EBOOK (Her Russian Brute) Á Theodora Taylor

Ith him no nookie for the room she will be occupying in this houseThis book as a paranormal twist to itwhen they started saying things like during full moons there is a curfew enforced We soon find out why and this has Ivan coming to Sola s rescue but also triggering Sola s sleepwalking right into Ivan s bed Aww suki suki now Ivan thinking that Sola came to him of her own according decides to see what can they set on fire during the light of day only to set on fire during the light of day only to that Sola is not aware of her late night actionsWill beauty be able to tame her beast or will the real beast in Sola s life find her So it looks like Sola s best friend will et her own story as well I can t wait to read that story I wonder who he is I love the way this author interlinks her characters Ivan and Sola s story Although I enjoyed their story I did not find

It As Compelling As The 
as compelling as the storiesToo much time was spent about why Sola had such a hard life and why Ivan was withdrawn from the world I wished that the author had spent time on the couple Ew years ago having a curvy prisoner in my home wouldn't have been a problem A few years ago I wasn't broken damaged beyond all repair I thought I was dead inside until she came along and awakened me in a ways I never thought possible But what happens when her past and mine collide Can a monster like me ever become the man she deservesFind out what. ,
Another ood book by Ms Taylor I received an advance review copy ARC for the honest review below Ivan Ivan Ivanwe last met Ivan in his cousin Boris story Her Russian Beast 50 Loving States New Mexico He was not an endearing character in that story and Sirena Boris wife laid him out In this story we learn the in that story and Sirena Boris wife laid him out In this story we learn the that Ivan suffers at the loss of his family This story has a Beauty and the Beast like uality to it with Marisol being Beauty and Ivan the Beast due to the scarring of his face from the bomb that killed his family Marisol is not without her own trouble and torment in the form of her abusive boyfriend Scott We learn Marisol s story when she tries to break it off with Scott and to say that he doesn t take it well is putting it lightly We Sola wakes up from Scott putting her to sleep like to TKO type she Learns That Her Second that her second Brian is being held in a cage and she takes off to rescue him As Sola takes Brian s place to remain with Ivan she lets him know in no certain terms that she will not sleep Sola Ivan Rustanov is a total jackhole He has no conscience and now he's forcing me to stay in his remote mountain home as his prisoner until Spring He's no holds barred and dangerous the kind of uy you just know has a body count in his back story He wants me in his bed but that will NEVER happen I hate him Or at least I should Shouldn't IIvan A ,
Eing a couple and having a deeper dialogue regarding their relationship I did not find Ivan to be a Brute at all He was injured and rieving and the way he was BEHAVING WAS TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLEWORTH A READ was totally understandableWorth a read beauty and the beast couple I loved these two and was so lad Sola helped Ivan heal in ways that had nothing to do with his appearance Ivan Rustanov Russian brute and recluse and sassy but cute Sola were just the yin to her yang and I loved them together There were twists and turns as my sister says making Her Russian Brute 50 Loving States Idaho priceless This book I just savored it by reading it slowly because their was so much comedic relief and ut wrenching tears involved throughout this evolving storyline The newer minor characters Anitra Scott Brian Eddie Vanessa Lorraine Gregory Hannah were such memorable characters Oh I can t forgot about that setting of Idaho and that weird kingdom house and to know there will be a new owner a close friend of Alexei Rustanov by the name of Mr Drak on I can t wait. Happens in this last standalone novel in Theodora Taylor's wildly popular Loving Russians Series Perfect For Readers Who Perfect for readers who their Russian heroes scarred and in need of some heavy duty love redemptionNew ReleasePre Order Bonus All three of Theodora Taylor's Loving Russian Stories HER RUSSIAN BILLIONAIRE HER RUSSIAN SURRENDER And HER RUSSIAN BRUTE. HER RUSSIAN BRUTE. Her Russian Brute