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The Year Mrs Cooper Got Out More Great Wharf Series Book 1All through The Year Mrs Cooper Got Out More I was kept thinking I heard the echo of something familiar Author Meredith Marple has filled her Great Wharf community with characters who are familiar as well as surprising but the subject

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is concerned with social reality with friends neighbors and spousesor the lack of them The novel s drama is sorting out who means well from those who don t The echo I heard was Jane Austin who became famous for occupying mostly a from those who don t The echo I heard was Jane Austin who became famous for occupying mostly a indoor space in a community often riven with rumor gossip and small town life One of her earliest reviewers Walter Scott writing in 1816 about Emma raised Austin for keeping close to common incidents and ordinary life Marple sums up her lot this way Mallory Cooper is an agoraphobic empty nester who wants to rejoin the outside world and save her marriage When Mallory reconnects a local shop owner with a one time romantic flame through normal small town channels she unwittingly starts a disastrous chain of events that ultimately gives her the inner strength she needs to change her life common incidents and ordinary life elevated into strong story tellingI am not suggesting that Marple or any novelist can touch what Austin achieved but she has done something refreshing and courageous with Great Wharf s ordinary Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set people so that spending time with Mallory Cooper is both the worthwhile escape that we seek in fiction even as it feels like coming home to characters we might meet when we step out the door Marple has an especially deft touch with dialogue so it always works to bring each separate character to life and she s mastered the art of surprise without my feeling gratuitously manipulated by an author s need to do something outsized to get me to turn theage And that s another Austin echo She wrote her very different novels in a time when novelists liked to shock readers with sensational episodes Communicating With Animals : The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals piled on top of each other and lately this shock genre has alsorobably gone too far In The Year Mrs Cooper Got Out More I found myself rooting for Mallory not because her life was in danger but because she d uietly lost her life and Robot Programming page byage I wanted to see how it all turned out for her And that to me is a very good read This first book in a new series introduces some of the citizens of Great Wharf Maine Mallory Cooper one of the town s residents is facing an empty nest after her children have left home and is having trouble adjusting She is struggling with agoraphobia and borderline alcoholism She has a loving supporting husband but has been unable to function outside her house for several years With the urging of her family doctor Mallory is determined to overcome her roblems so she can live a normal life but is held back by secrets from her childhood that she doesn t want to share or confront I enjoyed the mystery as it was unfolded and was happy to see Mallory come to terms with her illness despite some backsliding The discussion about her ersonal Our Fake Relationship problems was at least as interesting as discovering information about Great Wharf s deadly killer I enjoyed the character development learning. THE YEAR MRS COOPER GOT OUT MORE won a 2015 Royal Palm Literary Award Florida Writers Association as an unpublished manuscript nowublished in women's fiction also first lace Chick Lit winner for the 2016 FAPA President's Award Living in a small town in Maine doesn’t keep you safe The coastal tourist town of Great Wharf Maine. ,
Of the roblems some of the local residents are struggling to overcome and I am now looking forward to reading about the town s inhabitants in future books Here s what Tina Gibbons of Readers Favorite had to say with a 5 star review on their website 11172015 The Year Mrs Cooper Got Out More by Meredith Marple describes a group of eople in the Great Wharf area Marple describes a group of Ad Astra people in the Great Wharf area characters have had traumatic experiences that shape their behaviors in the book Jean lost her husband Richie s father to an accident Mallory has a childhood incident buried that she needs to deal with There is a nosy gossiping neighbor an eligible doctor who refuses to give up bachelorhood and a sexy redhead who runs a New Age business The redhead wants the doctor The doctor is in a friendship with benefits and his lover mysteriously dies He finds himself attracted to Jean but they don t make their dating known to avoid the rumor mill Mallory s husband grows weary of dealing with heraranoia and drinking but he is supportive and loyal as the mysteries of her ast and of the strange things resently happening are revealedMeredith Marple did an excellent job in this novel the strange things Everything But The Girl presently happening are revealedMeredith Marple did an excellent job in this novel enjoyed all the characters and the Maine setting of The Year Mrs Cooper Got Out More Mallory and Jean s struggles were real Empathy came naturally for them and I rooted for them to find happiness in their lives and success in their love lives Doris was uirky and entertaining I was impressed by the way Dwight handled his marriage troubles Siren Angie really knew how to stir up trouble and spice up thelot I couldn t Sport Social Work: Promoting the Functioning and Well-Being of College and Professional Athletes put this book down The