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Some Writer The Story of E B White

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T content alikeIt s a short ead and eally uick I finished it in a single day For someone who struggles with non fiction but still wants to know about the authors they admire like me this is the perfect way of telling a biography I could only wish that there were out there like thisone this eview and others there like thisone This eview and others be found on Olivia s Catastrophe Feb 6 2019 I m sure this will be a highlight of my Mise En Sc�ne: Cin�ma Et Lecture reading year and anticipate it will lead to mucheading of E B White or Andy as we learn he was called by friends and family all his life The book itself is a colorful work of art filled with photographs collage and uotespassages ecreated on a manual typewriter by Melissa Sweet I only knew the bare bones of White s life story and am so happy to have learned about this man who started writing as a boy and never stopped until just days before he took his last breath Whether you know E B White through his three children s books or collections of his essays and letters and no matter your age my hunch is you will love this book And if you are a budding or established writer all the better I foresee becoming an evangelist for Some Writer The Story of E B White Feb 3 2019 I m only about 13 *Of The Way Through *the way through and deeming it 5 stars Completely captivated by this illustrated biography of one of my favorite authors Aimed at children but this adult is enthralled Why I m eading this after seeing Julie s loving eview and then learning it was on the shelf eady to be checked out at my local library I jumped ight in I love Melissa Sweet s writing but it s the illustrations she makes to accompany her text that wows me Sweet s techniue is uniue she uses "A COLLAGE OF REAL OBJECTS HER "collage of eal objects Her almost has a 3 D effectGreat writingKnock your socks off il Anyone who writes down to children is simply wasting his time You have to write up not down Children are demanding They are the most attentive curious eager observant sensitive uick and generally congenial eaders on earthChildren are game for anything I throw them hard words and they backhand. Onal letters photos and family ephemera with her own exuisite artwork to tell his story from his birth in 1899 to his death in 1985 Budding young writers will be fascinated and inspired by the journalist New Yorker con. This book is a non fiction biography of EB White s life for young Mixed Doubles readers and adults alike The funny thing is that I won this book in a giveaway which Ieally can t emember entering at all It was on Instagram but I am very happy to have won because I eally enjoyed eading this on Instagram but I am very happy to have won because I eally enjoyed Raja Smurf (Smurf, reading this When I startedeading it I was unaware of the fact that EB White is the author of Charlotte s Web and Stuart Little Although I haven t ead the latter I m well acuainted with the movie as it was part of my childhood Anyway I didn t "realise I had ead any of the author s works so I assumed "I had Dying Light read any of the author s works so I assumed waseading about an author who was entirely unfamiliar to me I don t even know how I might have missed thatI was so happily shocked when I came to the Yaşayan Kur'an Meal-Tefsir realization that I did know this author and have actuallyead some of their works There s something different about eading a biography when you are involved in the authorcelebrity s life and feel like you share some sort of connection with themBut even if I hadn t ealised this I would ve still enjoyed the book Because I d The Frankenstein Teacher (Corgi Pups) really been enjoying the simplistic and clear style in the way that this biography was told If I was a child or an adult Iwould clearly be able to get the idea of the way EB White lived and how he was the kind of writer who wouldn t obeyules and The Case of the General's Thumb regulations and just wrote what he wanted to He wrote what made him happy He loved life and his family and his barn full of animals He went on things like unannouncedoad trips where he would travel the country and do work for free dinners and meals just to experience going with the flow and living in the moment He saw the value in the little things and this biography showed me thatI also eally loved the format and illustrationsart included in this biography There is a boring way to tell a biography but the artwork in this book eally does speak for itself As EB White himself isincredibly creative it just seemed so fitting that his biography was told with creativity as well I loved it and this book is beautiful both in word content and ar. “SOME PIG” Charlotte the spider’s praise for Wilbur is just one fondly emembered snippet from E B White’s Charlotte’s Web In Some Writer the two time Caldecott Honor winner Melissa Sweet mixes White’s pers. Them over the net To start E B White is one of my most favorite authors Ever His books are crackling with heart and charm and are true to the spirit of childhood And anyone who can write mere letters that I will willingly sit and An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles read for hours has some serious magical talent I ve also been in awe of Melissa Sweet s work since I firstead Balloons Over Broadway I love how she dives into the depths of her subject and brings their essence into both her writing and her completely uniue collage art In SOME WRITER she does just that "With White And In Doing So She Lets His Wit "White and in doing so she lets his wit and charisma sparkle through Reading Sweet s loving tribute to White feels like you Reading Sweet s loving tribute to White feels like you in conversation with the great writer maybe drifting along in a canoe on the Belgrade Lakes or digging down in the muck of the pig pen on his Maine farm and you listen in awe as he Echoes from the Past recounts his years as a precocious young writer and his unlikely yet inevitableise to literary fame This is a thoughtful engaging simply breathtaking biography that is both TERRIFIC and RADIANT Kids and adults will love eading this book not just for the compelling subject but for the playful delectation in the act of meandering through its pages Clearly Sweet like Charlotte is in a class by herself I don t ead many children s books any since my daughter is grown and I have no grandchildren I know my loss But after seeing some magnificent eviews lately and because EB White s essays are favorite eading material for me I knew I had to check it out This is everything they said and A simple story of a simple man who never wanted to be famous but just enjoy his farm in Maine and write about things he lived Illustrated with collages photographs bits of typewritten letters and manuscript pages it also gives us wonderful tidbits about the hows and whys of Stuart Little Charlotte s Web and Trumpet of the Swan I ead this on Hoopla but have to put a eal copy on my wishlist because I so wanted to each in and touch the pages on my Kindle Alas as wonderful as my Kindle is it can t do that. Tributor and children’s book author who loved words his whole life This authorized tribute is the first fully illustrated biography of E B White and includes an afterword by Martha White E B White's granddaughter  . ,