Books 1 3 are a trilogy that will always go down as one of my favorite series I ve read them twice and will read them again I m sure Books 4 *And 5 Felt Unfamiliar To Me Waiting For Its Release *5 felt unfamiliar to me waiting for its release this back and forth is getting old Then come to find out there s another book Don t think I can stomach it I ll admit I love books when th. Ered my life I wore baggy shirts I hid in the washroom during lunch and I had no social life But now that I’m with James it’s so much harder because he loves being the center of attention and won’t back down from a fightAt the end of the day no matter how much I love him I don’t know if I have what it takes to. Dont Stop Holding Me YA #5