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Ill keep your faith and trust in God is a difficult thing to do I liked how Dana handled the problems that came up the difficult people she met and the start of a romancenot compromising what she believed inEven though this book involved the love and respect of horses you don t have to be a horse lover to njoy a story OF A YOUNG STRONG FEMALE MAIN CHARACTER NICE DEFINED a young strong female main character Nice defined with a clean story line I main character Nice defined with a clean story line I that it was a wholesome story great characters a little mystery obvious horse knowledge some love interests but all written tactfully I could asily recommend this book to many of my high school students and family alike I can t wait to see what Debra Sue Brice writes next Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers FavoriteCrossing Boarders by Debra Sue Brice is about a girl s ambition to make her name in the horse riding world Dana always had the passion to become a uality horse rider and make a name for herself in the uestrian community However this is a privilege only a very few lucky people are able to njoy And coming from the background she does it is nearly impossible But she makes a very difficult decision to support her ambition leaves her family behind and moves to Canada to train with the Olympian Amy Arnot Amy is tough but she is also the best However this is the world of the lite Dana tries to suelch her sarcasm but she is finding it hard to fit in and make friends But her dreams are about to be destroyed A scandal awaits and if she does not do something uickly all of her dedicated hard work might be for nothing This is definitely a novel that I would like to share with my young nieces and nephews because it is beautiful It contains all life s lessons in the form of a story that grips you by the heart The story is very asy to digest and written with great flow The characters are strong specially Dana Amy Arnot is the type of teacher that I would want I wish I d had a teacher like that who pushed me to my limits and helped me polish my skills This book is very well written and xtremely comforting to read plus the cover is beautifu. To God's plan Dana tries to get in the good graces of fellow uine royalty and she piues the interest of a particularly handsome barn manager But an unfolding scandal is looming Despite all of Dana's hard work her once in a lifetime opportunity could come crashing down to a devastating nd.

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Nd boarders human visitors figure into this storyOnto the story itself The voice Is First Person Not Often first person not often in fiction but uite The Shadow Reader effective when the author wants the reader to feel along with the main character his or hermotions sensations reactions The danger with first person is that the novel will Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies end up reading like a journal which this does at times The book starts off slowly maybe too slowly for some readers as the author builds the scene and fleshes out the main characters covering many small details that may impede the pacespecially for those readers who are not too hung up on uine husbandry Although there are allusions to the tension and mystery that is revealed at the nd they don t really begin until nearly the halfway point of the novel when a shadowy figure The Power Of A Choice emergesThis book is written from a Christian s perspective so themes such as finding God s blessings in the small things of life His sovereignty over His children s lives maintaining patience during the troughs of life the preminence of prayer in confronting daily challenges and seeking long term guidance working up to the potential He has given us forbearance with the shortcomings of other people in our lives such as co workers the importance of relationships and forgiveness and not judging all of these and shine through Themes that are common to all young adults specially those dealing with jealousy and hurts in malefemale friendships are also coveredIn the next book I suggest the author find replacements for uestionable xpressions such as Holy cow or Holy shitake mushrooms at least when issued
Christian protagonistsThis novel is a inspirational choice for young readers specially those who njoy stories that revolve around animals and rural settings I m giving the book a high rating as the author shows real promise for taking her writing career to those lofty heights the Lord calls us to strive toward which is basically the theme of this novel I was given a copy of this book in The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right exchange for an honest review Finding the courage to go out and follow your dreams and st. Er family and travel from Ohio to Canada to train with Olympic rider Amy Arnot who has a reputation for being tough Trying her best to leave her judgmental sarcasm at home Dana attempts toxcel at her tasks and training while getting to know the other riders at the farm Determined to stick. ,

Crossing Boarders