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A copy of this book I found a copy available at AbeBooks and ordered it but they refunded my money when they could not find it in their inventory I attempted to order it directly #From The Publisher Who Also Refunded My #the publisher who also Refunded My When They Could Not my money when they could not an available copy when they could not an available copy of the public libraries in my area and none of the university libraries had it so I ended up ordering it through my university s ILL Interlibrary Loan The stamp on the copy I received says it came from Texas State University San Marcos Way to go TSU San Marcos Told by Starlight in Chad is a collection of stories by Chadian writer Joseph Brahim Seid translated from French by Karen Haire Hoenig I ve tagged this post with short stories but they aren t really short stories in the literary tradition they are fables or folk tales in the oral tradition I m not sure whether they are all traditional stories or new ones or how true they are to the way the stories might be told by starlight In some ways the material seems very familiar wicked stepmothers magic purses and beautiful princesses although the stories feature hyenas and gazelles rather than foxes and rabbits Sometimes the stories end with a moral or an explanation of the and that s why we do so and so type and sometimes they are as far as I can tell ust storiesJust to give you an idea of the style here s the opening to a story called Bidi Camoun Tchourouma s HorseA very long time ago in the days when miracles and wonders were still common among us a little prince was born in the kingdom of Lake Fitri Tchourouma was his name noone knew the reason why His father loved him dearly and his mother adored him At a very young age they had given him as a gift Bidi Camoun a splendid chestnut horse When Tchourouma had barely reached his fifteenth year his gentle mother died snatched away by a cruel disease in her chest which neither the skill of the fakihs the fetish doctors nor the Bulala witchdoctors could cure In memory of his beloved wife the Sultan retained a great deal of affection for the child He took him lion hunting and on walks around the lake which is the sanctuary of the ancestral spirits and the safeguard of the kingdom Devoured with envy by the King s great fondness for his son the women of the harem devised plots to kill the child All uite interesting and uite enjoyable though I can t say I was completely grabbed by it Told by Starlight in Chad is my book from Chad for the Read The World challenge. D appeal to the sensibilities of African learners from similar socio cultural and historical environments This same imagery can in turn be used to introduce non African learners to Africa On a continent grappling still to forge new beginnings out of hope and deep despair cruelty and great humanity reminders of the past that evoke positive affect and historical figures and events that inspire a sense of pride about being African can enhance endeavor Born in N Djamena Chad in 1927 of Sara Gor Bulala parentage Joseph Brahim Seid received his primary education in French colonial schools in N Djamena and Braazaville Congo and secondary educati.

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In one sense this is an insubstantial book seventy pages and fourteen short stories or fables But in another it is a precious document that is a link to the historic oral culture of Chad More of a collection of tradition folklore then a complete book Each chapter is it s own short story Overall enjoyable and for the most part easy to read Short storyfables most only a
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pages from All them are excessively positive and oyous in their action and telling There are monsters evil step mothers forsaken children stolen magical objects Most of the stories originated in oral tradition about the founding of the nation and the tribes within it I really would love to read The land of Chad with a history stretching back thousands of years in the last century once a part of French Euatorial Africa with little investment then independence and later civil war has had enough adverse events investment then independence and later civil war has had enough adverse events and during the lifetime of author Joseph Brahim Seid who was also a Chadian politician Seid ostensibly wanted to instead share his childhood memories and ideals of his country with Told by Starlight In Chad In 1962 Chad in 1962 back cover likewise speaks about being a reminder to evoke positive images effects and inspire pride as well as generally introduce non African readers to the continent The latter idea especially is rather lofty How is storytelling from one single country supposed to do that I Myths and fables from Chad we are in the genre of written down oral tradition having been told through the centuries And these types of stories seem to be of the same sorts across the world There are stories of creation How tribes came to be how villages were founded Stories of moral How good and bad leaders lead their countries or tribes how they treat others And there are stories reminiscent of Grimm s Fairy Tales of the evil that lurks in the deep dark woods or the never ending savanne I guess one of the things that are obvious from this is that humans tell stories and no matter where in the the world we are we have the need to tell stories about where we came from what is good and evil and warn us of bad and scary places A very short book of short oral tales that are from Chad ChadChad land of plenty land of happiness and land of brotherly loveIt is said that they continue to love one another somewhere in this old world of oursThere can be no happiness without the oy one feels in the bosom of the family 95 Chad This is a series of tales wri. In the evening there are traditional games Excitement fills the air; a tumult is unleashed The drums reverberate roar summon to the dance Their staccato boom echoes through the savannah and over the rolling sandy hills The young perform war dances competing in strength agility and skill Simulating combat they brandish their assegais crouch rise up and face off in rapid succession They stamp the ground furiously with their feet a cloud of dust envelops them in a tremendous halo of glory All this time the tom toms are vibrating their frenzy marvelously matching the dancers movements Rhythm of life captivating lyrical spellbinding magic With. Tten down from oral tradition Some of them sound familiar as you will find that there is your typical wicked stepmother and the prettiest princess of them all The stories are straightforward and the moral at the end embodies universal values which makes this book far from mind blowing COUNTRY CHADThis book is a collection of Chadian folklore the kinds of stories that are told at night around a campfire hence the title of the book There is a world origin story a Chad foundation story a God punishes the world by flooding it story a how Islam came to Chad story and several tales that bear a remarkable resemblance to Western European folktales My favorite was The Most Beautiful Girl on Earth Hidden under an Ass Skin in which an unmarried woman prays to become pregnant She does and she gives birth to an ass foal She raises the foal as her daughter One day a little boy hears noise coming from inside their house and he peeks through a hole in the wall to see a beautiful little girl sitting next to an ass skin He brings her a little cake the next day and he and the ass foal become best "Friends When It S Time " When it s time him to get married the boy says he wants to marry the ass and everyone When it s time for him to get married the boy says he wants to marry the ass and everyone the village and in his family objects It is eventually revealed that the ass is truly a beautiful woman and the couple are allowed to marry and live happily ever afterThis book is short and the individual tales are also short and very enjoyable to read I highly recommend it It was interesting to read the tales and see correlations to stories that are very familiar to me There were several stories that resembled Old Testament stories Moses parting the Red Sea the Hebrews carrying the Ark of the Covenant through the desert trying to find a land in which to settle the flood story and also a story that was a cross between Hansel and Gretel and the Joseph story from Genesis called Gamar and Guimerie Most of the stories have a Happy Ever After kind of ending except for one Nidjema the Little Orphan Girl in which a virtuous orphan is horribly abused by her foster mother She escapes into a treacherous forest where she encounters many horrific monsters including Death itself who refuses to take her and tells her In this life happiness consists of being virtuous He then magically teleports her back to her foster home where she continues to be both terribly abused and incredibly virtuous A troubling storyThe most surprising part was how difficult it was to get. Fertile protean imagination griot and bard recite the prowess and deeds of their distant ancestors or sing of the beauty and charms of their betrothed Romantized scenes from Seid's boyhood like the festival depicted here as well as stories from the golden age of empires and other timeless tales in this collection evoke positive images of Chad and Africa generally African readers young and old regardless of locality will hear echoes of the folktales fables and legends narrated by their grandmothers of an evening under the stars or by the fireside In the literature classroom at secondary and tertiary level Seid's imagery should resonate an. ,

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