mystery flowed smoothly and kept me curious The story was addictive and I couldn t wait to find out what happened next The author s voice wasleasing and constant and the Modern Art Death of a Culture polishedrose stood out as stellar This is one of my favorite reads this year I strongly recommend it Move over Grace Metalious Another reviewer wrote that Meredith Marple s debut The Year Mrs Cooper Got out More was reminiscent of Peyton Place I agree given the coastal Maine setting an interesting character in itself and the uirky castThe author is a friend of mine but bias aside fans of mystery will find much to admire At center is Mallory Cooper a 55 year old empty nester with too much time on her hands An agoraphobic her realm in the opening The Lost Library: The Autobiography of a Culture pages is small As she begins to brave the outside world thelot uickly Das Unbewusste vom Standpunkt der Physiologie und Descendenztheorie picks up steam The citizens of fictional Great Wharf are a colorful bunch Each has a secret or two each has an agenda It s a nicelyaced story that will keep you guessing until the very end when all the dots are satisfactorily connected I have a feeling we haven t heard the last of these Great Wharfians Seuel anyone I won this book in a giveaway and here is my fair and honest reviewInteresting story about a year in the lives of some citizens in a small tourist town in Maine There is a bit of mystery to the book but overall this is a story of Ibn Saud: The Desert Warrior Who Created the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia people overcoming their fears The author did a good job in tackling serious subjects such as sexual assault and death and mixing in some lighthearted humor I liked this approach. Boasts a crime rate so low you might suspect someone’s lying Nursing long simmering secrets agoraphobic empty nester Mallory Cooper fears most everything Careful to keep the red wine handy and loath to leave the house Mallory misses her happier self and so does her husband Tolease him as well as deflect a nosy neighbor who?.
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Because life is never all good or all bad I look forward "To Reading What "reading what will in the second book of the series I m not sure she will continue with this cast of characters or choose other Love Letters people who live in Gre Protagonists who tackle life s uncertainties oftenroject uncommon courage and a feisty attitude but not Mallory Cooper who has chosen to hide out in the small town of Great Wharf Maine because of her agoraphobia and loss and because there she can snuggle with her town of Great Wharf Maine because of her agoraphobia and loss and because there she can snuggle with her mate and life long anchor husband Dwight and watch the world go by safely via televisionAlthough the major events in her homebound life revolve around vivid descriptions such as the Eat to Beat Illness perils of housecleaning I washed under the counter edges and I dusted everything including the leaves on the fern I even risked life and limb on the stepladder to dust the overhead light Little did you know while you were chatting with tourists at the trolley museum that your wife was this close to a fatal fall all this is about to change when she leaves the house and walks right into a world replete with dangers than house dustAs in many a story theroof of a superior roduction lies not so much in the lot itself but in the ersonalities of the rotagonists and its here that Meredith Marple shines From the compelling Λίγη Ζωή probes of the town gossip to how a once joyful mother becomes trapped at home and must force herself to blossom anew The Year Mrs Cooper Got Out More is replete with insights Mallory s underlying rationales for seeking out safety after a seemingly full life her dip into therapy Think back now to that upsetting dream you told me about the one where you were buried alive and no one would know where you were I think these things are related I think your fear in both situations relates to a feeling of never having existed in yourarents eyes especially your mother s eyes her confrontations with new ideas ossibilities and directions and the influence of therapy on her choices and ability to act on these new options all weave into the uietly compelling saga of one woman s transitionDon t expect nonstop action and vivid drama here The Year Mrs Cooper Got Out More is on the level of the bucolic English novel that depicts loving relationships challenged by life s ups and downs As Mallory finds new urpose and new strength to challenge threats to this fragile ersona we go along living our everyday lives doing so many of the same things every day and as often as not with accidental deaths anyway it s those very things that may do us in I guess what I m trying to oint out is that I hope you re not going to add fear of stairs to your list of things to be worried about readers follow her uncertain steps into a realm where even murder is not an impossibilityYes it s ultimately a murder mystery but unlike many genre reads there s nothing formula about The Year Mrs Cooper Got Out More Mallory and Dwight s evolving life is just as compelling and even deeply explored than the murder scene itself and that s what keeps its story line refreshing compelling and ultimately a winning standout from many genre Love is Murder peers. ?s curious about a New Age gift shop Mallory steps out to explore A chance comment to the vampy store owner seals theroprietor’s and others’ fates while Mallory chases her own demons for an overdue showdown With the courage to change Mallory learns that forgiveness love and friendships will help her overcome fears and scars.