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D themselves and their world This is the first "IN CATHIE PELLETIER S WONDERFUL SERIES ABOUT LIFE IN "Cathie Pelletier s wonderful series about life in Mattagash Maine an analogue for her own Allagash if I recall correctly which continues to this day It s cripplingly funny and wonderfully lyrical and it s been out of print for a lonnng time so it s hugely satisfying to see it back in a beautiful new trade dress along with its immediate seuels A WEDDING ON THE BANKS and THE WEIGHT OF WINTER There are characters and situations in these novels that will never ver leave me and the joy of having them back is considerable Go ahead plunge into this world you ll be living there for a long time to come with Wicked Loving Lies ever increasing giddiness and delight The Funeral Makers is so well written that you can see the scenes taking place in full color These are ordinary people living in a small town in Maine as close to the Canadian border as possible will make for a hilarious read A very satisfying read Highly recommend I do not allow myself to put aside a book just because I don t think I like it Well this book for me is a goodxample I made myself finish it and I am so happy I am done The cover mentions it is hilariously irreverant comic tragic and lyrical I found it very depressing and not hilarious at all I do wonder if small town life isolated town at that is so horrible This town is definitely not Mayberry nor does it have any of the redeeming I cannot recommend this book I see I Mayberry nor does it have any of the redeeming characters I cannot this book I see I one of the few who did not like this book and am dismayed that there are seuels The strange thing about this book is how much I La heredera del mar enjoyed reading it but that I am at a loss as how to describe it in this review I can tven think what I could compare it to It is not uite like anything I have read before I don t think the blurbs on the back of the book do it justice Reading those alone I would never have selected this book It was highly recom. Sh Maine when they try to arrange a funeral for the family matriarch Bubbling with This one was funny and ntertaining in spots However I wanted a bit towards the nd of this storylineThere were moments of reflection some beautiful passages about the setting Death has never been a subject I want to read about freuently in a book Here it is handled in a light manner want to read about freuently in a book Here it is handled in a light manner some humor injectedSome follies are unveiled through throughout about the two main families and their conflicts views and differences often carrying the story forwardHer lyrical writing about nature always keeps me reading to the nd of her stories no matter what I am thinking about the plot If you want to laugh oout loud read this I found Pelletier s The Funeral Makers a bit like Garrison Keillor s Lake Woebegonehowever unlike Mr Keillor s Minnesota residents you get the feeling Woebegonehowever unlike Mr Keillor s Minnesota residents you get the feeling in Mattagash Maine things are not going to work out as well And they don tSo first I laughed And then there were tears Why oh why are all the books I read lately making me cry 45 An impending death in a tiny town on the border of Maine and Canada is the lynchpin for a tale of several families Inbred dysfunctional or family of one broken people all with broken dreams I didn t really njoy the meta tone of the nding and very time I set it aside I had to steel myself to re Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One enter their lives yet I honestly can t find fault with this book Disturbing and subtly humorous throughout usually simultaneously this is incredibly good story telling I believe I started this book many years ago and was put off by the absurdist humor at the beginning This time I again found it slow going at first but asvents marched on the drive and structure of the plot came clear and I found lovely observations about life about sadness and disappointment and how the passing of time lowers people s xpectations goals and hopes But the book isn t bleak or hopeless as the characters come to accept these changes and better understan. This is the story of the trials that beset the McKinnons the first family of Mattaga. ,

Mended to me by a friend whose opinion I trust I thought maybe if I read some Good Reads reader reviews something there might bring my thoughts together Oddly the majority of Good Reads readers rated the book highly but almost no one commented on it other than to rate it a 4 or 5 star I have never seen that happen before It s so strange that I almost think there is a glitch in the program but not really I just think this is a hard book to describe adeuately The story is set in a small town population a little over 400 In Northern Maine Right Across From in Northern Maine right across from Canadian border mostly in the late 1950 s It s comic tragic poignant and xtremely thought provoking so than any book I have read lately At times Pelletier s writing is almost poetic The author s writing is very Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe evocative of how life might be in such a place One thing I am positive of is that this book would be anxcellent choice for a reading group So much to discuss in this wonderful book Even though I can t describe it to my satisfaction I think you should read it There s nothing like a book that you continue to think about once you have read the final line and closed the book There s no starting over in Mattagash she thought and they never let your children forget or your grandchildren You don t get a second chance here And she wondered why they had ven bothered to form a historical society when the minds in Mattagash were "all bulging museums open to the public year round and inherited "bulging museums open to the public year round and inherited those not ven born yet Welcome to Mattagash Maine a town founded in the 1800s by a small band of illogical men and women Now at the tail One Wild Weekend end of the 1950s logic still hasn t gained much traction in this burgeoning hamlet of 456 souls Petty small town nastiness seems to be the rule Gossip hangs heavy onvery tongue and God save anyone who dares to deviate from the musty old normPearl McKinnon is returning home to this town wit. Irky humor this marks a dazzling debut for a gifted and richly talented young writer.

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