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Art History

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Nd so on Fast forward to the avant garde Anselm Kiefer s painting Heath of the Brandenberg March is very telling to meAll in all a nice tour of art in all its forms and in different egions of the world from the of art in all its forms and in different egions of the world from the to the present This book delves deep into the history of art and covers to varying degrees all continents and most historical periods With hundreds of pictures including paintings architecture and landscapes As much as I enjoyed it the newer edition goes for 130 on com which I find A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned ridiculous I got mine second hand It s huge very heavy Had toead the whole book except architecture for a 1 year docent class Great esource but too big to carry to a clas. Nt Art History is the most comprehensive accessible and magnificently illustrated work of its kin. Ook for you This Edition Is Not The One I Had Mine Was From is not the one I had mine was from but I think that one is out of print now My son s textbook turns out to be a pleasure to me This is Volume Two of a two volume set on art out to be a pleasure to me This is Volume Two of a two volume set on art It covers the period from early Renaissance art in Europe to the post 1945 international avant garde In between is art from Europe and other parts of the world including India China Japan the Americas the Pacific cultures and Africa The Introduction places the time frame in this book in contextThe book begins with such architectural gems as the Church of Saint Maclou in Rouen van Eyck s art tapestry frescoes the Dome of the Florence Cathedral Donatello s sculpture For a new generation Balancing both the traditions of art history and the new trends of the prese. I had to ead this for class Went in chronological order so it s of easy chronological order so it s of easy follow The earlier chapters were great Loved to see where art came from but the later chapters were all about The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field religious artworks then anything else Not aeligious person at all so The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division reading about that type of artworkeally bothered me but if that s what type of art you like then you will love the book This book this five lb book was what I lugged around for four years My lovely survey book I would be lost without it Filled with post it notes and highlighter marks Stokstad s Art History survey is amazing If you are looking for a great coffee table book with lots of amazing info inside this is the Exceptional in its scholarship and stunning in its beauty this is the art history book of choice.